Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 21st March 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies  Mr & Mrs Clarke, Mr & Mrs Stamper.

Attendance was 30 people.
Chair noted that PCSO were to attend tonight but something must have needed them elsewhere.
A Presentation was made
  2. Royal British Legion

Paul Mulingani- County Manager Notts & Derby
          Paul explained that he sees presentations like this as a useful part of getting the message out to people and hoping that we will pass the message on to other people who may need British Legion help.
Paul spent 44 years in the service and retired as major. For RBL the external branding now comes under the banner of Poppy Support. It is for service people past and present and their  families.
Services are:
          Poppy Advice                       Poppy Call                Poppy Homes
          Poppy People                       Poppy Breaks           Poppy Travel
          Poppy Funds.
These are administered through County Welfare office for Notts and Derbyshire.
Welfare Office assistant is Sheena McWhirter.
Volunteer Carol Clarke is from Clowne.
SSAFA Forces Help is co-located with them- Tony Weaver and REFA- Regular Forces Employment Assoc.- Dave Donovan- looks for employment opportunities for ex service.

To be a beneficiary you have to have been in service for 7 days or more. Wife and partner are also eligible as well as Other children, spouses and other financially dependent people plus carers(since 2008) who have an ongoing carer responsibility. It includes widows unless re-married.
Eligibility includes Reserve and Auxiliary services and support services - any organisation that has given support to the services.
Paul then covered the detail of the services provided through Poppy Support.
Services provided free
          Benefits and Money advice
          Pensions and Compensation scheme support
          Legal claims
          Disability and statutory benefits advice
          Civil claims for compensation for negligence
          Solicitors Referral Group
          Health and well being activities advice
          Medals Advice
Plus Community Service on line
          On—line referral for servicemen-
          Employability and careers
          Grants and loans to start a business
Vocational training grants and bursary awards
New web site for veterans- as above
Be The Boss
          £5m Government funded scheme launched in 2009
          Loans to start a business administered by RBL
          In 14,000 assisted in 2009/10 and helped over £40 million in benefits advice.
          There are 53 benefits advice teams across the country.
          Plus disability advice.
 The Derbyshire Benefits Advice Team is on 01332-296299 (3 people)
          The team gained £1.4 million in benefits and awarded £350,000 grants and re-scheduled debts of £2.1million.
Immediate Needs Grants
          £1.4m per week awarded through the Poppy Fund.
          Disability wheelchairs, home adaptation, food and clothing vouchers, household equipment, property repair loans. Also grant fund other external organisations who support ex-service         personnel.
          This includes debt support, evictions, housing costs, removal costs, food and clothing, heating repairs, disability help. Replacement of household white and brown goods, respite breaks, minor repairs and maintenance, handy man service, funeral costs support.
          RBL use preferred providers to get best quality and price nationally.
Care Phones - Cirrus Communications Ltd.
          Home Alone, physically at risk, telephone connected.
          Fitted by their own staff- Poppy Calls.
Electric powered vehicles
          They will do an assessment by occupational therapist and ensure storage and insurance is covered.
Befriending service- including hospital visits
          Interest free loans for property repairs.
Womens section have their own fund raising and spending.
          Womens section allowance for over 60’s
          Welfare Breaks for 1-2 weeks including care support.
Childrens Welfare Scheme.
Presidents Award Scheme education sponsorship
Homeless and Prisoners Re-settlement
          There are 6 prisons in the Notts and Derby area.
Independent Inquest advice
          This includes legal representation and information.
Poppy Calls- handy van service is free
          Home repairs to keep people independent – 0800-0320306.
Red Welly gardening service has been operating since 2009.
          4 visits per year and horticultural workshops – contact through main number.
Poppy Travel
          For remembrance visits.
          And school visits
          6 Residential Care Homes
          And 4 Centres for holidays including care needs.
          1,000 children per year helped 12-17
          Family breaks at Haven or Park Deane centres.
          Plus the Poppy – Anderson House at Bridlington.

RBL also do Public Policy influence and campaigning with M P’s and Government.
A Question and Answer session followed and information packs were promised to be passed to the Chairman.
Mr Mulingani was thanked for the presentation.

3. Minutes from the previous meeting of 18 January 2012

Matters Arising
Dog Fouling-On Recreation Park
    Councillors were asked by Mr Clarke what the precept is for and were told by KRL Reid that it is partly to pay for fencing the recreation ground to avoid dog fouling.
    Allan believes it is to be discussed but no decision has been taken yet. It is understood that other avenues may be explored first eg. CCTV to catch whoever is causing the problem. This was spoken about at the recent Police meeting. 3 people have been fined for dog fouling offences in Clowne but the amount is not known.
    Ringer Villas dog bin is full/overflowing – this has been reported.
Old Technical College- risk of being set fire to and losing the building. This was brought up by Allan Bailey at Parish meeting. It is felt that Bellway Homes are leaving the building open and at risk so that it will be damaged beyond repair. It is understood that Bellway have been told by Bolsover DC that they must make it secure. A Notice has been served- Allan will check.
Network Rail are operating on the old rail line – what is the outcome?
    NR are taking up the old rails to scrap them and to avoid them being stolen- but there is no other long term outcome planned.
    It is understood that the Barton Street bridge will be lowered in the next year. Footpath/ cycle route is rumoured but no decision.
Station Road pot holes are a problem for scooters and cycles. Parish Council are pressing Derbyshire CC to get repairs done.
In the minutes Wind Turbine proposal is on A619 not A616.
The Minutes were passed as correct with this one change.

Derbyshire County Newspaper- Care Homes item
    Mr Burgess raised concern over the lack of Care in the Community Home provision in Clowne. A home was planned in Clowne to replace the existing Clune Street House that will be closed. But Cllr Western says that finance has stopped the replacement and that they are changing the whole of the care system. Moving more towards independent homes with a warden. But – the nearest place planned is Chesterfield, Brimington or Staveley. The alternative will be a move to the private sector where people will be asked for top-up fees.
  The concern is that the whole of North Derbyshire  is missing out- there are 3 planned in south Derbyshire – why is nothing planned in Clowne?

4. Clowne Community Association Funds

    These are depleted and we need fund raising and so we look to any members of the Association for help with this.

5. Clowne History group

    The display in the Springs Clinic is looking good. They have 2 more display cabinets planned.

6. Countryside Access Group

    Concern raised that withdrawal of the bus subsidy for school kids from Creswell and Whitwell will mean more walking along Creswell Road. Meeting at heritage School to walk the footpath to Creswell at 2:45 pm on Monday- including Councillors. It needs as many people as possible to raise the issue.

7. Clowne in Bloom

    Next meetings on 11th April and 16 May.
    Planting Day planned for end of May – any help is very welcome- Plants being provided by Duggie Peck this year.

8. Well Dressing is set for 21 July with a fund raising event - Tea/ coffee and cakes -planned to be held at The Methodist Chapel that day – as many as possible are welcome. Letters have been sent to Parish Council, local Councillors and Businesses seeking funding.

9. No other business

10. Next Meetings -  for 2012

Main meetings - Wednesday at 7pm

23 May 2012

18 July 2012

19 September 2012

21 November 2012 ( and AGM )



The Raffle/ Tea Donations raised £34 -  thanks to everyone.