Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 17th September 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies         Judy Robinson

Attendance was 30 people.

  1.    PCSO  were due to attend tonight but they must be on operational business

   As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
Presentation followed Allan introduced Cllr Western who has taken over the Council Leaders role at a time of unprecedented Govt cuts in funding that are making it extremely difficult for DCC to manage its resources.

2.  Cllr Anne Western Leader Derbyshire CC

Former Rail line/Proposed Greenway
The former rail line runs from Creswell down to the Seymour Sidings near Staveley. It is a barrier to access for Clowne such that walking to school from the north side of Clowne is restricted with either Hollin Hill, Station Rd or North Road being the only routes. With the change in circumstances it makes the rail line an opportunity access route. Derbyshire CC has been buying former rail lines to make access improvements. DCC negotiated with Network Rail and agreed to purchase for £1 and it is now DCC owned. They are working towards the idea of a multi-user trail or greenway for walking, cycling, horse riding. There are still legal issues to sort out. One of the first tasks is to undertake a safety review of bridges, cuttings etc and assess any structural work needed.
There are SSSI’s , Local Wildlife sites, Ancient Woodland, Geological interest sites, Conservation areas, Scheduled Monuments, some Japanese Knotweed etc. DCC know that the community want to get on the track and start clean-up work. There will be a public exhibition in mid October at the Community Centre and people are encouraged to attend and contribute their thoughts. The lines use for leisure is important but the local access improvements to allow people to easier access amenities and services are also important here eg cycle to school and access to shops. The long distance path route links are also important.
The next issue is funding and the DCC Countryside Service have a good record of getting funding  eg The 5 Pits Trail, Silver Hill Trail and the Archaeological Way & Killamarsh trail. The potential improvements won’t happen overnight – it is a 2-5 years work plan at least.
DCC look to develop a shared vision for the line.
Then get all the funding in place.
They are needing to do security fencing They look to do litter picks now we have ownership. Cllr Western has stressed to DCC officers that Clowne is very active as a community. The trail starts at Creswell, goes through Clowne then down to Staveley -Seymour sidings and links to the Trans Pennine Trail.
The potential repair of road bridges is something that is being assessed.
Barton Street Bridge
The need for a better link here is a long standing issue. The Network Rail ownership has restricted efforts up to now. Cllr Western has stressed to officers that this is a separate priority – separate from the Greenway plans. She will continue to stress to officers that the bridge crossing should be improved/ replaced as soon as possible. A ramp link here may be cheaper than a replacement bridge. The on and off points are key and will help achieve a level link. The existing steel bridge is from 1968 when it replaced the earlier original rail line bridge.
Question asked –
Q. What about the potential for a rail link to Robin Hood line being reinstated to help rail access?
A: Cllr Western commented that whilst she is sympathetic to this idea this would need Govt funding and currently there is no chance of this being possible.
Q. Any news on the idea of a One Way System?
         A. There is money for the survey work to be undertaken and it will need public consultation. The narrow road near the old Bridge on Station Road is a Health and Safety hazard esp. parents with children find it really difficult to use and the narrow traffic lanes and large number of vehicles using it bring conflicts. Cllr Western agrees with the importance of the safety issues here and hopes to see progress.
Q. How much land goes with the rail track?
A. Not sure - but believe only the immediate track surrounds.
Q. Access to Jobs via the Greenway?

3. If DCC say that Euro funding is a target then they would need to state that it will act as an access to jobs route. Needs local people to say what they want – rather than pre-judge what it will do. Eg Seymour junction area is part of the Markham Vale environs. What do people want and when – give your views at consultation.

The North side of Clowne needs to be linked better to Clowne centre facilities. The access routes to link in as well as the bridge need improving. Linear Park is beautiful but needs all of us to look after it. Clowne is a 21st century village with a 19th Century road layout. More cars are coming into and out of the town.
The single track railway is very narrow so conflicts between pedestrians , cyclists and horse users are almost inevitable. Pinch points need to be thought about. Motorbikes and Trail bikes will try to access it and this won’t work so restrictions will be needed.
The Stanfree Group ( based on the Turbine campaign) are trying to get the UK Coal land at the Oxcroft screens site as a Country Park.
Volunteer Clean ups on Linear Park
These are taking place on Linear Park and will be pushed for on the Greenway now.
Any chance of using the Pay-back teams that are occasionally used elsewhere but are not due to be done here and may be a possibility.
The next Litter Pick is on 11th October at 10am. Need to source litter pickers for this.
Q.Is there a possibility of widening the rail bridge on Boughton Lane?
A Not currently, but mention this at the consultation day, not very likely to have funds for this but add it to the set of ideas.
Local Meetings
Since May last year, when Cllr Western took over as Leader, she has been thinking about how places work. It is not necessarily about the Councils doing everything for everybody. It needs a new relationship with communities. Change the way Councils work.
Council officers need to think about how communities work. Look at local committees – listening more to local people. The first has been held in Shirebrook. The next is at The Arc on 26 November at 6 or 7pm? Let them know what is important for Clowne.
Cllr Western asked people to please come along and contribute – say what people want. Officers and 6 County Councillors will be present.
 An example was the pressure for a 20 mph speed limit in the town centre – and how we enforce it – the only one is on Ramper Ave?
Q.Clowne children are not being able to access school spaces due to high number of applicants?
A. At the Junior School a new classroom is planned and budgeted and one new classroom at the Infants Sch.
A decision eventually will be needed possibly to have a new school. Money for new school places is only based on Planning applications approved – not on the basis of future planning.
The community working with the Council has been spoken about eg the idea of a 20 mph speed limit is a good example and the local community could help police it?
At a recent Clowne parish meeting a figure of 2,400 houses for Clowne was spoken about in the next 5 years? At present there is free licence to developers to build where they want to because of the failure to have 5 year land supply in place in Bolsover District. But nothing is happening regarding the infrastructure improvements for Clowne that are needed because of this housing. The way the Planning system has been changed by Govt makes it very difficult to turn any development proposal down. The Parish Council say they ned a Neighbourhood Plan. The developers view is that they are here to build houses and it is the Council’s job to deal with the infrastructure needed- a very one-sided view. On the Waystone proposal to the north – Bolsover Council was opposed to the large strategic development idea as access to Clowne was left to the very end for others to sort out.
Moving to a Bigger level
For 12 months Cllr Western has been working to impress on Govt the need for more devolved powers. Council powers are only half in their control- one hand is tied behind their back. Govt are making a big deal about devolved powers to cities. But the argument is that 1 million people are covered by the County Counciol and give a strong economic drive and they need the freedom to do more with this. The City and County council deals are needed – Counties are just as important and need the same powers as cities.
Combined Authority
10 Councils in our area have come together- City, County and 8 Districts. These have come together and signed up to be one combined authority- and do more at a local level for Derbyshire –             eg Health and social care aim for better value for money between agencies,
         Getting into work and access to jobs,
         Better deals for schools.
The Barnett Formula means that Scottish Local Govt get £1,600 more per person than English Councils. This needs to be fairer. Govt are imposing cuts and DCC are having to cope with the damage of these imposed cuts.
Cllr Western was thanked for her informative presentation and discussion.

Well Dressing-Cheque presentation
Cllr Western kindly helped handover a cheque for £100 from Clowne in Bloom to support the Methodist Chapel in thanks for all their help with the Well Dressing in 2014.
The Well Dressing this year was in August tied in with commemorating the 100 years since the outbreak of WW1 and raised over £500. A donation has been made to the British Legion and Help for Heroes.

4. Main meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were noted and accepted as correct :-
               23 July 2014
Matters Arising
Buses campaign
Eric Burgess reported on recent chat with Karl Reid who is speaking with BDC about getting the bus partnership going. He hopes to have news about meetings in the near future.
Also a recent occurrence on the bus was reported when a 92 year old man got on the bus at 9:27 intending to use his bus pass and was told he couldn’t use it as it was not yet 9:30 so he would either have to pay or get off. He had no change and so somebody else on the bus kindly paid for him to travel.
Liaison- If you need a bus pass on the Tram you can use it after 9am. The National Scheme says the cut off is 9:30 – but individual Councils can vary it. It is understood that they have just rescinded it. Will notify the meeting and via the Community Notice Board for the October meeting now planned. Understand that DCC will talk to Stagecoach about funding cuts for the year ahead very soon. The Central Govt cuts are biting deeply and will continue.
Mobility - The Mobility shop has not found an alternative site yet.

5. Any Other Business

Clowne North Residents Group Richard Haigh reported on the recent charity event held at the recreation ground over a wet week-end. This raised £985 with £300 donated to East Clune, £300 to and £200 for a Childrens party leaving £185 for future event panning. This coming week-end Ashlea Club are holding the Childrens Party. Plus a Have Your Say event planned. Intend to ask people what they want- 11 Oct at East Clune House. Also a Ghost walk planned for 1st November at East Clune House. December – Decorating East Clune Care Home – similar idea to the Northfields Christmas lights previously.
War Memorial Garden – This will not start till after the Remembrance event – on Sunday 9th November this year. Alterations are planned to the War memorial area to make a Remembrance Garden. Aldi have donated land to the immediate north of the Cenotaph where trees have been cut down. Plans have not yet been seen. No reply yet from the Landscape artist who is hopefully meeting the History group next Wed. It is understood that the artist is still working on it but it is also not clear what the plans are. There is an informal gathering on the Tues 11th following the Remembrance Sunday on 9th November.
Housing Update
Pat Thorpe reported on latest position on housing developments in Clowne. Since Oct 2013 a large number of applications have been submitted for consideration and either approved or are pending a decision from Planning. The National planning framework says that authorities are recommended to pass applications in the absence of an up-to-date policy regarding five year supply of land for housing. Bolsover don’t have that in place.
Today 69 houses were approved on the Gleeson site – accessed off Rotherham Rd.
Cliff Hill has a submission for 79 houses.
The total of all applications approved so far is 215 – and none have been turned down.
Karl Reid recently said 2,400 houses may be expected in the next 5 years. This needs watching closely.
On Low Road Mr Widdowson is understood to be considering applying.
A possible Future speaker could be Severn Trent WA– on the sewage and water issues in Clowne.
Bolsover Local Plan Update
The submitted plan was withdrawn by BDC because of issues about complying with requirements to consult with neighbouring authorities plans and the lack of evidence recording about major development proposals at the former Coalite site.
The authority are not yet in a position where they are saying whether they are resubmitting a plan as before (– Policy strategy only) - or doing a plan that also incorporates the detailed sites.
This leaves the authority very vulnerable to housing development companies proposals, as noted, without a five year supply of housing land the local authority has to pass housing. At present they have only just over 2 years readily developable land.
Clowne in Bloom
The Community Garden is still taking up time and effort on fencing and paths. The next Community Magazine will have a feature of the raised beds and an offer for people to get involved. A new plastic poly-tunnel / greenhouse is installed here – purchased through Richard Haigh Community Organiser -with our Thanks.
An East Midlands in Bloom visit by a national In Bloom judge took place recently and Clowne in Bloom are asking Parish Council and Bolsover DC to become formal partners in CIB.
Access Group
The golf course perimeter path needs evidence sheets of useage filling in to act as evidence base for a claim to designate a public path here.
History group
On July 4th the Lowestoft evacuees visited Clowne again and thanks were expressed to The Village Inn who hosted them.
Gala was on 13 September and was successful – although Clowne Assoc stall was cancelled due to lack of materials
Party in The Park 12 July Clowne Assoc fund raising stall was successful – thanks to those who supported this.

6.  Next Meetings -  for 2014

                     19 November and Annual General Meeting - any nominations for Cttee places please                         in advance.
The Tea/Coffee and Raffle raised £36.70 and everyone was thanked for their contributions.