Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 25th November 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1.Apologies     Brian Betts, Irvine Robinson

Attendance was 36 people.

2. PCSO  Suzanne Fox has rung Allan to say that they cannot attend tonight

As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
E mails:

3. Main meeting 

Minutes of the previous meeting23 September 2015 were approved
3.1 Matters Arising- item 4 CRY . On Friday there is a Coffee and cakes day in Aid of the CRY Charity, in memory of Bethany Mycroft ,at Low Road Nurseries- all encouraged to attend.
Noted that the Parish Council had donated £50.
3.2 Remembrance Day- thanks were expressed to Anne Whysall who laid the wreath for the Community Association. Another excellent turn out for the Sunday and thanks again to Mr Heywood for opening his office for Tea and Coffee with a history display and pictures of forces personnel.

4. Barton Street Bridge/Ramp

Planning application for this has now been validated and comments are sought – see Derbyshire CC  Planning app no CD5/1015/98, deadline is mid Dec. for comments.
Site notices are placed at entrances to branch line.
Clowne in Bloom had already submitted comments to DCC- particularly on wheelchair access.

5. Memorial Garden

28 Oct was the blessing event which was well attended despite poor weather.
The new memorial garden is not yet finished- the railings are still being made- promised for 2nd week of December. It has tidied up the previous area. The war memorial boundary fencing will be open initially and only consider locking it if there are any problems.
Cleaning the soldier has been asked about as it is looking quite dirty and marked with algae. The Conservation Officer says it is not in the best condition –so it shouldn’t be cleaned too vigorously or too often. The Parish will watch it and see how it goes. It was last cleaned in 2010.
The Parish decision is that no bench or seat is to be included in the space. As a Remembrance Garden people feel it will be right to have seating where people can take a minute to remember loved ones. Suggested that we should wait until next year- after the garden has been used for a while - and take soundings on how people feel about it to act as evidence to put back to the Parish Council from the users.

6. Speaker Heritage High

The Head of the school had been invited to appear at our meetings to speak. However, because of hisfamily child care commitments he cannot attend evening meetings. It has been suggested that Committee members should visit the school and review issues and bring back his comments to a future meeting.
The amount of litter at Boughton Lane bridge is an obvious issue.
Plusany ideas for speakers for next year – please let Allan know?

7. Neighbourhood Plan- Allan Bailey

Parish decision has been made to progress.
They have been in touch with someone who will take on the Neighbourhood Plan preparation work.
6 Stages are planned – Phase 1 is to inform everyone in the village and get replies.
     Chris Broughton- CB Development is appointed
     Suggested that we invite him to attend our Association meeting.
The sooner it happens the better was the general feeling.
     The reason we are only doing Phase 1 is to see how it pans out. Input is 3-4 hours every week            for 12 months running it. It is a pressure on people’s time.
     The community have to be involved in doing it.
     People have volunteered already to get involved.
     It has been ongoing now for 14 months and we are only just starting it - Holymoorside and       Warsop have done one. Warsop cost £20k and 18 was funded.
Parish have assets to consider whether to sell to fund it.

8. Buses

Buses regulation should have been sorted out if the new D2N2 consortium bid had been progressed( this is the two City Councils,County Councils and all the District Councils from the two Counties). The application had been passed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and it was hoped it would be announced in the Autumn Statement. But, there are still negotiations with Treasury and a complication over the elected Mayor.
Conservative MP’s in Derby and Nottingham believe that it would be agreed that the Mayor would probably be a Labour candidate when they feel it should be open. There are hopes for more updates. They need D2N2 approving it. Stagecoach won’t do anything about the bus route past the Hospital until someone makes them do it. The route needs a subsidy or direction to put a service in place. Stagecoach don’t want to run a loss making route. The bus route here would also be key to enable people from Clowne to access the new jobs at Markham Vale, alongside its importance as a route to access Hospital for non-car users.
A letter from the Community association to the Derbyshire Times was published  - but it has had no response from Stagecoach. We need to continue to pressure on this.
Comments from residents on the loss of service to the Royal Hospital are that many people are finding it difficult to get there for appointments. Can we get a contact from the NHS?- On the shortage of service to get from Clowne to meet appointments?
A presentation followed

9. Richard Haigh - Volunteer Centre

Richards current role is in Volunteer Brokerage for Bolsover
The Localism Act gives the Community more say in local affairs. He works with volunteers and organisations.
Volunteering has a tremendous impact.
Elder Friends project bringing volunteers and service users together
Safe and Sound- mobility focussed and adaptations and getting to opportunities.
MacMillan Safe and Sound - at Bolsover for people with life limiting illness- provide volunteers to help.
Friendship Clubs Chesterfield- there is also one in Bolsover who target social isolation. Some people only get out of their houses to this social event. Often venues have disappeared as cut backs affect running costs.
Volunteer Brokerage in Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire eg Tesco warehouse they want to put people out into the community egClowne Branch Line plan work in January.
There is a benefit to this =- people feel better,but the work also has an economic value- equal to£13,000 per person. It is worth an estimated £40 billion per year in the UK.
Social return on investment in Bolsover -
The Yellow Book lists volunteer groups worthabout £1m pa.
The Volunteer Centre works with 2,500 potential volunteers each year on volunteering. They are always looking to raise their profile and the profile of volunteering
DO IT – is a national web site
Many go to Chesterfield College for help given to volunteering skills as part of the curriculum. They have their own web site.
The Echo is their newsletter – available on-line.
They have the Bolsover Yellow Book and are on Facebook and Twitter.
They run the Voluntary Sector Awards annually.
Also Volunteering Into work in Bolsover. This brings skills and volition to help people get into work. EgPleasley Pit train volunteers to level 2 in catering.
Volunteer Alerts showing volunteer opportunities
Why Volunteer sharing the positive reasons
Meet new people. Practical Training Improve skills Gain Access to training Build your CV Help the community Have Fun people become connected to their communities.
Royal British Legion – really positive response
To contact the Volunteer Centre call 01246 276777 or email
Thanks were expressedto Richard Haigh for his presentation.

10. Other Business:

10.1 Grants Issue- Noted that we are considering grant application for Clowne in Bloom linked to activity plan for 2016
10.2Bolsover New Local Plan consultation – 11 Dec– deadline
     Greg outlined a presentation on the Bolsover Local Plan consultation on Strategic options that is currently subject to consultation with a deadline for comments of 11 December.
The consultation covers Strategic Vision and a set of objectives. It has the Strategic development sites that developers have currently put forward ie. Bolsover North, Shirebrook ,Coalite, and Clowne North – the Waystone proposal we have previously discussed . It was suggested that with an 8% population growth shown for Clowne and a figure of 12% existing housing commitments on top of existing stock that the case is not made for a Strategic development of 1,800 new houses and employment. In addition the links back into Clowne are unresolved.
It also covers 4 Spatial Options for comment. Plus affordable housing is not a priority.
Agreed that the Committee would put in comments to meet the deadline- although time for discussion was not available.
Comments were made that the Chancellor – Govt have washed its hands of social housing. Plus there is no help for them to get onto the housing ladder.
Spoke to Mr Skinner and he said – people must accept that Clowne is a hot spot for housing and you will have to put up with the development.  !
10.3Rectory Road – Miners College
The first tenants moved in 10 days ago

11. Next Meetings- for 2016.

     Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                             Committee.                                        Main Meeting
                             6 January                                          20 January
                             2 March                                              23 March
                             4 May                                                 18 May
                             6 July                                                 20 July
                             7 September                                     21 September
                             2  November                                    23 Nov and AGM

The 23 November 16will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for Cttee places please in advance.

Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £56.40 and everyone was thanked for their contributions.