Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 19th November 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1. Apologies         None

Attendance was 35 people

2. PCSO were due to attend tonight but they must be on operational business

   As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
2 Presentations followed:-
Allan introduced Bill Walton Asset Protection Manager STWA, who has driven up from Coventry for our meeting tonight.

3. Bill Walton Severn Trent Water Authority – based in Leicester

Asset Protection Manager, Operations Support Services
Pat Thorpe had identified key issues from our previous discussions in the invitation to Mr Walton and hr gave a powerpoint presentation covering these.
Mr Walton said that his role as Asset Protection Manager covered all development and its impact on the sewage system. He deals with the whole of the eastern area. His role covers 1.Facilitate development, 2. protection of the environment, 3. protection of assets.
There is no drainage connection to Creswell – it is the watercourses that connect the two settlements that have a stormwater impact on Creswell.
Clowne System
50% of the system is separated and 50% combined ie the sewage and surface water are in the same drainage system. There are 4 pumping stations: Heritage Drive, Anchor Inn, Rood Lane and Clowne STW. There is 1 storage tank at Monnies End.
It includes over 25,000 metres of public sewer plus transferred assets under the Private Drains and Sewers Act. The system has grown with the village and is of various ages – and to repeat there is no drainage system link to Creswell.
Land Drainage – this is not STWA responsibility
The main water course is a tributary of the Mill Wood Brook. It will transfer large amounts of water. There can be riparian owners or if the river is classed as enmained it is with Environment Agency responsibility. The Lead Local Flood Authority is responsible – the County Authority.
Clowne STW Sewage Treatment Works. The inlet works with storm tanks to separate rain water. Consented spills are allowed to tributaries of the Mill Wood Brook. Final effluent flows to Mill Wood Brook. The Water Framework Directive tightens the consent pollution levels allowed. This is a serious issue for STWA. There is spare capacity re biological treatment. The dry weather volume has spare capacity. The final effluent is at the moment within capacity with no immediate risk to the environment.
Drinking Water – This is from the Barlborough Water Quality Zone which is a blend of 2 boreholes- Chequer House and Sunnyside and 2 treatment sources - Ogston and Bamford.
76% of water is subject to fluoridation - this is a local authority request that STWA have to comply with. It is chlorinated and then blended. Bolsover is one of the 2 areas in Derbyshire that is fluoridated. Also phosphate is added to reduce the risk of lead in old water pipes. 90% of the supply in the UK is dosed with phosphate.
New Development STWA work with local authorities and developers to manage development. But STWA do not have power to control development- that is for the local authority. Sustainability is the issue. They need separation of rain water from the sewage drainage system.
If a householder has separation then they can get a reduction in their rates. A recent Welsh Water and Barratt Housing Supreme Court ruling in 2009 ( which is under challenge) said that the developer had a right to connect to an existing drainage system. And further that they cannot get a contribution at Planning stage unless Planning authority can control development. They need to know what is needed and have the time to manage the process. Need to develop a Neighbourhood Plan to have influence on the development process. STWA can object but it is for the Planning authority to control development. It is for the community to pressure the LA and the Planners.
Separation of the systems is intrusive in retrofitting due to access to properties – it is difficult and messy. Soakaways on your own property are used to manage surface water.
There is cross boundary work with Yorkshire Water as Clowne sits on the boundary of the two water authorities.
The STWA probably cannot cope with another 600 houses. Capacity depends on the volume of development and consequent waste water. They will need to monitor the growth and make changes to the present works as necessary. They can adjust the processes to build additional capacity. Potentially they could extend the works. Various options would be looked at. The STWA work in 5 year cycles and work with other local authorities on what is being approved and what is being built and would expect to have the time to respond to the growth in housing.
Question asked –
Q. A recent Freedom of Information Request to STW suggested that there was head room in capacity but that they would not necessarily be able to cope with large scale growth ?
Q. When in the 5 year plan is it possible to know what is planned?
A. Clowne is not on the top of the list and there is spare capacity at present.
Mr Walton was thanked for his informative presentation and the effort to attend tonight in driving up from Coventry.

 Allan introduced Paul Horrey from Tesco store who had contacted us to discuss his new role within Tesco and Association issues and Allan and Greg had met with him recently.

4. Paul Horrey Tesco Store

Paul has taken over the role of Better Service Manager in the Clowne Tesco store – with one person in each main store being given this role.
He outlined his role – which is about making shoppers experience better. Part of the role is about Tesco in the Community and the perception of this. He outlined how he had googled the Association and from our web site had contacted our Secretary and met with Allan and Greg recently. He had attended a meeting about this new role in Coventry this week.
One key initiative currently within Tesco that some people will have seen is Farm To Fork.
The focus is on healthy living for young people 6 -11 year olds. Tesco bring primary school pupils into store – with bakery visits and fruit and veg and review how the food supply and sales process works. They have expanded contact into the Scout groups structure now too. The target is 600,000 kids by the end of February throughout Tesco. Trips to suppliers are also part of this and On-line field trips are available focussing on specific food production eg potatoes, cranberry etc. It is about people regarding Tesco well and visiting the store more.
Paul has already been acting on our brief discussion of local issues raised by Allan and Greg and escalating them within his Tesco organisation and a Community Notice Board for instance is possible.
We have raised a number of issues and he will be progressing as many as he can - for instance the zebra crossing faded painting ( and the crossing in front of store was also referred to.). Any complaints issues should go direct to store for them to deal with directly.
Questions followed:
Q. Tesco have applied for a Click and Collect point which would reduce parking?
A. .There are no current plans to implement this at Clowne.
Q. Disabled parking spaces are in short supply and well used- any chance of more spaces?
A. . People tend to abuse the disabled and childrens parking spaces and Tesco seek to monitor.
Q. Young people visits to store-Can we seek to instill in kids dealing with waste and not throwing it away?
A. Yes Tesco have this as a priority
Q. Negative responses on health and safety issues when contacted the store?

Q. Support for local groups?
A. Contact Charity organisers about Raffle prizes.
Q. Tesco always supported the Clowne Gala in the past but this involvement has faded over time?
A. Paul will investigate and look at renewing involvement.
Q. Thanks were expressed for Tesco staff presence at the Remembrance parade this year.
Paul was thanked for his informative presentation and is invited to future meetings.

Clowne History Society Calendar 2015
Allan Bailey, Chair of the History Society, announced the production of the calendar which has a cost of £5 and contains images of old Clowne. Proceeds go towards the Society annual costs eg meeting room hire is £120 pa.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting also took place at this meeting and is Minuted elsewhere.

5. Main meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were noted and accepted as correct :-
               17 September 2014
Matters Arising :
Buses campaign
Eric Burgess reported that there is a meeting tomorrow at The Arc about the bus partnership proposal – but not including the bus company Stagecoach at present, It is local authority based – BDC and DCC. TM Travel are charging people with a bus pass a Notional amount of £1 before the 9:30 am pass time and after 11pm.

Any Other Business
Derbyshire CC |Local meeting 26 November – 6pm at Bolsover DC offices High Street
Everyone is encouraged to attend and have your say. Part of this is the issue that we need a Neighbourhood Plan for Clowne.
Infrastructure pressures are obvious from the scale of proposed development – we have a 19th century infrastructure and a 21st century town- so these significant pressures are to be discussed. This was raised at the Parish Council meeting- Go along and have your say. There has been six weeks notice – but little publicity. So there is concern over the lack of promotion of this. The lack of newspaper publicity. Agreed to put a Notice up in the Notice Board. Richard Haigh from CVP said this has been talked about in their team from the first such local event held by Derbyshire CC and that was not well publicised. At the Gala meeting last night flyers promoting it were issued. It is not in the Council’s interest not to have a local plan – so we need to pressure them. The only way to make a difference is to turn up and speak to them - the example is the recent railway/Greenway consultation which was very well attended.

Bolsover Local Plan Update
The previous submitted plan was withdrawn by Bolsover DC.In October the authority issued an invitation for comments on a new local plan that combines policy strategy and also incorporates the detailed sites.
The authority are very vulnerable to housing development companies proposals, as without a five year supply of housing land the local authority has to pass housing. At present they have only just over 2 years readily developable land.
The Community Association local plan comments submitted some 18 months ago were briefly reviewed by the meeting.
It was agreed that the Secretary should re-submit an updated version of the previous comments, with a request for officers to attend our meetings.
In addition Waystone developers had attended a recent consultation day and it was agreed that we should invite them to come along to our future meetings again.

5. Next Meetings - for 2015.

         Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                           Committee.                                      Main Meeting
                           7 January                                         21 January  
                           4 March                                             18 March
                           6 May                                                 20 May
                           1 July                                                 22 July
                           2 September                                    23 September
                           4 November                                     25 Nov and AGM

                     The 25 November will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for                     Cttee places please in advance.
The Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £46.40 and everyone was thanked for their contributions.