Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 18th March 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies         Steven Raison, Mrs Blackwell, Richard Haigh

Attendance was 30 people.

2. PCSO were due to attend tonight but they must be on operational business

   As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.

No Presentations for this meeting- A discussion on Neighbourhood Plan will follow.
 The planned meeting by Parish Council for the end of this month is now cancelled as this will be caught in the Election Purdah period when no announcements can be made that may influence voting decisions.

3. Main meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting 21 January 2015 were noted and accepted as correct  apart from one correction to Item 3- Action Housing where the rental income quoted should read £4-500 per month( not per week) :-
Matters Arising :
Buses – Eric Burgess reported that now the creation of the D2N2 partnership and uncertainty over policy means that the issue will be put back to after the General Election. There is a push to regulate buses again as previously and as is the case in London. So the bus companies are not talking to anyone and are waiting to see which way it goes. The Conservatives won’t support bus regulation but Labour will. Cllr Anne Western is however pushing for the Govt to change their attitude- she is meeting them tomorrow.
Signage on the Linear Park is to be replaced and we will ask Bolsover DC about progress.
Former Crown Pub development who is the developer?- not known but understood that Planning application is submitted.
War Memorial
The work on the new commemorative garden has started but has still not got planning permission so may be delayed. Some of the plants from the Aldi land have been saved and put in at Community garden site – but very rushed.
Miners Technical College- Allan reported that the conversion to flats is progressing well both outside and inside. The grass area is to be landscaped and tidied up.
No update on the Barton Street railway bridge- Need to ask DCC for an update
Swimming Pool – the proposal is apparently out to tender. Members asked if it will cost on the Council Tax? Bolsover DC are suggesting it will give a saving over a 10 year period. Not sure what will happen on the Creswell Leisure site- need to ask BDC. CISWO will have a say in what happens to the Creswell site.

4. Clowne Neighbourhood Plan- Discussion of potential coverage of Research Questions/Issues

( Cllr Karl Reid attended the meeting for this item.)

Greg Lindley introduced the discussion by circulating a list of headings to lead thoughts. The Parish Council progress on this is now delayed as this will be caught by election purdah when no announcements can be made. What we can usefully do now is prepare Clowne issues and questions that could form part of the necessary research that will be needed to underpin the plan and prove it’s consultation basis.


Discussion covered
Time limit ?- How long will it take to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan?
The new Bolsover Local Plan will not be in place until 2018.
We have 3,500 existing houses in Clowne and potential bids to build a further 2,600 new
It will take 15 months to do a Neighbourhood Plan and the cost of this will be covered by the Parish.
They are looking to employ consultants to do it – Tybbalds are being talked with.
 A 5 year Housing supply is not in place for Bolsover DC – Bolsover have a 400 pa target So we are at risk from speculative land developers until capacity is achieved.

15 months ? was questioned as too long- can’t we do it quicker?. As well as the new housing issues it is also potentially about protecting areas eg Linear Park and Green Belt protection- to limit the damage of intrusive new development. Clowne is a town and a village at the same time.
We have a number of 3 bed houses but we are lacking smaller bed houses and the top end 4/5 bed houses. Clowne needs more affordable housing and needs elderly provision – lifelong housing supply.
DCC and BDC are serving notices on Ben Bailey about the state of Mansfield Road. No further forward since October and it is going too slowly.
Mini-roundabout is needed and we have have now well over 20 houses lived in.
Protection of Green Belt is nationally being pressured by developers and Govt are leaning towards allowing more development in the Green Belt.

Needs a Map- should it include Barlborough ? - as most of our employment provision is at Barlborough Links.
We hope to take our Community Association comments forward into the Neighbourhood Plan process and also pass over the paper that the Community Association previously submitted to Bolsover DC on the Local Plan – this should be handed over to the Parish.
We need to get things moving it has already been too long a hold up.
The timescale for the Neighbourhood Plan preparation starts from when the new Parish Council begins again after the May election result.
Agreed; It was agreed that people would take the issues paper away and send any comments / issues back for inclusion in a note to hand over to CPC. Review again at the May meeting
Agreed to send an e mail to the Parish Clerk thanking the Chair for attending tonight and helping the discussion and also repeating the message that any one from the Parrish Council is welcome to attend our meetings.
Elastic FM Commmunity Awards- held at Proact Stadium 6 Feb
Allan reported on the Award of Citizen of the Year to Brandon Shaw who was present at the meeting and the congratulations of the Association were expressed to him. The award is for contribution to community activities and projects.
Environment Task Force- Bolsover DC- Cllr Murray-Carr and Cllr Kelly are lead members on this new action which has been featured in the press and is asking for people to report issues to them for active response.-Agreed to ask for them to attend one of our future meetings.
Dog Fouling  Continues to be a problem. Has there been a prosecution? There has been but limited and incidences need to be reported and evidenced. Name and Shame the culprits. Is it time to educate the owners of dogs- feature it in the newspapers? We should push this issue again to Cllr Murray-Carr. Is there a stray dogs problem in Clowne? Workers say that there are not more stray dogs. It is people out walking their dogs and not picking up after them.
Police Priority? -Motorists- continue to use mobile phones while driving- especially seen near Tesco store. Police are moving out of the Police House on Rotherham Road and there are not as many PCSO seen. DCC is underfunded compared to other similar sized Councils. People should go along to the Police priorities meeting and say what people regard as a priority. Only 4 people attended the last one- It is just before the Parish meeting. Allan is to contact the C Division Inspector and ask him – also to ask the Crime Commissioner.
Zebra Crossings are ignored by motorists. At both Aldi and Tesco - the paint markings have been worn away. But Police meeting is advertised in our Notice Board – 5-6pm before the Parish meeting and advertised in Dooorsteppa Magazine.
Clowne in Bloom
Mill Green Way- Parish Council regular floral display meeting now and the new raised beds on Mill Green Way are planned.
Linear Park- last Sunday of the months Litter Pick on March 29th and Family Wildlife Event planned for the 12th April
Rear of Spar shop litter clean up carried out by Brenda and Anne
Elmton Lane litter pick collected18 bags of rubbish. Also Gapsick Lane litter clean up.
Well Dressing this year on 22nd August and the theme is Magna Carta 800 years commemoration. Plus we will mark the 100 years since 1915 and 1815 Waterloo 200 commemoration – We have one person from Clowne who received the Waterloo Medal – John Sims – his Service Record is being sought by the History Society.
Schools- involved in litter pick and tree planting with Infants School and hope for more contact with the other schools. Well Dressing for instance is being promoted with them for July term.
Community Garden work underway and Landmarks trainees input is regular on Wednesdays.

Access Group
Border Lane – Right of way evidence forms are being collected to submit to evidence the public right of way here and help protect this Ancient Way. It runs through to Oxcroft Lane and Elmton. It is classified as a reserve highway. We want to ensure that it has bridleway status and ensure it is not lost to development pressures. Particularly sought is any photo evidence of use – any User Evidence Forms to Brian Betts please.

Sheffield Rd to Markland Grips route – Access Group have submitted evidence forms and a claim for right of way here. This has been  advertised on site and one objection made from the landowners who is seeking to make it a private road.
Litter picking is seen as worthwhile and improves Clowne environment.
Election 7 May
23rd is election registration date and Allan is standing again for Parish and now for District Election and again sated that he will do nothing to bring the Association into disrepute. .
Eric Burgess is also standing for Parish election and is standing down from the Committee for 23rd March to May 8th to avoid any conflict .

Next Meetings - for 2015.
         Committee dates two weeks prior to main meetings
                           Committee.                                      Main Meeting
                           6 May                                                 20 May
                           1 July                                                 22 July
                           2 September                                    23 September
                           4 November                                     25 Nov and AGM

                     The 25 November will also be the Annual General Meeting - any nominations for                     Cttee places please in advance.
Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £37.30 and everyone was thanked for their contributions.