Clowne Community Association

Minutes of A G M Meeting Date: 21st November 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Draft minutes

(These Draft Minutes to be confirmed at the next AGM November 2013)



Greg Lindley took over the Chair for the Chairs election item

1.      Election of Chairman
Allan Bailey was unanimously elected again as Chairman unopposed.

Allan Bailey resumed the Chair
Minutes of previous AGM 2011 -23 November 2011 were accepted.

The following were elected
3.1       Election of Secretary- Greg Lindley as minutes Secretary
3.2       Election of Treasurer- Anne Whysall as Treasurer
3.3       Election of Vice Chairman Terry Cartwright as Vice Chair
3.4       Election of Committee
Existing Committee confirmed to continue in post:
Terry Cartwright                                            Brenda Gauntley
Ken Parker                                                    Brian Betts                                                   
Margaret Gillway                                          Andy Thomas                                  
Anne Whysall                                               Greg Lindley                                                
Steven Raison

3.5 Hilary Wignell has resigned from the Committee as reported previously.

4.      Changes to Constitution
The Constitution confirmed as existing with no changes.

5.      Treasurers Report
Circulated and approved
A twelve month report for 1.4.11 to 30.3.12. was circulated together with a six month report  up to 31.9.12.
The low level of funds at the start of the period was boosted by the £500 Derbyshire Community Foundation grant plus other fund raising efforts through the year.
So a level of funds at 31 March 2012 was £851.85.
At 31.9.12. the balance had risen to £1,053.85 plus cash in hand of £155.36 – a total of £1,209.21.
In addition an award of £250 from Dobbies towards Clowne in Bloom work was supplied as in-store spend so not showing in the accounts.
Also an award of £200 grant from Yorkshire Building Society was received in October so outside the account period reported.
Two accounts are held, the Santander, as a cheque account, and the Yorks Building Society account, to cover cash deposits in the village.
It is important to continue to concentrate on fund raising efforts and any ideas from community members are welcome.

6.      Groups report back
          The two working groups have continued combined meetings in 2012.
          Clowne in Bloom
          Daffodils planted on Cliff Hill were appreciated this year in the spring and we have planted more bulbs this October ready for more show next year. The tubs around the village were planted up in Spring and then again have been renewed recently with pansies etc. for winter colour. Thanks again to Duggie Peck for help with supplying plants this year and he has offered more help next year. A red white and blue theme was followed this year. We now have some 30 tubs and troughs in place. The     Well Dressing in the week of 21 July had a Royal Jubilee and Olympics theme. Well done to everyone who made the display and who contributed to funding. Thanks to the Methodist Chapel who made space available to allow construction and who also donated the proceeds of the coffee morning on 21 July. Also to the History Group who put on a display that day and we should make more of this next year. The Gala on 15 September was well supported and thanks go to Thompsons Nursery for help with plants on sale or return. Virtually all the plants were sold on the day raising funds for the Association.
Landmarks Trust have weeded the area next to the Cenotaph and we would like to do more next year with them.
There has been no school activity this year but we hope to do more next year, including Heritage School if possible. The Demeter sculpture area was planted up. Thanks to the   Parish Council who did the hanging baskets and Cenotaph planting and the area near the Community Centre.
The autumn flower tubs have had compost renewed with the help of the Dobbies spend award. Plus a tree planting has taken place on Mill Green Way to mark the Royal Jubilee Year, in place of two trees that died. A plaque will be put in place to mark this. We hope to do more next year and work with others, for instance the Fire Station is a possible site.
Countryside Access Group
The group are seeking more volunteers to get involved. The Rangers at Derbyshire County Council have done some improvements to gates and styles on the Cliff Hill footpath (No19). More helpers will allow more action.
The group also raised a campaign and a petition against the threatened closure of the footpath through Markland Farm to the Grips. A member commented that slurry had been spread at one point to discourage walkers.
Efforts also on new footpaths eg the path around the golf course at West Lea area.
Elastic FM was suggested as a possible way to raise interest.
There are 32 footpaths in and around Clowne that the group walk and are looking to keep accessible to countryside.

Clowne History Society (not part of the Assoc.)
The History Day in November was a great success and thanks are given to the Salvation Army who hosted the day. Recently the History Society have gone on Facebook and this has had a lot of response and many photos being submitted. The Display Cabinet at the   Medical Centre has been much appreciated and two cabinets will be placed in the new Bolsover Council offices in January. Any artefacts for display please to the History Society.The group have four cabinets –so one is still to place.
It was commented that more advertising for History Day would have helped raise awareness and numbers . Allan commented that there will be another next year.
 Brenda Gauntly noted that the cabinet display at the Medical Centre will be changed to have an Old Fashioned Christmas theme- any items please to Brenda.

Other Business
A question was raised about the Remembrance Sunday and whether the photographer needed permission to take peoples photos. It was commented that it was a public            occasion so not needed.