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Minutes of Meeting Date: 22nd January 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1. Apologies         Arthur Heap, Duggie Peck, A Senior

Attendance was 31 people.

2.   PCSO  were due to attend tonight but they must be on operational business

   As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.

Presentation followed

3. CCTV and Crime in Clowne - Cllr Brian Murray Carr Bolsover DC

Cllr Murray Carr explained that he has been responsible for the community safety brief for the last 12 years and that this now covers Licensing.
Licensing of Public houses and shops but also Taxis and Scrap Metals collection. All such businesses have to apply including a vetting process and scrap collection vans. All are due to be vetted. They need a transit licence to move scrap to a licensed outlet.
Bolsover have 6 scrap yards and 19 collector vans licences.
Character references are needed- 7 applicants have criminal records and so will go in front of the Licensing Cttee. Licensing of alcohol outlets covers whether they are selling to adults or are those purchasers drunk already. They work with Trading Standards and Customs and Excise.
Test purchases are used to check on operation- using young people volunteers to check. A number of failures do occur. Does a premises hold a record of when they have refused to serve - in Shirebrook market recently a large quantity was seen.
Go out and Be Safe community check - tend to find young people under the influence- often sourced from home.
Bolsover needed to look at the installation of a new camera system. Advance, who were based in Barlborough, went into liquidation- and the system was all their technology.
In addition Govt funding was withdrawn that had previously funded the existing system.
Funding needed to be sourced to set up a system that could be put out to contract across the District. Bolsover wanted improvements : the quality of reproduction is vital , they need to operate 24-7 – and 365 days a year. The ability of the Police to view recorded footage is vital – they want to monitor the pictures- it is too costly to set up their own system. Within the 4 communities it now entails monitoring with a signal sent to a CCTV suite in Chesterfield.
Images will be used in court cases. They are licenced to use an air wave radio. They can look at screen monitoring and alert the Police to suspicious activity. An awareness of the costs involved was significant and Bolsover Council have put in significant funds. Shirebrook Council and the Parish Councils are to contribute for the next 7 years including maintenance and repositioning of cameras. The only town council that did not want to put money in is Old Bolsover Town Council.. He hopes that there will be a change over time in Bolsover. The Clowne scheme was put in by Bolsover DC but is different – it is now 12 years old. South Normanton, Shirebrook and Creswell were all put in later. Now all 3 of these are done by wireless cameras whereas in Clowne this was a wired system using BT lines. Bolsover have resurrected the system and all cameras in Clowne are now operating- but they have stopped the timed monitoring and the cameras don’t pan currently. They are focussed on the prime areas agreed with the Police and they can zoom and tilt. In a few months’ time all cameras will be replaced with wireless cameras. These will be vastly improved cameras with excellent zoom quality. They will invite a small number to visit the monitoring system in Chesterfield and see how it works.

A Question and Answer Session followed
Q      At the Parish Council meeting recently it was noted that they are to write to Bolsover DC regarding the re-siting of cameras.?
A.      Cllr Murray Carr gave assurances that the moving of cameras will take place. For instance the skate park camera should be included and be operating. Locations are based on areas of concern. He believes that some existing cameras are in the wrong locations. Examples are that the access road to the Community Centre and Library/Health Centre should have one Plus North Road will have one – often a lot of the criminal traffic goes out by this route to the motorway. They will have an ANPR camera on this route.
Q.     The Garden Holders shop has been broken into 3 times and it is understood they have no information on cameras relating to this.?
A.      That far back it would not have been operating.
Q.     Are any other Parish Councils paying towards cameras?
A.      Yes – all are giving the same proportional to the number of cameras.
It is for 7 years - Barlborough, Tibshelf and Whaley are interested.
Q.     The top of Station Road and Mill Street have illegal parking problems- drivers park on drop kerbs and pavements. Who will deal with this?
A.      Cllr Murray Carr agrees that this is a problem that needs tackling and would like to see the cameras system being used to tackle this but they cannot use cameras for this on Govt advice. There is a concern that local authorities are using it as revenue generation.
The way forward is for Derbyshire CC, who are responsible for parking constraints, to focus on this. But Bolsover only get 16 and a half hours per month of persons time. The community should ask their local County Councillor about it – invite Cllr Anne Western here to ask her why they are not targeting Mill Street?.
The CAN Rangers are authorised to deal with licence issues on fly tipping, litter and dog fouling – but not currently parking. Cllr Murray Carr will try to extend the powers and is pushing Derbyshire CC .
Bolsover DC will approach DCC. Authorisation can only come from the Chief Constable- it needs Police as well as DCC to agree. Also the 7 day notice on abandoned cars or illegal cars is another role.
Q.     High alcohol content initiatives have been in the press where some local community shops have agreed to ban these and this leads to less alcohol related problems?
A.      It is possible to do it here. The recent alcohol conference highlighted this, building on what has been done in Ipswich where all outlets agreed not to sell above 5% strength content and this has reduced the street drinking and alcohol related incidents. But there is very little support from the big stores etc.locally. It is voluntary – it works but there is not much local retailer support.
Q.     On the Licensing of scrap yards - does it apply to in-house scrap processing back into industry?
A.      No as this is all internal to a business. A licence to move scrap may be needed however.
Crime in Clowne
Burglaries in Clowne have tended to show a continuing blip in Clowne on domestic burglaries. This has tended to follow when certain individuals are back out of prison. Police know who they are .
An individual from Clowne was in front of a judge and was questioned on his burglary to fund his cannabis habit and he received an 18 months sentence– Adam Thompson. A more rigid sentencing is needed. A pilot Bolsover scheme is that when a person is found guilty by a magistrate they should take account of the impact on the community in the sentencing. Community Impact Statements are effective.
Shop Lifting
There has been a growth in shop lifting locally- also this follows a national trend. A lot of this is poverty related (food theft) and a lot of this is drug related.
Q. On Xmas eve thieves took the live gas pipes from outside a house on Church Street ( after opening the outside metre cupboard and switching off the mains supply.). Someone has been held for this But a penalty of the order of 8 months is not enough sentence for such crimes. Who is keeping an eye out for such incidents. The Police have not even been to her house to explain follow up?
A.      Cllr Murray Carr agreed that the sentencing is not enough .He advised the person affected should ring 101 and point out that no visit had been made.
 Q.    This was apparently done – but they were told ”they have got other people to see”?
A.      Cllr Murray Carr feels that this response is not acceptable. He further suggested that the person affected should write to Insp. Frank Burns at BDC and outline that to date there has been no follow up or visit from a Police officer.
Smartwater can be used to mark gas pipes on properties.
Secretary may contact Cllr Murray Carr.
He will contact the person responsible who will come out and give a demonstration of how Smartwater works.
The Safer Neighbourhood Team group could ask for Commercial Smartwater kits to use. These Commercial kits are larger and so cover more than a domestic kit can mark and so would be more appropriate where extensive property coverage is needed. They will also put up signs notifying this as a Smartwater Area. Also Cllr Murray Carr will arrange for the CAN Ranger to do a free home security check for the person affected. There should be a victim support help available to all affected.
Q.     Do the Police go to scrap yards?
A.      .Yes all officers have a UV light kit and this is traceable through the Smartwater system. The Licensing includes a Register on the national Database for traceability.
Scrap yard has to say how items came into their possession. All scrap yards have a kit to do their own Smartwater check themselves.
Q.     What is the difference of Commercial kit to domestic?
A.      A Commercial kit is larger - capacity of 500 items rather than the 50 item capacity of Domestic kit eg marking all Range Rover vehicles parts as they are easy to access.
Q. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
A. Cllr Murray Carr is positive that we can all work to reduce crime. The statistics are generally going down – although some aren’t eg domestic violence and troubled families where there are often generational family issues.

The Bolsover District Number for CAN Rangers is 01246 242295
Based at the control centre at Riverside Depot Glapwell.

Cllr Murray Carr was thanked for his presentation and the information provided with community members feeling much better informed as a result. He would be happy for us to invite him again in future to give further updates.

4. Old Miners Technical College demolition proposal

Allan noted that a few months ago he had approached a Councillor about the building and Bellway intentions. It has now transpired that Bellway did not speak the truth to us when they came to our meeting last year and they do now want to demolish this building. They have applied in December for planning permission to demolish and to replace it with 4 flats and 2 houses. The present approval is for 5 flats in the building.
It is largely the landowners own neglect of the building that has allowed the theft and damage to the building structure to happen. Should an owner be allowed to do this? Allan has objected to the planning application and has asked to speak in the Cttee. Bellway argue that the property is not capable of re-use at a viable cost.
However no statement about the buildings value to the community has been put forward. Bolsover asked Bellway to do an Historical Impact Statement.
But the property has significant importance for Clowne. Allan has the original brass plaque commemorating the funds that the Miners Welfare Fund paid ti have the building erected. Some £6,142 in 1931 – not long after the General Strike – and an equivalent value today of perhaps £357,000.
The outside of the building appears to be in excellent condition – both brickwork and roof tiling- but inside has been stripped of all value. It is included in the Conservation Area as an Unlisted Building of Merit.
Bellway are seeking to blackmail Bolsover DC ! – they are apparently saying that if they do not get planning permission for this demolition that they will walk off the site- both to Councillors and Officers.
Our forefathers built it and it has great importance locally. Terry Richardson has written objecting and will speak at the Cttee meeting. Cllr Jim Smith will speak against the proposal. He has had a letter from Dennis Skinner MP saying that he is in support of efforts to save the building. He regards the publication of the notice about the application consultation immediately before the Xmas holiday break as being unreasonable and he has written to the Chief Exec of Bolsover DC saying it is wrong.
Bellway have existing planning permission for the conversion of the old building into 5 flats. They say that the internal structure is in poor condition. But it is clear that they will change the internal layout anyway on conversion and that it can be done eg Whitwell Miners Welfare was converted after a long period of neglect.
Suggest designate the building as an asset of community value and claim it?
At Parish meeting 2 councillors spoke and it was debated- the Parish Council said they don’t want to lose it. But it was said that Councillors need to think that if it is kept then the section 106 money from the development will not come to the community- some £190k- we would get less if it was kept and converted. Bolsover Council does have some responsibility in this as they stood by and let the damage to the building occur. Argued that the demolition was always on the cards eg Bellway built the sales office in the rear where you cannot access it for cars. If Bellway walk off site the Council would need to get the development finished and recharge Bellway for the costs. We cannot know what S 106 funds will follow- Bellway can amend the existing agreement and argue a lower figure. From 2006-2011 the building was left open to vandalism and theft.
Eric Blackwell has written in objecting to the proposal.
MP Dennis Skinner has written to the Chief Exec of Bolsover and asked for his letter to be distributed to Clowne Council members.
There is CISWO interest in the Old Miners Welfare Scheme funds. The grant was taken over by some public authority and under Education Act 1947 applied to Education ownership- CISWO should still have some involvement. Clowne have already lost 2 significant buildings in the Junior and Infants Schools on this site. Chesterfield College let the buildings go. The conversion of the old school buildings could have happened as has happened in Creswell. The building structure is sound in walls and roof. Do we want the alternative?- there will be more parking issues as a result. Bellway said they will not make any money out of this development- so no potential section 106 money anyway. But Nationally Bellway made 33.8% profit last year.
We cannot trust what Bellway say- this has been proved from the last meeting when the speaker made promises now shown to be wrong. They will do everything they can to make more money out of the site. But we must preserve the special character of Clowne – we cannot afford to lose any more significant buildings. The Councils own policy CON 2 says that such buildings must be kept unless all alternatives including community use have been explored. We do not want a good look-a –like replacement. We want the original building retained- it needs to be preserved.
A vote was held and the following motion was carried unanimously- . Secretary to write a Community Association letter objecting to the proposed demolition to Bolsover DC.

Terry Richardson has also written in objecting and noted that the Bolsover Clowne Conservation appraisal document highlighted the old Miners Technical College as a building of merit. The main building structure is well preserved. It is a rare example of a building funded by the community and is an important survivor and of local interest.


5. Main meeting

Minutes of previous meetings were noted and accepted as correct :-
               20 November 2013
No Matters Arising

6. Chairs Report


Community Notice Board
The Chairman and Greg Lindley met with Heywood Estates recently and he is supportive of the idea of placing a notice board on the front wall of the property adjacent to the Cenotaph on North Road / The Green. He has provided agreement by e mail. He would be prepared for their office to act as a key holder to put in community announcements. The next stage is to select a type of board and submit a planning application. The Association have £100 donated by Yorkshire Bldg Soc and we will later apply for grant funding from Limestone Journeys to pay for the board.
Commemorative Garden  -The Parish council have also said they will put in a commemorative garden around the Cenotaph and to have a bench put in. CCTV is opposite the site. They would need to put in planning application.
Low level Bridge – Barton Street
This was planned to be replaced by Network Rail in 2011 then deferred to 20012 then 2013- who knows when this may happen Network Rail are now saying 2015. It is felt they will always defer it. Allan wants to look at other ways to get it done. It is an important issue both on safety grounds and as part of the Walk to School route from north and east Clowne. Mothers with children have real difficulty using it. Alternatives need to be looked at and a low level bridge is the answer. The cost of scrap value from the old bridge may be part of the solution and Allan asks about the value of the old rails that were recently taken up.. Need to seek local support. Accidents on the bridge slipping etc - it is dangerous to use. Local firms such as Penny Hydraulics may assist. A presentation at the next meeting? Put in a new bridge and then demolish the old one. Seek any interest in the old bridge eg Butterley Railway . Possible help form the Royal Engineers to explore – they did a similar community bridge elsewhere. Need to get the local schools involved.
Speakers this Year
(1) Ask Councillor Western to attend – she has been to Stanfree and Shutlewood to speak
(2) Dr Nissenbaum to do a Health item at the May meeting- plus link to:-
Simple Skills Save Lives 27 June - Also a list is available at the back for people to register to attend the training session on 27 June.
(3) Mobility Scooters Clowne – Church Street -he would come along and speak about sale and repair.
(4) University of the 3rd Age
Former Miners Welfare Building- High Street – it is understood that there are 2 Retail interests in purchasing the property and approach about new retail development has been made to Bolsover DC. Under CISWO contact it is understood the whole site will be sold. The former Bowling Green on site may be regarded as a policy issue by Bolsover DC.
Former Beer Sales Warehouse- The Green – this has been sold to a developer from Eckington - Moorside Mining- Greg Lindley has been in contact with him regarding the garden frontage to Mill street.
Fracking (shale gas extraction)-should this be a concern? It is understood that this may be an issue for Clowne. Companies are approaching all Parish councils in the country regarding exploration of potential.
Station Road  - A community member reported an incident at the top of Station Road . A ridge tile fell from the roof of the Council property occupied by Hayes Photography onto the road. It is Bolsover Council owned and there is concern that it has not been repaired and there is significant risk to parents and young children using the path here.
Allan to raise this at Councillors Surgery on Saturday.
Clowne in Bloom
The Limestone journeys Grant of £2,862 was spent by the end of December as required. A report needs to be submitted to them on achievements. There is continuing work to do on the Community garden at Bolsover DC site- fencing and pathways etc. Landmarks trainees are still involved .North Notts College / Alan Gillway is finishing metal arbour and seat. And archways tops are to complete.
The new oak wood planters are looking good. The work with owner on Mill Street frontage was held up with the change of property ownership but is now back on track.
Well Dressing will be 2 August this year with a theme Commemorating the 100 years since outbreak of WW1.
Contact with Creswell Crags and Junction Arts will hopefully see more promotion for N Derbys groups.
Trees for Schools - contact has been made with both Infant and Junior Schools where Derbys Wildlife Trust may be able to help.
Access Group work will continue this year to protect existing routes and look to new opportunities.
Dates for joint meetings are 20 March, 16 April, 15 May, 18 June, 24 July, 20 August- all at 7pm at the Community Centre.

Brenda asked if anyone has Finials or Acorns for the new planter on Mill Green Way

7.Next Meetings -  for 2014

                     19 March                   21 May
                     23 July                       17 September
                     19 November           and AGM.

The Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £38 and everyone was thanked for their contributions.