Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 24th July 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Pat Thorpe Final minutes

Apologies:    G Lindley, S. Hursthouse, I. Clarke

Attendance: 30 people

  1. PCSO (for the sake of continuity, the presentation by Richard Haigh is placed next in        

                   the Minutes as it was interrupted after it began by the arrival of the PCSO)            
Crime Figures June 2013

Burglary non-dwelling  4  
Violence 6 (including 2 counter allegations)
Theft from motor vehicle  3  
Other theft   8 (of which 3 were of lead)
Criminal Damage 4 (1 prosecuted, 1 restorative justice)
Theft of motor vehicle 1  
Theft of pedal cycle 2  
Burglary in a dwelling 3  
Theft in a dwelling 1  
Shoplifting 1  
Total 32 (up 7 from May)

Next Police Surgery – Saturday, 27th July 11.00 – 12.00am - Methodist Church Hall.
Nuisance motor bike riders are still a priority.

The PCSO circulated some copies of a presentation that had been drawn up by Clowne and Barlborough SNT to give Inspector Frank Burns at Bolsover an overview of their work. It listed previous and current priorities, the falling crime figures for Clowne over the last three years, future issues including new development, intelligence gathering groups and SNT duties. Residents are free to contact the PCSO about the contents of the presentation.

A Question and Answer/issue-raising session followed with the PCSO:

Are people reporting lead theft?                     New regulations make it more difficult to
                                                                       offload scrap.

A Worksop yard is offering cash for scrap.    Documentation and ID have to be
                                                                       provided. The rules for the Notts 
                                                                       Force might be different from Derbys.

What are the ANPR signs for?                                    To check that vehicles are insured etc.

According to the news today, the suggestion
is that ANPR signs are illegal.                                    Unaware.


People are still urinating on Mill Street.       Tickets can be issued for littering but
                                                                      difficult to do after the event. People
                                                                      need to ring police at the time.

What about boy racers in Tesco car park?    Dealt with one earlier. PCSO must
                                                                    see the offence or can’t act.    
                                                                   Registrations needed.

How many tickets did the traffic warden issue?      Unknown.

Is it possible to stop the parking outside
Late Shopper to make it easier for buggies/
wheelchairs? Ridiculous when can’t get along path.
DCC/BDC not acting, leaving it to SNT despite
being a priority with Police Commissioner.             Sometimes down to funding.

What about dog fouling down the Stumps?            Understood that cameras were going up. Officers with cameras around.

It’s technically wrong to park on causeway.            
Should lead to a fine. Needs making black                         Still a grey area. Each situation
and white.                                                                       needs to be assessed at the time.

People park fully on paths at school run time.         People are being advised not to. Registration numbers are being taken.

Youths are cutting down trees on John Street          The public must ring the offence in
and setting fire to them. Cans and bottles about.    at the time. Give dates and times.

Is it better on a Saturday morning between the        Reminder that the Force is on Twitter.
PCSO and public?                                                        

Allan asked the PCSO for contact details for Inspector Frank Burns so that he could
talk to him. Allan also reminded people that the Police Commissioner, Alan Charles, is
coming to the September meeting and Allan would pass on to him the feedback.

3. Presentation

Richard Haigh (Trainee Community Organiser for the Clowne area concentrating on Clowne
                         North, former Tesco Community Champion).

The Government is supporting 500 Community Organisers. Their job is to engage the community by knocking on doors over the coming year to ask local residents about their likes, concerns, needs and vision for the area to make it a better place for everyone.

Allan mentioned the need for a low-level bridge on Barton Street to provide a safe route for schoolchildren.

The CCA has now been told it is fly-posting. Money will be made available for a notice board.

Richard Haigh was asked how he dovetails with local councillors. He said he was supposed to be aloof and his job was to make sure the community is heard. Allan added that there should be no politics in village life.

Richard Haigh was asked if he was doing the Council’s job as we didn’t yet have a Neighbourhood Plan. Allan pointed out that the Chair of the Council said we need to get together to make Clowne a better place. Allan would bring this up with the Parish Council.

Richard Haigh was asked about his organisation’s lack of conscience re distribution centres, moving on after three years, not paying tax, people losing jobs. He pointed out that he did not work for Tesco any more.

The bus petition was talked about and lack of a direct bus service to the hospital. Allan pointed out that Cllr Anne Western knew about it and it was in the system. It needed to be given more time. The infrequency and timetabling of buses meant that bus passes could not be used for early hospital appointments. It was suggested that bus passes should be usable at all times.

4. Minutes from previous meeting on 15th May 2013

Accepted as correct.
Matters arising:

  1. The issue of the footpath on Church Street was raised – vehicles were parking fully on the path; DCC had passed it; DCC had recommended that the shrubbery be taken out.  Allan had been in touch with Bellway to ask them to come and explain the discrepancy between what they said and the reality on the ground.
  1. It was pointed out that the work on the speed bumps on Ringer Lane had yet to be completed.
  1. It was explained that the Hollin Hill application was for wind turbines.
  1. The CCTV cameras were up and being tested. They were sited for the best benefit for Clowne. Three were being moved from their original locations and others were staying more or less where they were. They will be monitored by BDC. The Parish Council have put money into this project. The Skateboard Park camera is not working.
  1. An update was given on the passing of the Ben Bailey Application to build 149 houses on Mansfield Road. After a request from the developer, the Highways Agency had sent its approval to BDC for the delayed building of the mini-roundabout at the Angel junction until 20 houses had been built. At the rate set by BDC of 15 houses in the first three years, the roundabout could be years away. If the developer can’t sell and renegotiates the condition with BDC, it is possible that the roundabout might never happen. No contribution will be made to healthcare costs because of the PCT’s lack of clarity (despite the long waits being endured for routine tests). At the Full Council Meeting, Cllr Reid spoke against the proposal citing traffic as a major issue. Cllr Connerton spoke about the confusion over land ownership of the proposed footpaths in the Town Park. The vote was 23/8ish in favour of granting permission.

Mention was made of the Damsbrook Farm wind turbine application and the petition group’s wish to include protection of the limestone ridge area in the new Local Plan. One of the councillors said this was already covered in LP23.

5. Any Other Business

a. It was reported that the Roseland Wood wind turbine application had been rejected 11/4.

b. The building of 800 houses on Rotherham Road (from the SNT presentation) was
    questioned. It was thought this was out-of-date information.

c. Mrs Faulkener of Woodside Stables has a solicitor’s agreement with Ackroyd & Abbott to     
    sell 1.6 hectares of land on the understanding that A&A are granted planning permission
    for housing.

d. The scaffolding around the Mining Institute on the Bellway site is to enable work to
    properly secure the building after neglect had given rise to £30,000 of damage.

e. It was pointed out that DCC had now taken on the old railway lines from Network Rail
    provided that they maintain the bridges.

f. A member asked if there had been any volunteers to check for speeding cars in the
    community. It was pointed out that the new inspector would need to be asked if the
    scheme would be continuing.

6. The raffle raised £27.00, drinks raised £17.65. There was a £5.00 raffle donation.
    Thank you to all members for their contributions.

7. Next Meetings: September 18th, November 20th  
    It was agreed that future meetings would simply be listed rather than being notified by   
    invitation to save money on duplicating costs (£15.00 went on today’s duplicating).

    Next committee meetings: September 4th, November 6th