Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 22nd July 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1. Apologies        Susan Hursthouse, Richard Haigh, Mrs Blackwell, Terry Richardson, Brenda Gauntley

Attendance was 32 people.
2 presentations followed

2. PCSO  Suzanne Fox

And PC Dan Appleby – new beat officer-(previously Bolsover area.)
Simon Galley is also local
Suzanne is back in business after 10 months break
Crime figures for June were outlined
Theft from shop 2 (1 restorative justice)
Section 4 Public Order Offence 1 ( Suspect to be interviewed)
Violence 3 (1Suspect interviewed, 1 Suspect charged, 1 Suspect to be interviewed)
Affray 1(suspects interviewed)
Other Thefts 4
Criminal damage 3(1 linked crime)
Burglary Non Dwelling 1.

Priority is nuisance motorbikes
Please let the police know what local issues are important
Drug Warrant acted on this month
And looking at issuing more warrants
If people notice anything then let the Police know
Questions followed
Q. At the top of Station Road a ridge tile has been notified loose and dangerous but have not heard any action.
A. Suzanne has asked the Council to look at getting it fixed – it is their property
Q. A Flower tub was taken from Mill Street- Clowne in Bloom
A. This has been returned after police spoke to the person who was seen on shop CCTV and the person has been advised.
Allan spoke of alcohol cans being thrown over the bridge onto the Rail line.
Police have commented on the Barton Street bridge designs – and concerns over motor bike access.
As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
E mails:

3. Cllr Murray Carr- Bolsover DC

He is now involved in the New Environmental Task Force at Bolsover DC. The biggest change is in responsibilities as he had 12 years on Cabinet as lead Community Safety role
Cllr Murray Carr highlighted points from his past role. He was mindful of how bad the situation was – for example Shirebrook was the worst place for deliberate fires. The case of a 13 year old youth who also did hoax calls.Derbys Fire and Rescue played back the calls and he was instantly identified by his voice. He was prosecuted by Fire and Rescue through the courts and he took to challenging Fire and Rescue personnel. Worked with him and got him involved in activities but unfortunatelyhe then became aggressive to his family and last year he was due to go in Rampton. Whilst he was a category A prisoner in Notts he was involved in assaults and fights .He broke out and took a local Tesco store manager and 2 others hostage. He was taken to Crown Court and because of a lack of response he was sent to Rampton and is still aggressive and in secure placement. Further issues in serious crime in Shirebrook included drug dealing and prostitution etc. The 2 blocks of terraced houses involved were demolished. One family was a serious problem with the mother taken to court and with children involved aged 3,9 and 12.The family now live in Clowne. He is now 19 . He has been arrested for drugs and the daughter for prostitution. Problems in Clowne on Friday nights were associated with the Miners Welfare.This was closed because numbers were such that drugs and knife problems were issues andunder age drinking was severe. No Committee members were present on Friday nights. A gang controlled this building. A person went there with a shotgun- but luckily it didn’t go off. Knife crime and missiles were also seen. The building is owned by CISWO and they are interested in regeneration and it is sad that it has deteriorated. Cllr Murray Carr received a commendation and would like to think there was a lot of progress achieved. They have used Community Impact Statements in court very effectively to show to the courts why prosecution and sentencing was needed. A lady from Creswell got 3 years and 7months sentence – she was 67 years old. She claimed that she couldn’t read or write – when she could. Cllr Murray Carr believes that the team made a difference. It is unfortunate that cuts are likely to have an effect on the numbers of Police available. He was also involved in lobbying Parliament for more Police funding.
The new Cabinet Member responsible for Community Safety is Karl Reid. There are issues still in Shirebrook.
New Responsibilities for Cllr Murray Carr
Health and Well Being/Environmental Health/ Street Services

Health and Well Being is a new area of interest. He has dealt with health professionals directly involved in health care. This area has a whole new language- use many abbreviations etc. Childrens Service and Mental Health – includes issues of health issues and children. The internet is areal issue – with bullying on line etc. He hopes to come back to our group on this in future. The Wellness programmes are positive – egHealth and Welfare Education. The influx of a large number of eastern Europeans are pressuring the systems. But the movement of people from Langwith and Whaley to Shirebrook is the most significant issue. It is hoped to build more surgeries.
Q. Are staff available- New GP’s have to increasingly buy into a surgery / centre.
A. New work as salaried doctors before they buy in. Often centres are not owned by the GP’s –they rent the space not the premises.
Representation on East Midlands Council about migration effects on the East midlands. For instance Sports Direct employ 4,500 people and 3,700 are from eastern Europe. A Designated policing Order has been set up in certain areas to deal with anti-social behaviour- a lot fo people point at immigrants. Police are issuing fixed notices and more of these are to young english people not migrants. They are learning from Boston and Spalding areas where immigration has been significant for some time. Sports Direct are using advertising abroad and use zero hours contracts. They are thinking of closing the local job centre because there are so few job notices.
The local paper tends to incite issues and focuses on the negative sin the local area.
Street Services – Since the joint alliance with NE Derbys Council this has improved- eg Recycling rates have improved dramatically and the benefits come back to improve the service – so not incurring high landfill tax costs. They hope to engage with schools and get all outlets involved. Education and Awareness is the Need. Any small item thrown away costs society money to clean up. They hope to campaign to clean up and make people aware. Education work with children will also target parents.
 Then will give advice to people
Then Fixed penalty Notices - £60
Then a court order if they fail to pay- £400. The Council will provide more bins and Tesco for example will have to clean up.
Black caddy’s in the burgundy bin are getting broken and often operatives on the bin lorries are at fault for mis-handling. The caddy design is not robust enough.
The control of litter and flytipping roles over into the Environmental Health responsibility.
They are targeting fly tipping hot spots eg West Lea area. The Giant Hog Weed issues are also a West Lea problem area near Greenside Close.
Every month there is an Enforcement Officer meeting.
Several notices have been issued on 3 landowners where fly tipping occurs. They have replaced fence panels. Can’t get at it to retrieve it- it is often difficult to get at it- broken asbestos sheets etc.
43 individual properties have had notices served on them. 2 weeks after the clean up it was a disgrace again. They will serve notices and need people to work with the Council. There are tenants and property owners who don’t care. They will use various methods to tackle them including CCTV. They will target fly tipping vehicles. For private recycling vans a Waste Licence must be visible.
Dog Fouling
This is an issue locally. The Council will stencil the roads to highlight local issues and will advise people of the need to conform.
Free Health checks for dogs will be offered. From next year under law Dogs must be micro-chipped – it will be free under grant funding that the Council have obtained. Dogs must have a collar and be on a lead. Dog Owners will also need to have provision to deal with dog fouling. The Council can target private land where there is a risk to health.
Q. Water based flourescent paint sprayed onto the dog poo will highlight the problem- its been used effectively elsewhere?
Q. Linear Park Family Wildlife Event on 29th August- can the dog wardens attend?The aim is to make it a family park.
A. Write to Cllr Murray Carr and ask.
Q. David Hindley asked about local clean up- people have tended to notice and stop – where it is being and highlighted.
A. Where there is an issue notify the Council.
Q. When is it that dogs must have a collar and be on a lead?
A.-Next year after the law comes into effect. DNA can be used to trace culprits/owners.
Thanks were expressed to Cllr Murray Carr and it was agreed to send a letter of Thanks.
This to include issues from the meeting:
    29th Linear Park event – attendance by dog wardens
    Litter disposal by volunteers at the recycling site
    Waste dumped on Private land.

4.Main meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting20 May 2015 were noted and accepted as correct

5.Matters Arising:

5.1Tesco Trolleys are being dumped- Allan has spoken to them. If people see dumped trolleys please let Tesco know at the desk- they cost £80 each. Someone took one across to shop in Aldi. Suggested that Tesco should add the £1 charge to keep them secure. A device to lock the carts was said to be operating – but clearly if so it’s not working.
5.2Buses – This is still in limbo. Osborne is not responding to the Derbyshire Consortium as he is asking for a Mayor as a condition of local powers and this is not possible for the County . More cuts have been announced for local Govt. Still asking for regulation of the buses. The 85 route to hospital is not being considered for trial unless a subsidy is forthcoming. Allan is to invite the County Council Leader again to speak to us about the cuts -especially school crossing patrols where childrens lives will be at risk.
5.3DCC Rail line consultation/ Greenway and Barton St bridge
Last Wednesday 15th a consultation event was held at the Community Centre. Six months is needed for legal and planning issues- we will see something happening with the bridge this financial year. A sloped path down the side of the old railway wall is planned, with the footpath then breaking through the wall onto Linear Park. A Groundwork Creswell project – called Green Tonic is starting to tidy up vegetation etc. This is health funded and is seeking volunteers to get involved- Dates are set for the morning of Thursday 6,13th and 20th meet at community centre.
Access onto Linear Park – for wheelchairs especially?
David Hindley is talking with Matthew Connley at Bolsover DC- suggested a gate with wheelchair access – and a radar key? Prams will have access with a kissing gate. There is a need to control access by motor bikes to avoid nuisance and damage.
At the next meeting people will be able to see the plans and hop for more information for people for the Sept meeting. Comment made that people were impressed with the plans. Need Bolsover DC and DerbyshireCC and Parish to be involved with the community with a rounded view working together.
5.4 Neighbourhood Plan Monday 27th 4pm-8pm
This was brought up at the last Parish Council . They say that they want a plan. A consultation event is set up for the date above – everyone was encouraged to go along and have their say on this. A company called “Yourlocale” have given advice to an Association member that has been passed on to the Parish. Yourlocale have advised on cost of this at around £18k and on possible grant sources from Govt and lottery that may reduce the cost to the Parish. They have been invited to come. The results from the 27th meeting will be reviewed by the Parish Council. After the Parish meeting they should come back to the community on the outcome. Funding of the consultant costs is an issue and one suggestion made is that the Parish house on Mill Street should be sold to raise funds.
Q. Will there be a register of who attends? Karl Reid has said that if only a few people are interested then the figures can be altered?. The event has not been well publicised so far?
Q. The Parish Council only allows 10 minutes of public discussion/ questions then it is only Councillors discussion- how can this item be properly aired in that time?
5.5 Ben Bailey – Mansfield Road
Why haven’t the Mansfield Road junction improvements started yet?
Steve Phillipson at Bolsover Planning is chasing Ben Bailey seeking their answer on progress. The link to footpath 20 is not yet made- Ben Bailey said they didn’t know who owned the land? The crossing on Mansfield Road is uncertain- BDC and DCC are apparently in opposition over the type of crossing!
5.6 Brownfield
The new Conservative Govt are changing the goalposts (again) over Planning. They have stated that “Brownfield” site development doesn’t need Planning permission in future. We need a definition of “brownfield. “ The proposal that if a developer proves no return/or nil return then they pay less on Section 106 contribution- public benefit.

6.War Memorial

The work on this must be completed by the end of August. But it is held up by electric company delay at present.
5.8 Activity along roadside to Van Dyks? What is happening there on construction activity. It is understood that this is possibly the wind turbine construction that got Planning approval.

  1. Next Meetings- for 2015.

          Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                            Committee.                                       Main Meeting
                            2 September                                    23 September
                            4 November                                     25 Nov and AGM

                      The 25 November will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for Cttee places please in advance.

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