Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 21st November 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies  Terry Cartwright, Mr & Mrs Blackwell, Steven Raison, Gillian Breffit, Richard Seston, Betty Temprell, Mrs Metcalfe, Andy Thomas, Linda Thacker, Ian and Elizabeth Clarke, Ian Boyd.Clowne Community Association 

Attendance was 34 people.
1 Presentation was made

 2. PCSO-  PC Jason Graham

         Crime Figures October- a total of 35 –down 5 from previous month

Criminal Damage 4 Shop Lifting  7
Violence  5 House Burglary 5 (1 empty property)
Theft from Motor 4 (number plates) Drugs 3
Other Theft  3 Theft of MV  2 (1 recoverd Notts)
Other Crimes 2    


          The next meeting of the Police Surgery is Sat 24 at 10-12 at Methodist Hall.
          Next Panel meeting is Mon 17 December at 6pm Community Centre.
          Derbyshire Alert Forms were issued whereby people can receive messages by e mail , phone or text on crimes or incidents . Any names/completed forms to Allan who will           pass    these on.
          The current priority is Thefts on Church Street- garden ornaments and solar lights etc.
          Question and Answer followed:-
          Q.A lot of gypsy scrap vans and potential thefts of items – a blue van has been noted recently?
          A. Police want people to let them know of anything suspicious. Please note number plates and pass on. All scrap collectors have to have a waste licence and Police are very keen to check all vehicles they come across.
          Q. Has anything been heard about number plate theft ?
          A. Not sure but people should be informed on crime outcomes – if no contact ring 101 no. and ask.
          Q. Quarterly notices were issued at Tesco etc. newsletters-are these still being issued?
          A. These should still bbe going out but reduced numbers. It is understood some stores refuse the notice boards as it they feel it doesn’t suit their corporate image?
          Q. Are the police aware of petty gang warfare on the skate park- S44 versus S43 gangs of 12-18 yr olds – spraying tags on the walls etc at skate park?
          A. Police are aware of kids on there and there has been no violence. They are aware of post codes tags but there is no real strength to this. Police do keep an eye on the skatepark area.
          Q. Mycrime - Police figures from the internet site. These showed 69 crimes in Clowne in September. Why such a large difference from the figures being reported to this meeting?
          A. These may be incidents as well as crimes whereas the figures reported to  the Association by PCSO team are crime figures only.
          Q. Community Speed Watch – the Police Are seeking community volunteers to check speeding motorists?
          A. Yes the Police are seeking volunteers to go out with the Police. Simon runs it and volunteers stand alongside the Police and monitor speeds. Letters of warning are sent out to        anyone recorded speeding – But they cannot prosecute through this initiative.

Q. A member noted that early mornings about 5:30 to 7am speeding vehicles travel along A616 at 50-60 mph?
          A. Police checks will cover accident numbers areas and where problems are reported.
          Q. Boughton Lane is also an issue?
          A. Police went out 18 months ago on Boughton Lane and no offences were recorded. Police in hi vis gear tend to slow offenders down anyway.
          Q.  The volumes of traffic on the roads in Clowne would be useful information where the peed cameras are?
          Q. What percentage of speed cameras work?
          A. It is true that not all cameras are working but no detail is issued.
          RING 101 with anything that is not right or is a concern.

          3. Future Speakers

The Clowne Community Care Farm has apologised for not being able to attend tonight.
Bellway Homes, who have a contractor working on ground works on the former College site now, have also apologised. Both speakers will be invited to a meeting next year.


5. Minutes from the previous meeting of 19th September 2012

Accepted as correct
 Matters Arising:
Wind Farm- although, as noted last time, Empirica have withdrawn the Planning application at Damsbrook Lane there have been photographers back on site and it is             believed that they    will intend to reapply for planning permission on a slightly different position. It was said that Mr Tinsley has said that they are moving the site to the back of the wood.
Eion Watts - Mr Tony Hall – any Bolsover Council meeting feedback?
and Housing – Ben Bailey meeting attendance issue
    Allan noted that Ben Bailey will come along and meet us after the Parish meeting.
    A letter has been received from RPS, the agent acting for Ben Bailey, saying that the planning application has been submitted by them to Bolsover DC once validated by Bolsover there will be a 21 day consultation period.
    Allan is chasing up the Eion Watts issue with Bolsover and a registered letter has been sent asking what restrictions Bolsover are placing on public consultation, but no reply as yet.
    A member commented that Ben Bailey met Bolsover Planning Officer on April 27, the head of Planning and Vice Chair. They met again on July 24th.They have been meeting Ben Bailey since 2009.
    Karl Oxley of Ben Bailey sent an email to all apologising for going to a public meeting out of sequence with this supposed protocol that has been spoken about.
    Since the recent National Government announcement that they expect more community involvement in planning decisions not less it seems no change is taking place at Bolsover.
    The attendance by Ben Bailey at Clowne Parish meeting is planned and this should be an open public meeting. The localism focus aims for more local ownership of planning decisions than before under the Localism Act.  It was noted that High Ash Farm proposal have put in for a 3 year renewal and this is also within the wind turbine consultation area.
Food Bank – a member suggested that a Food Bank in Clowne would be a good idea for people on low income. Tesco throw away a large amount of food daily and we could ask them for help?
    It was noted that the Salvation Army do already run their own food bank from congregation contributions. But Tesco are apparently reluctant to join. Suggested that we follow this up?
New Local Plan Consultation Bolsover DC
    It was noted that Bolsover have issued e mail notices of their intention to publish the Local Plan Strategy document for public consultation in early 2013. They are encouraging the use of an online consultation system during the formal consultation exercise and are inviting people to register with a user name and password.
    It was noted that such a system should not be seen as superseding the need for more   standard forms of consultation as extremely large documents and plans are not easy to view         on computer formats.

6. Chairs Report
Bellway Old College Site

Church Lane boundary of the site has three stone gate posts and a letter has gone to the Parish Council to ask to save them and they have asked to have them put outside the Parish House on Mill Street, including the Coop date stone. Bellway intend to save them and re-use them on the housing site somewhere. The old Miners College will be saved and re-used for housing. It was noted that in Bolsover there has been a lot of public interest in Sherwood Lodge and saving history and Bolsover have simply said sorry but we are carrying on. The feeling of the meeting was strongly that the saving of the Miners Building would be achieved.
Speakers for Next Year
    Bellway is a priority
    Derby and Lincs Air Ambulance also contacted.
    Clowne Community Care Farm
    New Police Commissioner (It was noted that when he attended a meeting in Creswell   he said that he would attend public community meetings.)
Notice Board –Allan is getting in touch with Richard Haigh, Tesco Community Champion, to ask if Tesco will help with locating a Community Notice Board somewhere on their site. It was suggested that we invite him as a Speaker.
Wilkinsons have one in store- Police notices .
Suggested that we contact Aldi as well.
Bus Services Changes
Mr Clark and Mr Burgess have been raising the issue of poor bus services in Clowne and have met with Cllr Anne Western along with Allan at Saturday surgery.
There is no hospital bus service now.
PLUS the changes to the Service 77 recently are minor with a 3 minute change, but, the effects are significant for people with bus passes wanting hospital appointments. It means that people cannot use their bus passes until the next bus at 10am, which means that they cannot get to any appointment at Royal Hospital before 11am.
When raised with Cllr Western she was not aware of the timetable changes or of their effects.
Mr Clarke particularly is campaigning to get the Calow and Royal Hospital bus service reinstated. It was noted that a 3 tonne weight limit on the Coalite bridge is partly a cause of the loss of this service. There was also a Derbyshire CC subsidy that was removed. But the 3 minute timetable change on Route 77 is significant for bus pass users. The meter on the busses will not accept cards until after 9:30am.
It was suggested, and agreed, that we should petition Stage Coach and Derbyshire CC to get the timetable reinstated. They have met the bus people and got no sensible reasoning as to why the change has been made and their understanding of the local effects.
It was also suggested that we ask to get away from the half past 9 issue for the bus passes as this would ease the problem.

The Raffle and Drinks contributions raised £41.
          The Chair thanked everyone and wished all a Merry Christmas and Good New Year.

7.  Next Meetings -  for 2013

Main meeting Dates- January 23, March 20, May 22, July 24, September 18, November 20.
          Committee Dates- January 9, March 6, May 1, July 3, September 4, November 6.