Bolsover Local Plan Strategy – Note for Clowne Community Association


This note has been prepared in response to a request for information from Clowne Community Association on the new Local Plan Strategy. The note starts with a short update looking at progress on the Local Plan Strategy. It goes on to outline the timetable for the development of the document, and key changes to the next version of the Strategy in relation to Clowne. The final part of the note outlines the consultation arrangements for the next round of community engagement.

The Local Plan

The current Local Plan was adopted in 2000. It is being replaced by a new Local Plan. This is being prepared in two parts, the Local Plan Strategy, and the Local Plan Allocations and Policies.

Due to changes by government, the current Local Plan, and the new Local Plan have had to be prepared under different legislation. As a result the document previously referred to as the Core Strategy is now being progressed as the Local Plan Strategy.

The Local Plan Strategy sets out the overarching principles for growth, and the levels of growth and broad locations for development in the district. It does not allocate specific sites.  The Local Plan Allocations and Policies will show specific sites for new development.
It is intended that eventually the two parts of the local plan will replace the policies in the current Local Plan. The new Local Plan will cover the period 2011 – 2031.


The Local Plan Strategy has already been subject to extensive public engagement under the title of the Core Strategy. The current anticipated timetable for the production of the Local Plan Strategy is:

  • Public Consultation on the Submission Version: April/ May 2013
  • Submission to the Secretary of State: Summer 2013
  • Hearing: Late Autumn 2013
  • Inspector’s Report Early 2014


Work on the Local Plan Allocations and Polices will continue once the Local Plan Strategy has been adopted.

The only exceptions to this are a strategic site at Bolsover North and the former Coalite works

It should be noted that this timetable is subject to change

Changes to the Local Plan Strategy

One of the main changes since the last consultation took place in April 2010 is a reduction in the amount of development planned for Clowne. This reflects the latest population projections which indicate much smaller increases in the future population and number of households in the District.  Key specific issues/proposals in relation to Clowne include:

  • The retention of the town’s status as a town, as one of the 4 key settlements in the district;
  • A reduction in the level of housing proposed in the town from 1,100 to 575 additional new homes over the life of the Plan;
  • Proposed residential expansion in the town to the west and north west;
  • New residential development to make a significant contribution to improving the town’s deficiency of green space provision;
  • Enhancement  and expansion of  the town centre;
  • Improvement of links for pedestrians and cyclists between Barlborough and Clowne;
  • Creation of a town park;
  • Improvements to the road network;
  • The deletion of the former proposed strategic site for housing and employment at Clowne north.


Next Steps

In anticipation of the next stage of consultation in April/May, the Council has been updating its consultation database by e-mailing people to ensure their contact details are correct. To save postage and the cost of paper the Council is emailing people where possible to inform them of the next stage of consultation. We are also encouraging people and organisations to respond electronically. All of the documents that have shaped the Local Plan Strategy will be available on the Council’s website to allow people to look at documents at a time that suits them. That being said, the Council recognises that not everyone has access to a computer, or wants to read documents on line. Therefore, copies of the Local Plan Strategy will be available to view at the main Council Offices at The Arc in Clowne, and at all of the council contact centres and libraries in the District. In addition the Council will be holding a manned exhibition in Clowne on the Local Plan Strategy.


The above information is just a brief overview of work on the Local Plan Strategy at this stage. If you or any of the members of the Clowne Community Association need further information on the development of the plan or the arrangements for consultation, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Policy Team.

We advise people generally to email their contact details to to check that they are ready to be consulted. Contacting us via email is the best way but people can also check by phoning us on 01246 242312, for example if they don't have an email account.



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