Clowne Community Association

Minutes of the AGM Meeting Date: 20th November 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes


(These Minutes were confirmed at the AGM meeting November 2014)

Apologies  Gillian Brefitt, Mr & Mrs Clarke, A Thomas

Attendance was 33 people.
Greg Lindley took over the Chair for the Chairs election item - there were no other nominations.

2. Election of Chairman
Allan Bailey was unanimously elected again as Chairman unopposed.
Allan Bailey resumed the Chair

Minutes of previous AGM 2012 – on 21 November 2012 were accepted.

The following were elected
3.1      Election of Secretary- Greg Lindley as minutes Secretary
3.2      Election of Treasurer- Anne Whysall as Treasurer
3.3      Election of Vice Chairman Pat Thorpe as Vice Chair
3.4      Election of Committee
With the sad loss of Terry Cartwright new members have been welcomed onto the Committee with Pat Thorpe and Judy Robinson joining this year.

Mr Eric Burgess was nominated at the AGM and elected as a new Committee Member.
Existing Committee members confirmed to continue in post were elected by the meeting:
Pat Thorpe                                                    Brenda Gauntley
Ken Parker                                                    Brian Betts                                                   
Margaret Gillway                                          Andy Thomas                                  
Anne Whysall                                               Greg Lindley                                                
Steven Raison                                             Judy Robinson

4. Changes to Constitution
The Constitution confirmed as existing with no changes.

5. Treasurers Report
Circulated and approved
The Association now have two Accounts in order that we can have access to bank services in Clowne. The Santander Account and the Yorkshire Building Society Saver Account allows us to have easy cash deposits and most cash is now held here. This is not a Current Account so no cheque book but the Association can obtain cheques made out on request at the Mill Street office.
These accounts cover the Main Association spending, which mostly covers the meetings costs and general allocations, and it also covers the two Association working groups of Clowne in Bloom and Countryside Access Group. The level of funds held by the Association has remained fairly level over the two periods
A twelve month report for 1.4.12 to 31.3.13. was circulated together with a six month report up to 30.9.13.
So the level of funds at 31 March 2013 was £1,338.76.
At 30.9.13. the balance was £1,423.31.
Income included the regular meeting raffle and refreshments, Well Dressing event in the summer and the Gala, a donation from Wilkos, from Cllr Hendry and the grant from Junction Arts towards the Well Dressing Hands-on day held At Bolsover DC Offices.

6. Groups report back
The two working groups have continued combined meetings in 2013.
Clowne in Bloom
Spring planting bulbs on Cliff Hill gave a good display this year and the pansies in the tubs looked well for a long period. Summer saw us plant the tubs with red geraniums
In June the Well Dressing event was timed to coordinate with the Limestone Journeys summer event held at Bolsover DC new offices on High Street on 22 June that was well attended and the involvement of young people in getting hands on was encouraging – they all wanted to have a go. The Well Dressing theme for 2013 was Countryside with a picture of a typical Derbyshire landscape complete with stone wall and sheep and well done to all those who were involved in the making of the display. We received a grant from Junction Arts for both running a north Derbyshire Crafts workshop with other north Derbyshire Well Dressing Groups and also for running the have-a-go day and a Well Dressing promotional banner- over £400 grant in all. The Well Dressing donation box in front of Wilkos raised £125.68- our Thanks to everyone. Autumn has seen us replant the tubs with pansies and now we are about to make further improvements to the display with new planters. We have just been successful in our grant bid to Limestone Journeys and have received a grant of £2,862 which we are matching with our volunteer time. A major part of this is the new Community Garden area that Bolsover District Council gave us a license to manage at the end of May. This is the area left behind when the former Chesterfield College horticulture training area was closed. It comprises raised beds and a grass area with a willow hedge. We are putting in arches and fence posts. Alan Gillway from NNC is working with his students to make a bench arbour and a memorial bench will be placed. We are extremely grateful to be working with Landmarks students who have been working on the site to help clear it, lay paths and dig post holes- thanks to Jim Russel particularly. Duggie Peck has been extremely helpful in this first year of planting and we have had crops of carrots and beetroot and there is a soft fruit bed. He has also been working with Heritage High School on their raised bed area. Brenda Gauntley has been working with Clowne Junior School on the quad area and a willow sculpture. The Gala stall in September had a sale or return arrangement with Thompsons Nurseries and we had turnover above £100 and a surplus of £38.We have agreed with JMA to do some work on the garden on Mill Street opposite The Spar and hope to see a change in this area. We have been approached by Heywood Estates who wish to sponsor the planting near the Cenotaph. Any donations of shrubs or bulbs are welcomed and extra hands are still needed for planting days. This Saturday will be a planting day and people are welcome to join in - meet at Bolsover DC site. The Parish Council have just awarded us £50.

Countryside Access Group
Any new members are welcome to join in the group activity. The group have installed twoway marker posts on footpath 19 across the top fields from Cliff Hill towards Oxcroft.
At Oxcroft there is an issue with a property owner who has grassed over the path route, with the way marker post removed there is no clear route now. Derbyshire CC have been informed. The footpath route goes across the corner of their garden.
Also the path across the Grips at Markland Farm Creswell Road is also a concern with          “No Road” signs being erected.
There are 32 footpaths in and around Clowne that the group walk and are looking to keep      accessible to countryside.
Landmarks Christmas Fair – this is taking place tomorrow 21 Nov 2013 - 10am-2pm at the Creswell farm site, all are welcome.

Clowne History Society (not part of the Assoc.)
In 2014 the 100 year commemoration of the start of World War 1 will be marked with an exhibition at the Council offices. New members are always welcome.