Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 20th May 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies         Brian Betts, Mrs Blackwell, Richard Haigh, Judy Robinson

Attendance was 35 people.

2. PCSO were due to attend tonight but they must be on operational business

   As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.

2 presentations followed

3. Presentation Greenway Update Cllr Anne Western

 The long distance rail line is to be opened as a multi-use trail leisure route. But through Clowne it is a barrier as it cuts the town physically in two and there are restricted crossing access routes. DCC intend to stop it being such a barrier. Cllr Western wants the Clowne section looked at first. The Barton Street bridge is a priority – it has steep risky steps. The plan is to construct a gradient/ramp with no steps. A lot of preparation work has been going on behind the scenes. DCC have surveyed this and are progressing well with designs and cost and intend to submit for planning permission and legal footpath diversion. Then funding issue –there is funding available and DCC are applying for grants. Within this financial year they will get it sorted out.

Beyond this they have done an ecological survey for future design and planting. A contractor has removed large items from along the line track at Clowne (the extent from Station Road to Slayley Hill )and a small area at Creswell. They will follow on with a cut back of vegetation when the bird nesting season is over. They will then want to carry out ongoing work. People continue to throw things though onto the old line. Discussion about community involvement is needed. The Linear Park group want to continue and extend regular litter pick onto this former line and DCC want to find a way of allowing the community on fairly soon.
A new Groundwork Creswell  health referred project will allow people on. If its safe for them then the rest of community should be allowed on. DCC are concerned over issues around safety of the structures , rock cuttings and fencing. New  boundary fencing at both ends of the DCC ownership is to be put in under the sale agreement. A contractor is appointed. Vegetation clearance, bridge maintenance, and  fly tipping are issues, hope to get community access.
On the Linear Park 2 quad bikes have been seen recently – accessed via the Garden holders path off Rectory Rd. These entrances will be re-designed
Boughton Lane bridge is a problem – people from West Lea area are taking Tesco trolleys and then throwing them over the bridge- this is obviously a major risk issue. They are approaching Tesco for ideas- perhaps pay £1 coin as other shops do. The trolleys are a cost of £85 each. There have been as many as ten under the Boughton Lane bridge.
Question and Answer followed:
Q. Concerns are – Its Our rail line – the community want to get involved in ownership and care of the line and want to be included -  as we are on the Linear Park already?.

  1. DCC may be being over cautious- they do want to involve the community.

Q. Asked that DCC don’t fence all along the ownership boundary making barriers to north south paths.except where essential for safety.?
A. This is not the intention.
Q. Asked if Sustrans have been involved yet – or in the future?
A. Not sure will check- will be surprised if they haven’t been talked to.
Q. Rubbish collected by volunteers was taken to Buttermilk Lane recently
Collected 40 bags of rubbish and when they went down to the recycling site they said that unless it was household rubbish they couldn’t accept it. So the volunteers had to say it had come from their own back gardens.?

  1.  Anne will take it back and ask how community groups with litter that has been collected to clean up the environment can access the site.

A. public meeting about the new plans is due shortly.
Q. Why not come along to meet with our group on this -  Suggest we should have a walk through with the project officers?
A. Anne suggested that we could have several meetings.
Q. Asked if the schools can be invited too?
Q. A speaker from Heritage High School is due to attend our next Association meeting in July. We will raise the Greenway access and litter issues with him.
Q. Pavements are narrow and awkward for wheelchairs.
Q. Highways have been working on pavements near The Cross – is this part of it?
A. No this was the utilities companies working on a leak.
Q. Linear Park – concerns about the cutting back of vegetation. Work on the side of Linear blackthorn was cleared. Limestone Journeys were involved. Need to make sure that clearance doesn’t damage wildlife. Get someone here from the Wildlife Group and talk about the developing management plan. Blocking at either end of the line – ensure that it is not a barrier to community access.
Q. The Rocks formations?- Clowne Crags – has any survey been done on the rocks and the history of them?
A.  In geological terms the Magnesian Limestone here is unique and is part of the Creswell Crags hinterland.
Bridge Close- land was originally used as a powder store for the railway.
Magnesian Limestone ridge. Ridgeway proposals for 250 houses next to an SSSI site everyone was up in arms about it. We will need to campaign about this.
Things don’t seem to be being developed in a planned way.
Neighbourhood Plan proposal.
Pressures of development are being felt already on all the infrastructure of Clowne. How do we plan for the future.  Clowne people should have their views heard.
Campaign for Chesterfield College Land.
Asset of Community value- need to try the routes to get the land protected for community use as part of the Linear Park. The loss of this land if Chesterfield College sell it will damage the whole Linear Park at its western end.

4. Former Miners College Rectory Rd – David Palmer Action Housing

Allan introduced the speaker and said that previously a brass plaque from the former Miners College  was given to the Clowne History Society by Chesterfield College. When the new building conversion is completed this will be presented back to the building to be placed on the front of the building over the entrance as part of Clowne history.
David Palmer referred to his previous talk to our meeting back in November 14 – when there was much confusion about the lettings policy. He confirmed that it will be for working people and will operate under the BDC local lettings policy. The building in general was complete by the end of April as planned. Gas and electric supply is now connected – they are just waiting on STWA. Paving and car park is planned for tomorrow. He hopes it will all be done for the 3rd June. Then the units will be carpeted and letting will go ahead through Bolsover DC. Structurally the building was sound, the internals were damaged – but the building work has now gone to plan and generally on budget.
The converted building looks impressive. Bellway wanted to demolish. But David has been impressed with the building construction quality and is proud to have worked on it. The building will now continue as an asset to the town for years to come. Our thanks go to Action Housing for saving the building. The lettings will go through BDC choice based lettings policy. It is not for ex offenders etc. as was rumoured. The Action Housing Charity is re-launching tomorrow as 2 different agencies- one for ex-offenders in construction training and one for general social landlord housing projects.
Q. The new Housing Association Govt policy will allow right to buy – so could these flats potentially be owner occupied in future?
A. Theoretically yes - but it is too early to say how this might go for the property.
Blue Plaque – the suggestion has been made to Action Housing that we could put up a local blue plaque facsimile – reflecting the mining history of the building construction and its importance in mining skills training in this area.
The external steps were awkward and are to be re-set.
Long term lets – aiming for a minimum of 7 years. Tend to have spent more on fixtures and fittings with this longer term view.
 Eastwood House on Mill Street has been delayed by the need to get STWA again to get water connections completed. They have promised it will be connected next week!
A vote of thanks was expressed from the Association meeting for the excellent work of Action Housing in their efforts to save the building.
Allan commented that both his father and himself had studied there. There was real anguish in the village over the risk to the building, and especially how Bellway handled this. Thanks were expressed to everyone who campaigned to keep it.

5. Main meeting 

Minutes of the previous meeting 18 March 2015 were noted and accepted as correct
Minutes agreed subject to minor typo amendments

6. Matters Arising :

6.1 Buses – This is now in limbo and we are not sure what will happen. Will the new Govt allow powers to regulate bus services to the D2N2 partnership? Manchester have been given this authority  - but they have agreed to elect a Mayor- but this will take 2 years to put in place anyway- so we are unsure what next? There is some glimmer of hope as DCC have given money to look at the bus position in the County. The old 85 route to Calow hospital was lost and now there is no service and there is no service from Clowne to get to the employment at Markham Vale. The bridge over the Doe Lea at Coalite is 3 tonne weight limit – but there are alternative routes. The 53 service is very poor – limited time and only every 2 hours. This was part of Stagecoach discussion – but subsidy was the issue. Suggested BDC could put a charge on new houses to fund it?
6.2 Border Lane Rights of Way
TAiming to protect Border Lane and Elmton Lane. They are down as Unclassified unmade roads – and it forms the Parish boundary as well. The road needs a status to protect it. Bridleway status is sought and allows access only. It has been submitted already to DCC by Brian Betts with evidence. Any more Evidence of use forms would be welcome and will be forwarded to DCC.
6.3 Clowne In Bloom
New planters – on Mill Green Way -any donations of plants, or funds to buy planting, would be appreciated.
6.4 Neighbourhood Plan
Parish Council progress was stopped by the election purdah period.
Allan sees it as a priority to be done by the Parish Council. Clowne needs to take control- and make sure developers don’t lead what happens without regard to local Mill Green Way is sinking – so it will need more regular maintenance.
They have a new Parish Council with people new to the job. The Parish Council will now be pushing this- as currently we are in the hands of developers. If BDC reject applications then at appeal the area will then lose out on any Section 106 community benefit money that might have come from the development. BDC will find it very difficult to refuse applications.
As a community we need to pressure the Councils.
The Bolsover District-wide Local Plan was withdrawn by BDC and it will not be until 2018 that the Local Plan will be completed.
Neighbourhood Plan for Clowne
Tybbalds were the consultants the Parish were talking to- who were also commissioned by BDC to comment on the idea.
This was discussed at January meeting at Parish – and then it has become uncertain. We have lost six months. The Localism Act came into force in 2011 – but wasn’t well regarded by BDC or Parish. In Winslow Cheshire developer Gladman tried to block adoption of a Neighbourhhod Plan restricting development. Local people voted against it and Gladman sought an injunction and Lost.- so local communities views can be powerful.
Is this Parish Council interested in getting a neighbourhood Plan?. There is no excuse for it to start now. There will be a fee to pay to Tybbalds , or whichever consultant is chosen.
This has always been a community issue. The Neighbourhood Plan has to be led by the Parish Council and we are still waiting – it needs to happen quickly. The next Parish meeting should address this.
Agreed to send a Community Association letter asking for the Parish to get on with it.
Plus send Association previous comments and issues made on the Bolsover Local Plan and for as many people as can to attend the Parish Council meeting and support this.

7. Next Meetings Speakers

New Heritage High School Head- Mr Marlowe
And Cllr Murray Carr- Crime and Litter issues.

8. Any Other Business

Clowne in Bloom - have Entered East Midlands in Bloom  judging – hope for 6 July date ask local traders to get involved. Mill Green Way may be done in time.
Mansfield Road may be next priority.

University of the 3rd Age - Bolsover meetings advertised by Steven Raison – all welcome to attend.
Donation to Methodist Chapel of £100 - for all their provision for Association activity – both meetings and Well Dressing.

Christian Aid lunch tomorrow – All are welcome 12 for 12:30 -Pie and Peas –donation £5.


9. Next Meetings - for 2015.

         Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                           Committee.                                      Main Meeting
                           1 July                                                 22 July
                           2 September                                    23 September
                           4 November                                     25 Nov and AGM

                     The 25 November will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for                     Cttee places please in advance.

Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £39:45 and everyone was thanked for their contributions