Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 23rd May 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies  Mr Clarke, Betty Temprell, Terry Richardson, Terry Cartwright, Andy Thomas, Gillian Breffit, Archie Crookston, Hilary Wignell.

Attendance was 26 people.
2 Presentations were made

 2. PCSO- Suzanne Sloane

And Jason - new Beat bobby for Clowne and Barlborough
          Crime figures for April 12 are:

Drugs Offences 3 Violence 5
Burglary 2 Shoplifting 3
Other Thefts 4 Theft of Motor 2
Criminal damage  2    

  TOTAL for the month 21  -  up  5 from March figs
No major change from March.
Recent drugs warrant executed and small cannabis seizure and prosecution. There are other similar actions in progress.
Feed back from the community is vital.
The next police surgery is on Saturday 26th – 10-12 any issues please bring them – at the Methodist Hall.
Next Police Panel meeting is to discuss the next 3 months priorities.
Friday June 22nd 6-7pm at Community Centre. The time is set by when Police staff are available.
Current priorities are Anti-social behaviour and Dog fouling on The Stumps path.

A Question and answer session followed:
Q.CCTV not working  -  is this an issue for the Police?
A. Police are still pressing for it. Shopwatch is operating but waiting for CCTV to be back in action.
Q. Mr Metcalfe- On Mill close on Tues/Wed 1st and 2nd May there were thefts of materials from gardens- any action or response?
A. Officers should keep people informed- PC will check and get back to resident.
Q. What is the comparison of numbers of incidents between this year compared to last year?
A. It is going down every year- about halved. Information is available on the internet –
            Put in search – “My local crime figures.”
Q. Violent crimes noted last month- what type?
A. About half were domestic and half were street violence.
Q. Mill Street parking  - people are parking on pavements and wheelchair crossing points?
A. It is with Derbyshire CC to enforce the rules- not with the Police. Police will still deal with blockages though.
          Q. The Stumps and the ongoing dog fouling problem what action is being taken.
          A. The Police will do joint patrols. They are considering cameras to try to catch people    committing offences.

          RING 101 with anything that is not right or is a concern.

          3. Roseland Community Wind Farm

John Hudson and Paul Davies
JH is with LEO- Local Enterprise programme and Windfarm company and PD is with Clowne Enterprise.
The wind farm proposal came out of the local enterprise companies. This is a social enterprise and is community owned with the potential for 25 years of income generation. The site is south of Bolsover at Scarcliffe - on the left hand side of the road towards Houghton near the wood area. They have worked on it for 2 and a half years and have spent around £450,000. The wind farm turbines will be 125m high with 6 turbines.
A Planning application has been submitted. The size is the same as those at Rainworth and larger than the three near Harthill to the north of Clowne. This is seen as green community based income generation. They expect that £750,000 per annum will be raised for the next 25 years – after paying off the outgoings.
The cost is around £19-20 million with each turbine being a £3m cost. They have bank indications of funds available. A community interest company is set up with ownership locked into the company. The land is leased from Chatsworth Estates company who will support the proposal.
The CVP are involved as part of the Bolsover Energy Trust.
The money will go into the community interest company and then 60% into CVP (around £4-500,000 per annum) to distribute to Bolsover communities. There will be 16 Parish representatives in the decision making of how these funds will be distributed.
2 test masts have been used to get 18-20 months of wind data to inform the power generation assumptions. They have done surveys and tests and community consultations and from these an indication of what spending on community development is likely to flow.
See web site
This contains a report on funding.
There are people who disagree with the proposal and the wind farm group have met with people opposing it eg. the Palterton opposition group. The Trust seek to make sure that these views are represented even if they disagree.

A Question and answer session followed:
Q. Will the power generated supply local homes with cheap power?
A. No - each turbine will supply enough electric for around 6,000 homes, but the power will be sold to the grid.
            A community member commented that they would prefer cheaper electricity. Other options could be explored. Could seek to draw down other grants to expand similar energy generation.
Q. How safe are the turbines – given the recent experience where one in Scotland sheared off in the high winds?
A. Not aware of anyone being injured by such an installation.
Q. How far away is the nearest property to the proposal site?
A. 650 metres
Q. If one did come down this is very close and less than advisory distances ?
A. There are a range of regulations about distances to cover things like topple heights etc., eg electricity pylons,  that have to be complied with.
Q. Understood that 10 times the height was recommended eg Scotland recommend a 2km buffer?
A. Not aware of this. As this is in England this does not apply.
Q. Who is subsidising the initial spend?
             The price of power is set by Government and so we are all subsidising it.
A. The Trust feel that community owned is better than a private sector led proposal.
Q. Who decides how the money raised will be allocated?
A. Bolsover Council will have no influence. The 16 independent Parish representatives will
decide how the money is to be distributed. Procedures and policies are set out and
safeguarded. People who are closest to the site should gain most is an argument to be
Q. After the first 25 year period who stands the operating bills?
A. Roseland Trust are to have a bond in place to cover any future removal and restitution
Q. What other potential schemes are there?
A. Leo will look to invest in more enterprises. Other developments could come out of this
initial one eg hydro for instance. The money is locked in for community benefit and projections
are conservative at present but variable.
Q. The history of the area is mining villages and environmental damage – we need to look to
 the future but this does feel like another blot on the landscape?
A. It is for the community to decide. Some people think they are attractive and others don’t.
There will be a decision by Planning.
Q. What employment opportunities are created?
A. There will be a few employment opportunities in the construction phase through the supply
chain of the main contract. But nothing real ongoing- some maintenance jobs. They will seek
apprenticeships locally as a stated aim. Funds distribution is though the CVP and so they will
have staff but it is for the community to sign it off.
Q. Site security and cable theft- both Harthill and Rainworth have suffered thefts?
A. It is a top priority and it is a worry.
Q. What other examples of this are there?
A. This will be the largest community owned wind farm. There are many private wind
generation farms eg the recent Danish company 73 wind turbine proposal. Cheap electricity
was an anticipation . But most others are privately funded and the profits go back to the
private investors. At least with this plan the community will benefit from the profits.

4. Minutes from the previous meeting of 21 March 2012

Accepted with No Matters Arising

5. Chairs Report

    Dog Fouling – The Stumps- this is not just a dog fouling problem as there have been 4 occasions of human waste being deposited on the path area. The Parish council are to buy some staff hours of time for patrolling dog fouling from Bolsover DC. They hope people will be prosecuted if they are found causing fouling. A small number of people are spoiling it for the community as a whole.
    Recreation Park- this is to be fenced off. A Planning application has been submitted to stop the dog fouling problems. The Worksop Guardian have interviewed Allan Bailey as a Parish Councillor representative. The football pitch has to be cleared of dog mess before play can start. There will be notices and people with dogs will be asked to leave. North Road footpath is   also a problem. It shouldn’t be necessary to pay extra as we already pay Bolsover DC through our rates. Stopping people going on Recreation field will risk them going onto other areas around the Community Centre and childrens playground. Gates will be locked and those using the field will have access. The cost of the fencing is about £6,500.
    Allan has been chasing the issue for 18 months now. Cllr Murray Carr is talking about the change over to wireless cameras. Mrs Blackwell raised this with Cllr Jim Smith at the Parish meeting. Civil liberties issues are arguing against cameras. There is a new Bill on 26 April this year about CCTV in the public domain. Govt are appointing a camera commissioner to set up a code of practice. Can understand Bolsover concern given this move. Bolsover will work with NE Derbyshire Council on a single contract. They hope that Clowne will remain a priority. There are problems still in the town centre on Friday and Saturday and cameras may record these. Ask Cllr Murray Carr to be asked to attend and answer community concerns.

    Old College site – Bellway Homes
    Bellway Homes had a contractor to put scaffolding up on the Miners Education building to secure it until development starts. The extra cost is £30,000 to put right the vandalism damage caused to the building. The Senior Boys school building on Church Street is being demolished now by Total Reclamation for Bellway as well as the modern College building on Rectory Road. Allan has spoken to Bellway who indicate that the site is more likely to move in the next     few months but no start date is yet fixed- they will come and speak to us at the right time.   Church Street road alignment has not been altered but 2 parking spaces are allocated to each new property and there will be a1 metre wide shrubbery area. The section 106 Public benefit agreement under the Planning approval has been amended downwards.
    New College site
    This has been sold to Bolsover council. The Clowne History display cabinet can stay on site. At the end of the summer school term Bolsover start their building alterations and will be operative at Clowne from October. What will the traffic impact be?
    Weeds on Mill Street . A community member asked if anyone can deal with it as it is very untidy. Allan will raise the issue at the surgery with the County Councillor.
    Station Road
    A community member asked if we could bring pressure on a decision on the one way system proposal- it continues to be a difficult road particularly with the parking of vans near the garage. Allan will ask.
    Also the flooding issue on Station Road affecting the houses near the stream.
    Agreed that a letter is to be sent to the County Council.

6. Countryside Access Group

The concern over the Creswell to Heritage High school walking route. The group did walk the road and raised their concerns over the lack of bus subsidy and the increased risk to young people especially using this route to school.

7. Clowne in Bloom

Planting Day planned for first week of June – any help is very welcome- Plants being provided by Duggie Peck this year and thanks are expressed to him.
Well Dressing is set for 21 July with a fund raising event - Tea/ coffee and cream teas -planned to be held at The Methodist Chapel that day – as many as possible are welcome.

8.Clowne History group

Derbyshire History event planned in September 29th at the Salvation Army Hall. The display in the Springs Clinic is looking good and the contents will be rotated with new items. They have 2 more display cabinets planned.

9. Fund Raising- for Community Association

Any ideas are welcome ? - and a stall will be taken at the Clowne Gala on 15 Sept to raise funds.

10. Other business

Mr Metcalfe has grown vegetables on a plot of land near Dale Nursery but this is now available if it is useful to the CIB group to grow plants?

11.  Next Meetings -  for 2012

Main meetings - Wednesday at 7pm
            18 July 2012   ( note rearranged to 1 Aug)
                                  19 September 2012            21 November 2012 ( and AGM )

The Raffle/ Tea Donations raised £29.65 -  thanks to everyone.