Clowne Community Association


No it's nothing to do with overweight kids!

You may have noticed a few flowers around Clowne this year. These have been put in place by the new 'Clowne in Bloom' working group, which has been formed by the Community Association. Clowne in Bloom would like to provide more of the tubs in Clowne, which will be filled with winter flowers and then replanted for next year. The group would welcome suggestions from residents, other than their own gardens, where they can be sited and for people to take responsibility for individual sites. This will mean keeping an eye on the tub/s and watering when necessary. It is anticipated that some sites will be in public places away from any housing and the group, in these instances, will arrange for a contractor to water the tubs. Please give us your ideas and suggestions - more importantly adopt a tub/s - together, lets help to make Clowne a brighter place. For further details contact Brenda Gauntley on 01246 811980 or Greg Lindley on 01246 812035. Alternatively make contact through the CCA web site at giving your details and a good description of the location of your preferred site.