Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 23rd Nov 2011
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies  Hilary Wignell, Mrs B Temprell, Richard Seston, Anne Whysall, Terry Cartwright, Andy Thomas, Joyce Hindley

Attendance was 34 people.

2 Presentations were made

2.  Police Community Support- PCSO Suzanne Sloane


The Police monthly surgery is this Saturday 26th from 10-12 at The Library
The next 3 monthly Panel meeting to decide local priority Profiles is on Tuesday 20 December at 6pm at the Community Centre
Current priorities are: Anti Social Behaviour and criminal Damage Recreation Close .
And vehicles on Tesco and Aldi – young drivers causing nuisance.
Smartwater is now with the Police for distribution and they are trying to get this out as quickly as possible.
The next distribution is 30 November 9am at Ashley Green area and they will be doing door knocking and contacting victims of crime.
People need ID with a photo and utility bills.
Then Thursday 8 December 9-12 they will cover Gray Street , Mitchell Street and Neale Street and 1pm-3pm Harlesthorpe/Hickinwood area.
Please pass on the message to people to ask for the kits – they can do late night contacts.
Ringmaster – community messaging – forms are available for people to fill in and be put on a text/ email or phone service. Police would like as many registrations as possible.
The new 101 number is for non- emergency Police contacts.
Question and Answer session followed:
Q. Is anything being done to control rag and bone people.
A. Police do keep a database of people and where they are operating- Op Liberal is the contact name
Q. Any increase in ASB since the cameras have been switched off
A. No obvious pattern but the loss of the camera surveillance is a hindrance to monitoring incidents.
Q. Smartwater – what percentage coverage is there
A. A very small percentage of the community is covered at present but they hope to improve it.
In other villages there has been a marked reduction in crime noticeable after the introduction of Smartwater.
PCSO Sloane was thanked for her presentation.

3. Clowne College- Principal Rob Kay


The campus was built 6 years ago.
As Clowne College declined Chesterfield College agreed to take it over as long as the Learning and Skills Council supported it.
The new campus was planned to replace the Old College and serve local young people.
But they have found it has not reflected their expectations. Students find the campus very safe and useable but many students have preferred to locate at Chesterfield.
The College lose around £750,000 on running Clowne Campus annually.
There have been cut backs. The College is run as a private business  and they have lost £2.5 million funding in this last year and expect to lose a further £3million this next year.
Chesterfield College have reviewed the operation of their campus.
The Clowne College site was advertised for sale on a restricted list to test interest. This coincided with Bolsover Council plans to vacate their Bolsover main offices site.
They have reached agreement with Bolsover DC over a potential sale of the Clowne College site to them. Bolsover Council will get sufficient office space, plus car parking and leisure facilities. A sticking point is that the SFA –Skills Funding Agency ( replacement for LSC) must agree.
The College have put a case to SFA and are awaiting their response. They expect them to say that they have to re-invest the money raised from the sale in Education in Chesterfield.
Recently the College met the SFA and are still awaiting a decision along with the question of building investment in Chesterfield which they hope to hear by 6/7 Dec.
The College is to continue at Clowne this academic year – till June 2011 and need time to replace facilities at Chesterfield campus – especially sports.
Part of the agreement with Bolsover is that Next academic year they can still use the sports facilities and workshops at Clowne campus.
Question and Answer session followed:
Q. Mr Kay said that they are clos eto a deal but the Planning application for Change of Use has already been submitted by Bolsover.
A. Bolsover has submitted on proviso to ensure that they are in readiness.
Q. Are the SFA waiting this decision.
A. No - But if its negative Chesterfield College would still need to deal with the losses at the Clowne College site.
Q. Why was the site not advertised publicly, AND  why is there no public education provision at the new college site.
A. The advertisement was done on this restricted way after taking legal advice. It was done to a restricted audience and so as not to panic people. This has been explained to the SFA.
On Adult provision the top floor was designated as the 6th Form centre but schools have taken up their own 6th form provision and so there is no student demand for this space.
Adult education funding was scrapped by the Govt. So all adult courses would now need to be at full cost.
Q. Why not link in with Derbyshire County Council who run adult education courses everywhere - except Clowne.
Q. Heritage have no sixth form
A. Mr Kay believes that they want one at Heritage – but it rests with the Governors of Heritage.
Q. Need to get our County Councillor Anne Western to lobby for a 6th Form in Clowne.
Q. Change of Use application – will Bolsover keep the gym available for public use.
A. Believe that Bolsover want to keep this available for community use. Currently the Sports people at Bolsover DC are based at Doe Lea. Understand that they hope for a swimming pool as well.
Q. Note  It is understood that this is already causing conflict in District Councils over the Leisure issues and the risk of closure of centres at Shirebrook etc.
 Mr Kay was thanked for his presentation and time when he has pressing family issues.

4. Main Association Meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting of 28 September 2011 were accepted as correct.
Matters Arising
Nothing further has been received from Waystone
Bellway Homes / Church St site - the Govt.  have just announced £400m allocation to kick start new homes development on brownfield sites – can Bellway access some for this location?



  1. Chairs Report

Community Association funding has reduced significantly over this last year and there is a need to tighten our belts and look at not posting out invites and to consider donations or charging for tea and coffee at meetings.
The meeting agreed to operate a Donations approach for refreshments.
Remembrance Day- the Community Assoc wreath was laid by Mr Metcalfe and our thanks were expressed to him.
The display of photos at Heywood Estate Agents and tea and coffee was well received and they hope to expand this in future years.
CCTV cameras have not worked since January this year. Cllr Murray Carr has said at a previous Clowne Association meeting that Clowne would be wireless within 3 months. But it will now be between 3 and 6 months more before they are operating again. This has been mentioned to traffic wardens. It needs substantial lobbying to get the CCTV cameras back working. An Open tender process has been needed for the camera operation and this will add 3 months to the process. Why the cameras were decommissioned before the new system was in place is the question.
Invite Cllr Murray Carr to answer this.
Smartwater- The Police are trying hard to hand out the kit but people are not taking it up. It can also be collected from Councillors Saturday surgery if people bring their photo ID and utility bill proof.
Allan Bailey will contact Don Spencer-Heritage School and Cllr Anne Western on 6th form.
Meeting Dates for 2012 were announced- see below.
A letter of thanks was proposed to go to the Fire station to Glynn for the Open day which raised £30 for the Association.

2. Heritage School Announcement

David Hindley explained that fund raising events in December were
Heritage Christmas Carol Concert 8 December £1
Heritage Christmas Lunch 14 December £3
Also Raffle Tickets available for sale.

3. Clowne History Society (not part of the Assoc.)

The Display Cabinet at college is looking good and people are welcome to go and view it. Thanks go to Gerald Pears for his contributions.
Next Cabinet is planned at Medical Centre- any items to put on display would be appreciated – especially anything with medical connection.
Chapel Sept 1976 Centenary souvenir pamphlet includes a reference to a Mr Rudd and James Rudd is ex PM of Australia and Chair has been in touch.

4. Waystone – Clowne Tomorrow

As a follow up to the September meeting item a note was circulated listing the main issues raised through the Q and A session. After discussion it was agreed that we should not declare a position on the proposals beyond the questions that had already been raised. The main feeling was against the proposals.
At the last Parish Council meeting a straw poll was held but the results were not reported.

5.  Next Meetings -  for 2012

Main meetings - Wednesday at 7pm
18 January 2012                 18 July 2012
                      21 March 2012                     19 September 2012
                      23 May 2012                         21 November 2012 ( and AGM )
The Raffle raised £24 and Donations for drinks raised £15.15- thanks to everyone.