Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 28th Sep 2011
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies

Brenda Gauntley, Elizabeth Clarke, Hilary Wignell, Jean Metcalfe, Bryan Betts, Joyce Betts

Attendance was 60 people.

Greg Lindley introduced the background.
Waystone Development proposals are one of a number of property development proposals around the village. Some years ago Bolsover Council put development options out for consultation but that process was too open and gave no firm conclusions.
Ideas for a “Strategic “ location for concentrated development to the north of Clowne have been part of the forward plan development options.
Bolsover Planning Committee in November 20101 decided that a Strategic development was not the preferred plan.
Background changes in Planning policy and housing projections have led to uncertainty and delay in preparing forward plans. The housing target number for Bolsover as a whole has been reduced from 4,000 to 3,000 for instance.
Bolsover Council expect to consult on their plans next year and have them in place by 2013.
Govt. have recently been saying that development is the most overriding factor and that local areas can set their own forward plans. But clearly there are lots of other policy issues that may be regarded as just as important as development such as agricultural land protection and the environment. How local communities are able to marshall the correct resources to prepare their own local plans is uncertain. The National Trust currently have a petition against these proposed changes to National Policy Planning Framework.
The Community Association does not have a view on this currently and people were asked to be polite and calm in the management of the meeting with a review at the end.

  1.  Clowne Tomorrow

Waystone Development Proposals
Stuart McLoughlin MD
Steve Watkin
The idea for this started in 2004 as an outline proposal.
Planning policy changes have happened over that time and many changes to the development proposals over the period since then.
The idea for a Strategic development site was put into the EIP- Examination in Public preparation for Bolsover Council’s Forward Plan preparation.
Stuart explained that this was the latest plan.
Bolsover Council have concerns over a number of issues eg Connectivity with the town and housing numbers.
The development is a Joint Venture between Waystone and Sitwell Estates who are major landowners.
There is a need for consultation in Bolsovers’ mind. The plan has therefore expanded beyond the original “red line” boundary drawn around the initial proposals from some years ago.
The current proposal is for mixed use including houses and jobs and including provision for evolving need for healthcare, education etc. Land is allocated for potential developments and the key issues of connectivity into the town are dealt with eg Creswell Road connection and Station Road link. The existing industrial estate at the old Meridian site / Station Road will be relocated to allow the plan. They are looking at connectivity for both vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists. Waystone want it to be a large strategic site. This is to be able to fund the necessary public realm benefits etc. They are looking for the future and this plan could be 10 to 15 years in the build period.
Why a Strategic Site?- well the presumption is in favour of development and allows public realm support to be funded. A high quality environment is planned – this is not seen as “shed” development but rather hybrid hi-tech and offices development, plus the houses proposed as well. They aim to create a stronger gateway into Clowne. Waystone have already talked to the employers on Station Road and are looking at their relocation and expansion. Then new commercial and residential development will take place on these sites. The move will also allow 3 businesses to expand as they are already needing new sites.
On ecology Waystone have looked at the pathways and the woodland to protect and to build in new routes.
Why Clowne?
Some time ago Bolsover had a plan for growth in Clowne.
Nationally there is a need for an additional 4 million new houses- there is huge demand. By 2014/15 the hope is that there will be improved capacity for people to buy houses.
The plan is deliverable- Waystone have already arrangements with landowners in place.
Links to the M1 will be improved – the motorway is a real driver for growth.
The need for housing in this area exists. Without new jobs then young people will move away. Waystone want to provide these jobs locally. Critical mass will allow Waystone to offer the benefits to public realm through Planning section 106 agreements.
The Draft Core Strategy is under preparation. Waystone say this needs to be a strategic site.
The Examination in Public will be tested by a public Inspector. Before the plan adoption a planning application that is “premature” is not helpful. So Waystone want the Strategic site included in the plan.
Waystone need consultation feedback. What benefits the community? And what doesn’t?
What are the specific points / issues that the community want. What Challenges and Issues do the community see. There are still existing brownfield sites for housing already available – but Waystone look beyond that to 2013/14 and onwards.
The plans include:
Affordable Homes
Environmental improvements
Investment in the town centre
Reduces leakage of money out of Clowne
Don’t expect planning to be resolved before 2013/14.
There could be early enabling development work beforehand if support is there.
Then 10-20 years development build-out
Say 30 to 70 units per year.
In that time there will be development pressures eg schools capacity. If there is a need for more school places then the developer can contribute.
Delivering the Vision
Key infrastructure would be built first
Plan and consultation feedback will contribute to taking this to the next stage of the planning process.
They will have to adapt to market needs. Strategic site designation will allow adaptability to changes over the build time period.

A Question and Answer session then followed:
Q. Which historic buildings will be demolished? eg Station Road
A. Potential route for linking to the town centre is shown on the plan- a way of improving the bridge – Waystone are Not proposing demolition- the community will decide.
Will create more traffic and so need a solution in place before the plans are complete.
Q. A resident comente dthat they would be opposite a new  pub location
How is this being put to Bolsover
The proposed new road cuts through the wood
Motorway link is brining traffic on this road
Head of Dam wall will be at risk
The water plane takes the outfall from the dam
Are Waystone working with Bolsover or are they outside this?

  1. Waystone have been in discussion with Bolsover

Were Waystone asked to deal with the connectivity into town issues or has it been added?- and how does it damage the existing footpath routes?
Q. Will deliver all this extra traffic  into Clowne centre and nowhere for it to Go?
A. Suggested solution to Derbyshire CC to junction improvements and have Scott Wilson Engineers advising them.
Junction improvements on Creswell Rd are planned.
Dam is not seen as a problem - this will be controlled under the Reservoirs Act.
Q. There was a hole in the dam wall some 4 years ago
There is a dam inspection this next Monday.

Q. Stream through the wood – there are springs all over the area and the spring has never dried up so this would be an issue.- would be concerned about the impact on the water courses.
A. Won’t interfere with the aquifer.
Q. Would put road in and would relocate Station Road businesses and provide 1,000 jobs over 20 years. But Markham Vale development area is just 5 miles away. There are empty spaces there. June 23rd 2010 feature in Derbyshire Times promised 5,000 jobs to be created. But up to June 2010 only 27 new jobs were actually created. Concern is our Heritage and what would be destroyed and the farmland quality that would be lost.
A. Every industrial estate in the country has a degree of turnover or churn as  companies move on
Glasshoughton for example  produced 3, 800 jobs.
Barlborough Links has produced 2,200 jobs ( it was 2,800 ) plus 420 new homes.

Q. Mr F Knight issued an independent  leaflet on 16th for the Waystone presentation at the Community Centre. This was fairly inflammatory and had a series of incorrect statements.
A. The notes issued by this person are not correct
Comments were about the cost of roads and affordable housing and how they are paid for. At the moment there are no prison/hospital plans included in the current Clowne Tomorrow proposals.
Q. Issues are
1.Road Island at the southern end of the new link road shown are impossible. This would require demolition of properties that is unstated by the plans and is unresolved and simply left to others?
2. C1/C2/C3/C4- the community facilities should be in the village envelope
C1-  healthcare and recreation.
Q. Rumour of a psychiatric hospital as was previously planned at Barlborough – will this be added here?

  1. Waystone have no plans for a hospital and this is incorrect. The layout can be redesigned and can be amended at the detail stage to take account of these comments.

Q. If the plans are rejected by Bolsover what next? Will Waystone go to the Secretary of State?
A. Waystone will need to judge whether it is worthwhile. If they feel that an overrule was false then they may contest it. It would take 2 to 3 years.
Q. Barlborough Links is a good development. But it was on poor quality land reclaimed from former colliery workings and opencasting. This proposal is not the same here. At Clowne this is on good quality agricultural land that we cannot afford to lose.
Q. Water run off?-where does it go to?
A. A Drainage study would be needed and balancing capacity to attenuate flow would be needed- balancing lakes would be put in.
Q. Relocation of units? Has it been considered to put them at Markham Vale where there is spare capacity?
A. Waystone can only offer relocation on their own land. Plus Markham Vale is largely sheds.
Q. No money is available to widen Station Road bridge in the public sector – how is this thought out?
A. Waystone may have to contribute to it.
Q. Can’t see the logic of the plan.
L1 should have been industry – nearer the motorway with housing nearer town centre.

  1. L1 is Green belt land and so was avoided for industry proposals..

Q. Education capacity is already oversubscribed. Intake rate is set to rise in the future already. Will new education space be built first to provide capacity?
A. Studies will take account of the demand expected. If capacity change is needed then developer will be made to pay- as with other aspects on the new development eg:-Pressure on sewage works. Q. Pressure on flood plain- there is insufficient capacity in the system- it all goes to Creswell.
A. This is largely because we have an old combined sewage system at Clowne. At Barlborough Waystone built a separate system and then linked Barlborough into the Poolsbrook waste system. Separated out sewage and surface water. Waystone may have to do that here at Clowne. The Environment Agency will ensure that they don’t make it worse.


It was agreed that for the next Community Association meeting in November there will be a discussion of the issues raised here. If anyone wishes to prepare any written notes then these will aid discussion at the meeting.
Stuart asked if people would also consider adding comments to the Clowne Tomorrow web site.

3. Main Association Meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting of 20 June 2011 were accepted as correct.
Matters Arising
No progress is noted on the suggested closing of the footpath link from Chestnut Drive. Residents have tried to ask the Parish Council to get one of the footpath cut through points to Tesco closed but have had no reaction.
At the Monday night Parish meeting there is an agenda item.
Mobile speed cameras item is an ongoing discussion item – there are tests being done. The Boughton Lane and Barlborough Road route is a blackspot and is understood to be being looked at.
CCTV cameras are not working at present – they have been cut off for the last 3 months. Speed cameras issue can be brought up at the Parish Council.
The gate on the car park alongside the Nags Head pub has been damaged. This has been reported and Bolsover DC say that they will repair it.
It is understood that the Parish Council have not yet co-opted a new Councillor replacement.

4 . Police Items

Unfortunately the Police/ PCSO have had to leave the meeting at the break due to a call but have left the following items. 

The next Police Surgery is on 29 October 10-12 at the Library
On 9th October Smartwater kits are available at Tesco 9:30am  till 4pm

    The latest Police priority is recreation Close and ASB.

5. Chairs Report
Remembrance Day- the Community Assoc wreath will be laid by Mr Metcalfe.
Gritting- the bill has been cut to £1 million and 2 snow ploughs are to be sold off. Cllr Anne Western is organising petition against the cuts. This is also available on-line. Consultation finishes 2nd week of October. A resident commented that the route Priority system can work and local private people can help if they have the equipment.

6. Clowne in Bloom - Well Dressing was much appreciated this year and raised £171 this year and thanks to everyone who donated.
 A planting day is scheduled for Sat 15 Oct – all are welcome to help?
John Hinds from Landmarks Trust spoke about discussion with the Parish Council about tidying up the small piece of land next to the Cenotaph (outside the Aldi fence line.) This is with Clowne in Bloom support who have put in bulbs and plants here before.

7. Fire Station Open Day
The Community association are attending the open day on 5th November celebrating 50 years of the Fire Station.
10 till 2pm fund raising event - people are encouraged to attend.

8. Next Meeting
Main meeting 23 November 2011

NOTE This will be the AGM and anyone interested in Committee or other positions should nominate – contact Chairman.


Note  Barlborough residents attended the September meeting because of the Waystone item – anyone is welcome to attend but it was pointed out that if  a vote were to be held that only Clowne residents have voting rights.