Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 23rd July 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes

1.   Apologies:             G. Lindley, A. Heap, D. Peck.  There was no PCSO on duty.
2.   Presentation:        The guest speaker was Tony Cartawick from Clowne Mobility (Old Church Hall,
                                       Rectory Road, S43 4BH     Tel: Shop: 01246 575716   Mobile: 07855810511)

Tony told the group that he sells a variety of mobility aids from small items like grabbers through to adjustable beds and scooters. He also does part exchange, repairs, servicing, collect and deliver. He is VAT registered. He may have to find an alternative affordable location if the church sells his present premises.

Questions and comments led to Tony giving the following information:

Battery  - charge it at the end of the day
             - do not just top up for the odd hour as this will cause damage
             - the charge has three stages, boost/float/trickle.
             - the range of travel depends on battery size. Every scooter has a manual.

Rules   - no legal requirement for training but Tony has advised on customer suitability in the past and
               gives guidance on site
             - insurance is not compulsory but is advisable to cover any claims
             - pedestrians have right of way on footpaths
             - speed is limited to 4mph on footpaths
             - any scooter over 8mph must be registered annually with DVLA when a tax disc is issued at
               no cost
             - Tony does not hire out scooters as it would change his insurance. He has a 7-day money-
                back policy on sales if the product is returned as sold.

Tyres   - most small scooters have solid tyres
             - the average pressure for inflatable tyres is 50psi though 40psi would give a more
               comfortable ride
             - can get liquid puncture proofing for small nicks
             - can get thick rubber insert to protect against punctures

3.   Barton Street bridge/railway lines

Allan informed the group that DCC had bought the railway lines in Clowne for £1. Anne Western, who is also a governor at the primary school, is keen to replace the high-level bridge as soon as possible to provide a safer route for children to get to school. Allan pointed out that Clowne North had already lost one Lollipop man.

Anne Western is calling a public meeting in September to hear views about the bridge. No access to the lines is possible for litter clearance etc. until safety checks have been carried out and that could be six months away.

There was discussion as to the age of the bridge and whether or not it was part of Clowne’s history; whether a low-level bridge should simply be put alongside; whether the cost of renewing (quoted as £80,000 in 2005) was more than the cost of replacing.

DCC have not bought the land next to the lines and there was discussion as to the width of what had been acquired. Comments were made about preventing access to motor bikes but also how any route could be accessed for use as a bridleway, for walks, cycles, scooters and potential links to other ways. Richard Haigh suggested that people write to the Council and say what they want to be done.

4.   Skateboard Park

Allan was asked if there were any plans for the Skateboard Park. He explained that Chesterfield College own the land and they had been in touch with BDC to see if they are interested in buying it. BDC’s valuation of £19,000 is at odds with the £69,000 sought by Chesterfield College who also own the land behind the Church Hall.

5.   Bus Service

Allan and others attended a meeting with Anne Western and the East Midlands Stagecoach manager to continue a long-standing campaign about how to improve the bus service to the village and a bus route that could run past the old Coalite.

Mr Burgess explained that the issue was complicated. DCC, BDC and the Parish Council have to front the campaign to fund it. A working group will be set up. Bolsover Partnership and Creswell etc. need to get a plan together to get funding but it has to go to the politicians. Mr Burgess will continue to push for a direct route. It was said that it was not economical to revive old routes.

Mr Clarke had made the point that Bolsover was not the centre of the universe and that with the new developments in Clowne, it should also have an hourly, not two-hourly, bus service.

The changing of the bus timetable to dovetail services in Chesterfield was done by Stagecoach without checking the consequences back down the line resulting in poor service for Gold Card holders. Mr Clarke pointed out that the lengthy stops in Staveley and Mastin Moor negated the effect of time saving efforts from the Tesco bus-stop. Stagecoach were sympathetic to this argument and were prepared to look at it positively. 

Lively discussion followed about possibly re-routing the no. 77 but that would disenfranchise Barlborough. Mr Burgess said it was a much bigger picture than Clowne alone. There will be no quick fix. Members were encouraged to go to Parish House on Saturday mornings and express their strong views to the politicians in whose hands the decisions lie.

When asked, Allan had heard nothing about Stagecoach being taken over. A brief discussion followed about the viability of smaller companies running a bus service as in the past.

6.   Matters arising from the Minutes of the previous meeting on 21 May 2014

The community notice board is in place and there has been no negative feedback. Thanks given.
Clowne in Bloom reported that the poly tunnel is up and running.
The Minutes were passed as an accurate record.

7.   Forthcoming Events

30 July                - An artist is coming to the next History Group meeting to discuss what to incorporate
                             into the war memorial design. Ideas are being sought. Work on the garden will be
                             delayed until after 11 November to avoid upheaval in anniversary year.
17 August          - ‘It’s a Knockout’ - East Clune Activities Day in aid of Macmillan.
13 September     - Clowne Gala. Money has been paid for a stall at Heritage School.

8.   Residents’ Groups

Richard Haigh mentioned that the Clowne North Residents’ Group had approached the Council about the lack of benches in the recreation area. As a result, benches have now been provided for mums to sit on whilst watching children at play.

Mr Burgess has tabled an agenda item with the Labour Group to find out what is happening between the Parish Council and the two residents’ associations. It appears that a resolution was passed preventing Parish Councillors from attending the non-political Clowne Community Association. As Parish Councillors have attended the Clowne North Residents’ Group several times, this needs clarification.

Mr Blackwell commented that anyone can attend Parish Council meetings to make a point but some people might find it easier to air their views in a less formal setting.

9.   Tea/coffee/raffle

Thanks to all for the £40.00 raised from teas/coffees and raffle.

10.  Next meetings: 17 September; 19 November