Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 20th January 2016
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1. Apologies     Steven Raison, Anne Whysall, Brenda Gauntley, Eric Burgess

Attendance was 24 people.
2. PCSO were due to attend and so must be on duty tonight

     As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
     The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
     E mails:

3. Clowne in Bloom Update

     A comment was noted that at the last Parish meeting the Chair had made adverse comments about the CIB capabilities and lack of grant applications. This was in the main meeting after public session and so no reply was possible from community present.
     CIB have submitted grant applications to:
      “Grow Wild” – this is run by Kew with a focus on UK natives and proposes planting on Linear Park – up to £4,000.
     Also submitted to Tesco Community fund- from the 5p carrier bag money- grants up to £8,10 or £12,000. Voting is in store end of Feb.
     Also University of Derby Community fund- up to £2,500.
     Family Activity days are planned on Linear Park for 24 April, 24 July and 30 October.
     The Parish Council are to re-plant the beds on Mill Green Way- this has been agreed at Parish and is provisioned in Parish precept.
     CCTV is not workingon Linear Park.

4. Neighbourhood Plan

     This is Parish Council led and they have appointed Chris Broughton to lead the work and he has met with the Parish Council. Phase 1 of the work is going ahead – a Housing Needs assessment which will be a questionnaire to every electoral role householder in Clowne. It requires s certain percentage of returns to go on to the next stage. The destiny of Clowne is not in our own hands if it is left to the Bolsover Local Plan.
Chris Broughton was invited to come to our meeting. This was raised at the Parish meeting but the Parish have decided he could not attend. Under the rules the community have to be involved in the process. This may influence things like bus services – where Stagecoach     are unresponsive at present.
It needs around 7-10% of the population to be returned to push the case for the next phase It is obvious from the Parish meetings that they don’t really want it!
Cllr Read is the Cohesion lead at Bolsover DC. But he is not involving local people – he is acting more like a dictator.
The next Parish meeting is 1st February when this will be discussed- but it is most likely that this will be in the closed session. It could be before the next main meeting. We should   encourage people to return the survey forms.
On Mansfield Road there are 3 more new road access entrances planned as part of new housing development applications.

5. Regeneration Plans

    A Councillors meeting at the Arc Bolsover DC was held a week ago – both District and Parish Councils. This was about regeneration of the villages in Derbyshire. Comments were made about roads and bus services needing improving.

6. Coalite Site

A meeting about the Coalite site development proposals is to take place on Wed 27 January. This is both a public meeting and a separate Councillors meeting at The Arkwright Centre 4-7pm. 600 houses are planned plus economic development and environmental treatment. Doctors in Clowne have been asked about medical cover – but not the Bolsover            practices?
 A view was expressed that the Coalitesite is seen as the ideal place for new development providing the site isproperly remediated. It was previously suggested that housing would be located on the Coalite site in NE Derbyshire and industry in Bolsover area of land.   Developers are now proposing housing on the Bolsover land. Dioxin was a real problem at      Coalite in the past. It was shut 14 years ago and yet it still smells bad as you travel on the Coalite road, Dioxin gave  a significant cancer risk.

7. War Memorial Garden

The fence was programmedfor December 2015, but it was damaged by a fork lift truck in the makers yard and has had to be re-made. Activity is now plannedfor tomorrow. Andrew Tebbs is coming to the March Parish meeting – he has to put holes in the stone base for the new fence and adiamond tipped drill is required by him. The green surrounds outside the wall are full of weeds. Plastic grass has been talked about in Parish meeting. The end of January was promised for completion. Project management was questioned at the Parish - who controlled it? It has cost £50,000 from their own monthly accounts information- originally it was quoted by Parish chair at £25,000! Questioning who was the project manager and who is responsible for the over-run.

8. Southgate Colliery

Station Road has a redundant notice board on the Brook Hill corner – it was put in as part of the Linear Park signs. Allan Bailey has spent 18 months researching the men who died during the Southgate Colliery lifetime , from 1878 to 1929. CIB, with the History Society input have been pushing Matt Connley at Bolsover DCto  upgrade the five Linear Park signs – including moving the Brook Hill sign to the other side of Station Road and to tell the story of Southgate Colliery on the Sign Board. There is apparently a memorial to the 2pit ponies who died somewhere off Hickinwood Lane but nothing marking the 40 men who died in the lifetime of the pit.
Matt Connley  needs to be chased up for a timetable for action. Allan is checking the names of people and where they are from.

9. Barton Street Ramp

Clowne in Blooom have been pushing Derbyshire CC to put up a sign on the branch line/ Greenway at the base of the new ramp. Allan has a Clowne railway photo from 1916 and 1905 Clowne railway station picture showing  part of the skate park that was the goods yard . A hut and tank on the Goods yard site where the skate park was located.
Cllr Anne Western confirms that the bridge removal and new ramp will still happen.

10. Minutes of the previous meeting25 November 2015 were approved.

11. Matters Arising- Item 6- Head of Heritage speaker- Mr Marlowe has asked for dates for the Association to meet the schools. Allan has spoken to him asking for convenient dates to meet.

12. Bolsover New Local Plan

    Greg summed up the Community Association submission that was made from the 11 December deadline of comments on the Strategic direction document. This had a Strategic Vision and Objectives. It set out priority development options and the strategic sites for development. The Association submission commented on support for the vison. It suggested that there was no case for Clowne development levels to be expanded beyond the levels of normal accommodation to meet local demand. Therefore no support for the Clowne North development.
We will ask what the next stages are and when may we be consulted again.

13. Cemetery Trees

Trees have been removed on the south side of the access road near the entrance.
There was concern over the damage to the housing foundations. The property owner adjacent has threatened to take the Council to court. There was a strong objection to the removal from Russ Walker whose family has a memorial tree there. The trees were 4m from the property when 20m is the recommended distance. The Burial board made the decision that they had to remove the trees to avoid potential expensive legal action. Allan has sympathy with Mr Walkers view and his strong family connection to the memorial tree. The Burial Board didn’t want to remove the trees but it had to be done to protect the Board from legal action. A new Tree and memorial stone has been promised to each family affected. These trees were put in 10 years ago but they were not pollarded to limit their growth. The Burial board had no basis to argue a case back against the litigation threat. The boundary hedge has also to be managed to limit growth and therefore moisture demand on surrounding soil. A lot of people felt that the case for the need to remove the trees was not made. The adjacent landowner had trees in his own garden much larger than the cemetery trees that were the likely cause of his property problems. People affected have also been offered a section of the cut memorial trees and cuttings from the trees taken down.
14.Next Meetings- for 2016.
     Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                             Committee.                                        Main Meeting
                             2 March                                              23 March
                             4 May                                                 18 May
                             6 July                                                 20 July
                             7 September                                     21 September
                             2  November                                    23 Nov and AGM

The 23 November 16will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for Cttee places please in advance.

Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £xxxxand everyone was thanked for their contributions.