Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 21st May 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies         No apologies

Attendance was 30 people.

2. PCSO  were due to attend tonight but they must be on operational business

   As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.

Presentation followed

3. Dr Nissenbaum –Health Issues

Dr Nissenbaum is a GP based in Bolsover and lives in Clowne.
The CPR plus is one element of his talk. He has spent 30 years as a GP.
The Simple Skills Save Live event is now on 27th June at Shirebrook school.
The Vinnie Jones information video spells out the basics and was then shown to the Assoc members.
The important thing is to keep the circulation going. Speed is important in responding to a person in trouble:

  1. Check over
  2. Call 999
  3. Hands – On CPR – lock the fingers push down on the chest in the centre 5 cm at a rate of 2 times per second until the ambulance arrives. Heart start courses are available.

This approach is simple – but it can help save a life- it can’t hurt if the situation is already critical.
Practice helps – but recall these simple rules.
The 27 June is a single event and hopefully more skills in this area will follow.

The second part of his talk is about the Change in the NHS- from Family practitioners to PCT’s a whole raft of changes have taken place. The most recent is the setting up of
Clinical Commissioning Groups.
Ours is the North Derbyshire CCG- broken up into localities – we are the North Derbyshire area.
This was introduced by Govt to dodge liability for failures in the NHS - GP’s now have an input into what happens.
PCT’s were operating generally Ok – a lot of money has been spent on the changes – but will it improve.
GP’s are self-employed and so have to make it work. When it is not owned by GP’s then management may not work. The downside is that they spend more time on management than with patients. Integrated care and frail elderly have been a target . Patients should be at the centre of healthcare.
Need to ensure that the variety of services are coordinated and the correct help is provided eg a Fall Service response rather than a 999 response may be best.
The aim is to keep people out of hospital – it is better for patients - and to try to stop people getting ill in the first place.
The Named Doctor scheme is a Govt focus – but not sure it is pivotal. The patient is the most important part in the process. There are Patient Participation Groups at local Clinics- this is important to give feedback and get things right. There is also Patient representation on the CCG.
On Funding – more and more is done in General Practice rather than in hospital eg Diabetes treatment is all dealt with at GP level.
They are seeking more funding for GP treatment.
90% of patient contacts are at GP level.
Whereas only 3% of budget – the aim is to get funding locally up to 10%
This is different from other countries – and comes back to our NHS format – Free health care is the aim.
People are living longer and staying healthier.
Dr Nissenbaum feels that it is one of the best things that the UK has done. It is the biggest employer in Europe.
Breast Screening is now available for the 47 to 73 age group to ensure that they cover the 50-70 age target group. People can have it if they are older than this but they will need to ask for it.
Can still flag up issues by screening even at older age groups- people need to ask for it.
 One third of breast cancers are in the over 70’s.
A Question and Answer Session followed
Q      Commissioning? Is it the GP’s job to commission services at hospitals and can they take it away?
A.      They can commission anywhere- the patients have the choice where to go. If hospitals are not delivering then they will negotiate a contract to get the same thing delivered and the contract should have a penalties hierarchy. A lot of services are still set out by Govt as a requirement.
Q.     What about Named Doctors when patients are over 75 and people have problems?
A.      If people don’t want the named Dr they can change it
Q.     Non- attendance at an appointment – how is this dealt with?
A.      This is a problem in all practices. GP’s respond by writing to patients and ultimately threatening to remove them from the GP list – but there are not real teeth in this threat. But some people don’t attend because they are old and infirm or have learning difficulties and the GP should know the patient background and deal with it accordingly.
Q.     What about troublesome customers? Can a GP deny access to those transferred to them from another GP?
A.      GP’s can remove troublesome patients from their list. But if not happy with the patient relations then they will be assigned to a GP.
Q.     The 4 minutes without oxygen is an issue?
A.      The 4 minutes rule is an average approximation of a critical time response. If a paramedic arrives at an incident they will start treatment - If there is not a DNR form. So there is the risk that patients recovered may come back with some brain damage due to a long period without blood/oxygen flow. They feel that it is the right thing to do as a professional
Q      If people are not breathing can CPR cause harm?
A       . Not a lot of harm- it is better to ensure blood flow than the possible issues of intensive CPR.
 Q.    If someone has a heart attack can aspirin help?
A.      If the patient is unconscious then no. If the patient is conscious then you can ask if they are allergic and then offer it
Q      .Good Samaritans form? If you resuscitate someone who might have died and is brain damaged is it right to help someone?
A. It is the Law in France  and is seen as the right thing to do if someone is in trouble you try and help.
Q. Defibrilators are not common here?
A . It does really need someone who knows how to use them to be effective.
Q.     Are local surgeries open on Saturdays?
A. Most are not. Extended hours working includes evenings as well as Saturdays . The loss of out of hours contracts is a loss. It does make GP’s lives easier and less pressured.
The Govt. is talking about 7 days opening. But there are not enough Doctors and not enough funding to achieve this.
Q. What about small infants?
A. Babies are more difficult. Small ones it is not really for members of the public to respond- and thankfully it is very rare for such events to occur.
Q. Is there an initiative in Clowne for classes to show how it should be done?
A. Not sure? Is there a First Aid Group in Clowne? St Johns Ambulance do such courses
Q. Will there be another training event beyond the 27 June event?
A. Not sure – but we can ask the organisers.
Q      Is mouth to mouth resuscitation still encouraged?
A       They haven’t ruled it out. It may help a bit- but it is less acceptable to people and keeping the blood moving is the key.
Q      On non-attendance – would say if people don’t attend appointments regularly that they should be taken off the list- Do practices pass on to other GP this history?
A       Yes they do . It’s a problem with all GP practices. They try to educate people about non-attendance and such people are often the most vociferous in criticism of GP’ s. Would like to charge for non-attendance but cannot.

Dr Nissenbaum was thanked for his presentation.

4. Main meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were noted and accepted as correct :-
               19 March 2014
But with the addition of Steven Raison to the Apologies list as he had indicated he was attending a meeting on Fracking that evening.
No Matters Arising

5. Chairs Report

Community Notice Board Allan reported that the last Cttee spoke about this again and the site at Heywoods Estates is selected and Mr Heywood is agreeable to the location here – there have been shop signs affixed to the building here before.
We have purchased a Notice Board and it will be put in place and notices can be accepted. This proposal was first talked about back in 2008. It was agreed by the meeting unanimously that we should go ahead. Heywoods are prepared to take notices in. There will be no exclusions and no large charge for notices.
Skateboard Park Vandalism- This is to be removed after the latest vandalism – the site is not owned by the Parish, only leased from Chesterfield College. It is being removed because it has been damaged by being struck by a large lump of concrete- the Insurance premiums are set to rise. Many people at the last parish meeting didn’t want it removed. To replace it ( at the new standards) would add 55% to the Parish annual precept. It is vandalised beyond repair. It is the young people who will lose out. Chesterfield College are asking £70,000 for the site – a figure of £19k is quoted by the District Valuer. The football/basketball court will remain. Apparently they know who has been damaging it- Tony Patterson , local Youth worker, has been told. The site is not being policed- young people say who it is but this is not passed on to the Police. The police have not looked after it. The CCTV camera has been a waste of time. It is infra-red monitored by Bolsover- but it is no use in the winter months. It wasn’t working but it is working now.
CCTV- are there any Advances?
The cameras are working- no incidents relevant reported.
We have always championed keeping the skate park open. The Parish, and the community, need to decide what it is we are going to give young people to do. Parish Council are applying for Lottery funding to improve the Community Centre and a Tarzan Trail- it may be a locked up area though. More people need to attend Parish and tell them what we want. It is a shame what has happened- but to repair the existing is not an option.
It is understood that Bolsover DC are to purchase both the skate park land and the car park at rear of the old Church Hall on Rectory Rd.
A Management Plan for the Linear Park has been talked about by Bolsover DC officers.
It has been 10 years and no one wanted to know.
The District Council and Ben Bailey £100,000 Section 106 money is to be spent on a play area but this will not be built until 50% of the houses are occupied – so we will be waiting for some time.
What happens to the area now? The original blue print for the site was very different and we would have had more facilities at the Sidings site. We will get a playground if there is funding?
A Trim Trail on the Linear Park is proposed and funding has been applied for by BDC.
Tarzan Trail
Are there any plans available to consult on? Apparently Parish Council are still trying to get funding.ACTION Can we write, as the Association, to the Parish asking to find out what they are doing. What is the Council planning to do in our area. Possibly as a Freedom of Information request if they are reluctant to inform us.
Any Other Business
Clean Up of the Bridge at Boughton Lane
This has been highlighted in press. The owners are Network Rail it made a feature in the newspapers as a litter hot spot. Write to the Parish Council and Derbyshire CC saying this is a problem. Could a couple of volunteers talk to the school pupils to persuade them about a different care of the area and how to tackle the litter issue.
David Leach attended Parish Rooms and was there to speak on behalf of Clowne North Residents Group – this is a new group that we are not aware of. They want to change the Park behind Ashley Green/ off Clune Street . They have had 2 meetings so far. Delay on the footbridge replacement at Barton Street is one issue they have also highlighted. Network Rail still own it, although Derbyshire CC are buying the line. There is support for the bridge lowering. It could cost £80,000 to remove it was one suggestion. Richard Haigh , Community Organiser, has been campaigning for the replacement of this bridge. Are the Parish and District Councillors for the north Clowne area aware of this new group?
That is why David Leach went to the Parish to contact Terry Connerton. Another meeting is due and Allan Bailey will aim to attend as a Clowne north resident.
Simple Skills Save Lives on 27 June – now to be at Shirebrook where all the school are involved.
Clowne in Bloom
The Community Garden is still taking up time and effort on fencing and paths. The next Community Magazine will have a feature of the raised beds and an offer for people to get involved. A new plastic poly-tunnel / greenhouse is to be installed here – being purchased through Richard Haigh Community Organiser -with our Thanks.
CIB Planting day is set for Monday 2nd- June meet 9:30 am on Mansfield Rd.
An East Midlands in Bloom visit by a national In Bloom judge took place recently and Clowne in Bloom are asking Parish Council and Bolsover DC to become formal partners in CIB.
Access Group
The golf course perimeter path needs evidence sheets of useage filling in to act as evidence base for a claim to designate a public path here.
Bolsover DC contact Planning Officer
Bellway asked to alter the plans slightly for the former Miners Technical College building layout . need to keep in touch with any developments.
Dates for joint meetings are 18 June, 24 July, 20 August- all at 7pm at the Community Centre.
History group
On July 4th the Lowestoft evacuees are visiting Clowne again. The Village Inn have agreed to host them- thanks go to Karen Childs for this generous offer.
Gala is on 13 September An invitation for stall holders is issued and people must book by 1 August.
Party in The Park fund raiser for Help for Heroes is on 12 July and Clowne Assoc will have  a fund raising stall there.

6.  Next Meetings -  for 2014

                     23 July                       17 September          19 November (and AGM.)
The Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £43.15 and everyone was thanked for their contributions.