Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date:23rd September 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies        Mr Clarke, Steven Raison, Brian Betts, Pat Thorpe

Attendance was 26 people.

2. Reverend Lawrence Rex Roland  Harris - Allan noted that a number of the Association had attended the funeral of Rev Harris this afternoon.  He was a strong local influence on our community and is sadly missed. The family sentiments expressed at the funeral summed up the character of Lawrence.    

3. PCSO  Suzanne Fox has rung Allan to say that they cannot attend tonight

As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
E mails:

3 presentations followed

4. Amanda Topp  and Adrian Topp - CRY Charity - Cardiac Risk  in the Young

Amanda explained that her niece Bethany had died suddenly just 2 weeks after her 14th birthday. Her family are Mr and Mrs Mycroft the operators of the Low Road nursery. She was fit and healthy and in the afternoon suddenly suffered sudden arrhythmicdeath syndrome – SADS-  this is the umbrella term for sudden adult death.
The family have become supporters of the CRY charity in Beth’s memory.
Four areas – Raise awareness - in Beth’smemory.CRY give support for bereaved families –all the family have been screened.
Fund raising- they have a Just Giving web site. They aim to raise £8,500 locally- of which £5,000 goes to CRY charity and £3,500 goes into a local screening event in Chesterfield. They aim for the first screening to be in Clowne through CRY. This is appointments based. CRY come and run the screening sessions with ECG equipment and trained staff.
Elaine Ward is the Cardiac rep in our area. In June the family undertook screening at the Proact Stadium- daughter and nephew.  And her nephew had to have advanced screening. 3 of their relations have been sent down to London for a full screening. The condition that Bethany had is called Brugada Syndrome. Not everyone who has this has symptoms. But sudden electrical activity can lead to a dangerous heart rhythm and the problem can be genetic. So there is ongoing family screening.
1 n 300 people have heart problems they don’t know about , and young people are affected. The Gala was their first fund raising effort and raised £1,345. In one month since starting they have raised over £2,500 so far. Tony Patterson has supported young people affected and continues to do so.
21-29 November is annual awareness week and they are planning a coffee morning- and it will be Beth’s 15th birthday anniversary.
The Parish Council meeting has been supportive and the family wrote a letter asking for any funding contribution. The Parish have offered a room at the Community Centre.
Questions followed
Q. Have The Springs Health Centre been approached?
A. This sort of screening is not routine under the NHS. CRY undertake the testing.
This is only done by NHS if it is diagnosed as symptomatic. CRYare lobbying for this to be done nationally. Bethany had attended A&E 6 weeks before she died.
Q. What happens if there is an issue identified on screening?
A. If SAD risk is diagnosed then the appropriate treatment is put in place.
Q. How much is a persons screening?
A.They aim to raise £8,500 with a donation of £5,000 to CRY national and then £3,500 pays for 100 people to be screened. They want to continue subsequent years through further fund raising. Possibly have summer and winter events. They want the first event to be very local. They have also requested a small lottery locally for fund raising.
There are lifestyle changes that can manage risk – such as no hot baths, no dehydration, vomiting awareness. They are becoming more aware.
They are also lobbying Parliament to introduce screening. Contacted Dennis Skinner and Natascha Engel.
Amanda commented that they are only a month into their fund raising journey.

Amanda and Adrian were thanked for their presentation and wished well with fund raising.
The meeting agreed to donate tonights fund raising to their CRY cause.
Bethany Mycroft Memorial Fund.

Allan introduced Marion Farrell Groundwork and Tony Patterson DCC to talk about the linked work on Linear Park and the Derbyshire CC disused branch line.

5. Tony Patterson Youth Worker Derbyshire CC- and Friends of Clowne

As Youth worker Tony is part of the multi-agency team, Including careers workers, youth workers, Family resource and Education Welfare Officers(non attendance)plus Childrens’ Centre.
50% of his time is based on referrals- egrecently those young people affected by Bethany’s death and not attending school.
So Tony works1 to 1within the communities of Creswell, Clowne, Whitwell and with Social Services. The other 50% of his time is group work and how to motivate people- engaging young people in positive action. He has ongoing work- eg from Bethany’s death – effects and outcomes and he will continue to support work up to Christmas. He works with young people on issues and causes and help them move on from the effects of life impacts. He operates a mobile youth van- based on The Sidings Skate Park but this has become a quieter area. Ned to be proactive and move around to deal with life issues wherever they present. Things such as high teenage pregnancy rates. So he will give relationship advice – using activities with young people and will drip feed information and education as these take place. He spends time in schools on a one to one basis- young men usually – on issues such as sexual health and relationships advice. All Year 8 get the opportunity to take home a baby- and this follows with inputs around parenting. He also supervises the Duke of Edinburgh awards activities. He is at Birchover this week end on camp. He has also targeted work where schooling is affected and at risk young people.
5.2 Friends of Clowne Community
Tony is part of this local voluntary group. It was put together by a group of Clowne residents who wanted to fund raise to make a difference in Clowne. The group have been also working with Clowne in Bloom and Wildlife Group over this last year on Linear Park. Eg Litter picking  and they have had a Limestone Journeys grant that has paid for equipment for wildlife activity. They have raised funds also eg John Hinds has run a racenight and the next one is advertised for Saturday 24 October including Pie and Peas- cost £5.
The group have agreed that funds raised on the night will go to four causes: Friends of Clowne activity, CRY, Clowne in Bloom and the Infants School. They hope for an event next year possibly around St Georges Day.

6. Marion Farrell Groundwork Creswell- Green Tonic project

The project is based on and around the Clowne Branch line and is Public Health funded via DCC – designed to get people out in the fresh air.
The project is working to improve the Clowne Branch Line that DCC have bought from Network Rail. The local interest is very specific and interesting. They have met many people at the consultation event in July. Groundwork coordinate this and involve community groups. The project has done 5 action mornings already.
Meet at 10:00 am at the Community Centre- as this is somewhere central to find for people who may not know the area. Action initially is to tidy up the line by litter picking and shrub clearance and make it look better.
12 people have been involved so far and some new faces who local groups have not seen so far on other activity.
70 bags of litter have been removed so far.
They have found syringes in some areas and this has been reported to PCSO. The focus is the Clowne Branch Line from Hollin Hill bridge to Slayley Lane bridge- about 1and a half miles. They will then look to other areas.
They can also do minor improvements just off the line- to Rights of Way and they have  a list of these to look at.- eg wonky styles and landowner liaison.
Improved Rights of Way and particularly the old rail line is the priority. They want to include as many people as possible – so please spread the word and refer this on.
They have to measure impact and they will be looking towards the long term. The project funding runs to 31st March 2016
So a reminder to meet them at 10 Monday/Thursday. Plus Marion will be joining with Friends of Clowne/ Clowne in Bloom/Clowne Wildlife this Sunday 27th for the next Linear Park clean up event.
Thanks were expressed to Tony Patterson DCC and Marion Farrell Groundwork for their presentations.

7. Main meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting22 July 2015 unfortunately were not available to circulate and will be reviewed at the next meeting in November and will be put on the web site.

8. Other Business:
8.1Bus Services–  Eric Burgess commented that Stagecoach will not engage with any area in discussion of new services at present until Govt policy is known on devolution of powers. Cllr Anne Western says that because there is the possibility that bus operators may be regulated under Govt devolution of powers that all bus companies are writing  in saying what a good job they are doing. It is hoped that a change of powers will allow a different local approach in Derbyshire.
8.2 Greenway and Barton St bridge
 The plans for the ramp from Mitchell Street/Barton Street onto Linear Park were looked at and discussed. The planning application was to have been submitted by now and we will keep in touch with this. Apparently DCC are applying to themselves rather than go the normal route for Planning applications to Bolsover DC. Comments on the Planning application from the Association were briefly discussed on the plans that we have currently seen. The full route of wheelchair friendly access into town must be included.
8.3Clowne in Bloom
The East Midlands in Bloom judging visit took place on 6 July with Clowne in Bloom entering for the first time this year. The Award Ceremony took place at Oakham on 16 September but unfortunately we couldn’t send anyone. CIB have been awarded a Bronze Award for our activity this year. Plus we have received a surprise Judges Award for the joint work on the Linear Park. We have a points list with comments and advice for ways to improve for next year.
Well Dressing congratulations were expressed to those who helped with the display that took place on 22 August. We had Canadian visitors and have sent them pictures of the event. The theme was Magna Carta- 800 years since 1215. We had 3 displays this year with an excellent Infants School display at the end of their summer term in July and the Linear Park Family Wildlife Event on 29 August made  afurther 3 panels.
Funds raised from the main event were over £220 including £50 from the Chapel coffee morning- our thanks to them.
Next years date has been set for 23 July with a theme to be chosen.
ClowneGala took place last week 12 September and thanks to all who helped. Especially to Thompsons Nursery who provided plants on sale or return. We made £26 for the group.
Linear Park – This year we have continued our joint efforts to tidy the Linear Park with volunteers from Friends of Clowne and Clowne Wildlife. We meet every last Sunday of the month at 10 and have now started similar activity of the second Sunday in the month. We have undertaken three family events this year. Next main event is to tie in with the RHS national Wild About Gardens week – with an event on 1 November. Things to do in your garden for wildlife.
Community Garden at BDC site. – thisarea is to be affected by the swimming pool developments and will now go for parking. We have been promised that the garden will relocate to the north of the present siet (rear of the playground). We hope Landmarks trainees will join us again.
We hope to submit grant applications. We have planting and bulb planting days and are seeking volunteers and spare plans- next Friday 10th at Cliff Hill.

8.4 A footpaths leaflet has been discussed with Limestone Journeys-  we have looked at footpath 19/20 across the Limestone ridge.

8.5 DCC Time Swap – this is a Derbyshire CC promotion where people exchange their time for other people’s skills. Anyone interested look on DCC  web site.
8.6 History Group and Schools - Junior School- Gala contact - Mr Edge from the Junior school contacted Allan Bailey. Year 8 is undertaking a project on the Second World War so people from  the History Group will visit theschool.
Heritage HighThe Head of Heritage will visit and they have asked for visits into school on WW2 and History of Clowne and Mining history. Any memorabilia on WW2 or mining that people have would be appreciated.
People commented that it would be good if there was somewhere in Clowne where our history stories can be displayed- similar to the Barlborough centre. Perhaps we could use the Parish House – use the Library? Allan commented that he has been told by the Parish that there is no room. If History group used it then they would have to pay rent. Couldn’t it be a Heritage Centre – it is a Parish asset. It would be good to have a History Centre in Clowne for public access .

8. War Memorial

This should be ready for Remembrance Day- 8 Nov. The work is paid for by donated funds. The hold-ups to work have been down to electricity board- the wiring needed to be held up. It is now decided to fence it around the back of the Memorial while the old railings are replaced. This won’t be ready till after Remembrance Day. A dedication service will be held some time before Remembrance Day. Then the security fence will be back in place until the new railings will be put back up soon after Remembrance Day.

    1. Seating ?

No specific seating is planned – just the small low walls in between the sculpture panels.People cannot see why they can’t have a wooden bench in the memorial garden area. This needs to be proposed and seconded at a future meeting of the Parish Council. It is suggested that this must wait until the garden is complete and in Spring time then push for it once comments from the public have been voiced and made known to the Parish Council.

9. Next Meetings- for 2015.

          Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                            Committee.                                        Main Meeting
                            4 November                                     25 Nov and AGM

  The 25 November will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for Cttee places please in advance.

Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £30 and everyone was thanked for their contributions and these were donated to the CRY charity.