Clowne Well Dressing 2010
Well Dressing Raises Funds
A Traditional Well Dressing ceremony helped raise money to keep Clowne in Bloom for the next year.
The annual ceremony which takes place in the villages across Derbyshire also brought in cash for tubs of flowers to be distributed around the village.
Well Dressing is characterized by the practice of decorating Wells Springs or water sources with specially-made designs.

 In preparation for the ceremony at Mill Green Way, dedicated volunteers spent five days preparing a mosaic of flowers and seeds within a wooden frame.
Joy Smith was one of the twelve people involved in creating this year’s intricate mosaic and has had four years experience of well dressing.
“We have to get people to help mix the clay and set it so we could then start work putting the flowers and beads together to form the design” she said.

“For five days from about 9.30am to 4.30pm a team of us work to put the piece together. Its so detailed that he process is very time consuming”
“We all really enjoy getting involved with it and start choosing the design for the framework shortly after Christmas. It’s usually some kind of religious symbol and we chose this years from a picture. Everyone decided they liked it.”
   “We try to use natural materials as much as possible in the design, though it’s not possible to use no Synthetic materials”
Bolsover councillor Jim Smith went along to the ceremony and also donated £50 towards the cause.
  “It was really good. Those working on the frame do an absolutely fantastic job,” he said.Well Dressing take place between May and September and you can see a list of other well dressing dates at