Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 20th November 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1. Apologies Gillian Brefitt, Mr & Mrs Clarke, A Thomas

Attendance was 33 people.

1. PCSO Suzanne Sloane

As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.

Crime Figures for October 2013 were 29 similar to previous month but details not to hand.
There has been a spate of vehicle crimes in the last period- both theft of and theft from vehicles and number plates taken. There has been a police operation and 3 males have been arrested. Police have been monitoring others.
Of the vehicles taken in Barlborough and Clowne area police have recovered some in the SYorks and Notts areas. If people see anything out of place please report it to police. They did have an incident on Hickinwood Lane where people have called at a house offering to do work on the property. They have then come back to the house and taken a large amount of money, ransacked the house and hurt the owner and his dog.
As usual please ring 101 and report anything suspicious-eg car number plates.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.
Q and A
A person reported a large amount of materials dumped in Hickinwood Lane including electrics and this has been picked up.
Q. At Sept Parish Council meeting it was asked how many houses have been burgled since Smart water was put in?
A. These have been included in “Other house burglary” figures. Reference was made to a property owner who had used Smartwater and a person has been arrested for the crime.
The police are still handing kits out.
But people need to use it ! And put stickers up in their property advertising its use.
Q. Are the CCTV cameras working?
A. The police are told that CCTV is now live, but there are still some issues with it - best described as teething problems. Alan has spoken to Cllr Murray Carr who wants to come to a future meeting. It should not be long before these are working.
Police have issued a further warning that the Xmas rush will mean more opportunities and risks of crimes. Be wary-eg bells are available for purses to put off pickpockets. The issues about the camera locations and the Parish Council are asking for a say on where they will go in exchange for the funds they are putting in. They want another 3 cameras. Bolsover DC have not yet put their full money in. The cameras are not yet panning round, they are on fixed view at present.
Q. The front of the old school house?
A. The new Parish Council wall and rebuilding wall next to The Spar shop. They are utilising stone gate pillars from the Old School and will incorporate the former Coop stone sign and date stone. There is also a hole for a metal base for a Christmas tree.
 Q. Why is the Coop sign not being put back where it was.
A. Aldi are not wanting to do it. They will check the response - was this a written response? There are powers to keep frontages tidy and in good order.

2.  Steve Brunt Streetscene Services Manager-

 responsible for recycling in Bolsover DC and NE Derbyshire
Steve explained that he would cover the waste collection and recycling process- initially starting with how this had changed over the last few years.
Residents used to have a single 90 ltr bin emptied weekly. This was then moved on to larger bins and the new Govt Acts and directions emphasising the recycling of waste.
Blue boxes were then used for recycling. This achieved a plateau in 2009/10 with 26/7% of arising waste being recycled. Collecting 32,00 tonnes pa. and reasonably static.
8.8% of this was blue box waste (around 2,800 tonnes) and the rest garden waste.
The Council needed to do more. So they went to the market to stimulate recycling activity. Waste recycling focus was moved onto the waste provider.
Based on 1 big joint contract – with the combined Council’s approach Bolsover have 35,000 and NE Derbys have 45,000 houses – together 80,000 properties.
Now recycling is fully funded by credits from the Govt dependent on rate of recycling achieved.
The Council introduced the burgundy and green recycling bins. A 55 ltr bin has increased now to 240 ltrs. Uptake of the recycling has moved significantly with bins being full. Bolsover are recycling now 41%of waste- with real progress in the last two years.
The Council are now within the top 10 performers in the UK and one of the most improved. Property participation has moved from 42% up to 88/90%. Dry recycling is now just over 20%. The waste stream has altered:-
               Ordinary Waste in the black bins
               Dry waste in the burgundy bins
               Organic waste in the green bins.
Half of the waste has moved out of the black bins into the green bins.
The Derbyshire Times reporting of the change reported some weeks ago was in error.
Only all NEW properties will be issued with a new smaller 80ltr black bin, reflecting the change in recycling pattern by households.
Now there is effectively some 360 ltrs capacity per week between the 3 (240 ltr) different coloured bins.
The latest move is towards having food waste collection in the green bins. It has a huge impact environmentally. He expects publicity on this in May 2014 to focus on putting food waste in green bins. They hope to move some 2,000 tonnes of such waste across and so getting up to the 45% target of waste recycled by 2015. The aim then is to achieve 50% by 2020.
This winter Bolsover have suspended the green bin collections again for the winter weeks. Last year a figure of 6,742 tonnes was the green bin collection figure with only 551 tonnes in December/January/February. This is not cost effective for the collection process. Staff will be diverted to street tidying and landscape clean up.
The Council don’t make money out of recycling. They get Govt. waste recycling credits that are claimed from the County Council. The burgundy bins are fully funded through this process based on recycling achieved - but the waste contamination issue is significant with some 8% of all the material. This costs some £176 per tonne to dispose of. Waste credits are offset by waste charges for disposal.
Will do a list of publicity and promotion.

A Question and Answer Session followed
Q      Can shredded paper go in the burgundy bin?
A.      No the shredded paper gets wrapped around rollers and stops the process. It clogs the process up and so this cannot go in the burgundy bin. Also people should take all addresses off waste and put the rest of ordinary paper in.
Q.     The caddy in the bin where it has been damaged by operators on Hickinwood then it is still used – is it strong enough?
A.      People should report any damage to Bolsover DC.
Q.     Caddys tend to get damaged corners?
A.      Machines are split 30/70 by volume with a slave bin to take the paper waste. New caddys are being issued that are more robust.
Q.     In the Green bins people were told not to put food waste in?
A.      .Now you can do this- but, it needs to be clean vegetative matter. Other food waste is covered by the Animal by-products legislation eg foot and mouth risk etc. So don’t put any meat contaminated waste in the green bin.
But in May next year households will be able to put all food waste in green bins.
Q.     Isn’t there a risk of smell and decay and contamination risk?
A.      The Council will offer food waste collection at the height of the summer though the normal black bin collection times.
Q.     How will it be recycled?
A.      At present on the Sheffield /Rotherham border there is a plant that undertakes shredded and winrow composting using natural heat processes to break the waste down. From May 2014 in Arkwright there will be a vessel-composting plant that will take shredded pulverised waste and using a natural heat to encourage agents to increase the composting process. It will take around
8-10 weeks turn round time to produce compost. This output can be sold as compost to generate income of about £48-50 per tonne.
Q.     Why has no compost, or very little compost, been available this year at the Coalite recycling site?
A.      Steve offered to check on why this was.
Q.     Is the black bin waste looked at in recycling or does it get separated to take out metals etc.?
A.      Metal can be put in the burgundy bin and will be separated out. All items are sorted. Plastics are shredded and separated out. The different types of plastic- PET and HTPE- is separated out by a technical machine that is very efficient.
Q.     Is there any change to the burgundy bins eg in Chesterfield there is a combined bin and they take shredded paper?
A.      Bolsover have separated waste into the 3 bins system as achieving the most recycling. Paper is suspect to contamination- clean waste paper can be recycled otherwise it is suspect- Martins are the recycling company used.
Q.     Tetrapaks- can they be recycled?
A.      Bolsover don’t recycle these at the moment. But a facility has opened – ACE recycling, who can recycle tetrapaks. They are working with Martins to try and get them included.
Q.     New properties will have smaller black bins. Will it follow to everyone – with a concern that the 180- ltrs bin will be too small?
A.      Over a long period new houses will move to the 180 ltr size bins. The policy is that six or more people household will get the larger size bin and also people with medical disposal needs. The aim is to have bins suited to the household capacity.
Q.     The Arkwright Plant- how close is it to housing - with concern over the smell issue etc ?
A.      The facility is on the old colliery site ( about half a mile away) and is totally enclosed. It has negative air pressure to ensure there is no leakage of smells. The comparison is the Buxton plant where there are no discernable smells externally. There were some objections at planning stage.
Q.     Will one such plant be enough?
A.      The plant will have a capacity of 40,000 tonnes and it is anticipated that 30,000 tonnes pa will be its handling capacity covering Chesterfield /NE Derbys /Bolsover. Bolsover is 8.5-11,000 tonnes.
Q.     If a bin is stolen does the owner have to pay?
A.      At the moment it is a requirement for the owner to pay.
Q.     Compost will have food waste – so the compost produced will not suit vegetarians?
A.      It will be composted at C70degrees which will kill off all pathogens. It can be sold as a waste derived compost product.
Q.     There are no plans to reduce the bin size?
A.      There are a number of authorities that are charging for waste collection. Bolsover and NE Derbys have no intention to charge. The green bin is half of the recycling capacity. People who pay will put it in the black bin with a lower recycling level achieved.
Q.     Are we about to follow Coventry who have introduced fines where bins are not set out properly for collection?
A.      The Council has a duty to collect waste but, they can require householders to set out bins properly and to recycle and they can fine people who do not use the bins properly. Bolsover currently do not use the fines process.
McDonalds do cause waste But they also work to reduce it and McDonalds make real efforts to reduce the impact on the environment around their stores.
Q. May a visit to the recycling sites be organised for a few people from Cttee to see how it works so we can feed back to Association members?
A. Would ask Martins if this is possible to see how the recycling process operates.
Steve was thanked for his presentation and the information provided with community members feeling much better informed as a result.

3. Main meeting

Minutes of previous meetings were noted and accepted as correct :-
               24 July 2013
               18 September 2013
Matters Arising – It was noted that the exclusion of high strength alcohol from some local shops by shopowners has been in the news lately. Should this be a priority locally?
Bus Services Issue from July meeting:- Contact has occurred with Cllr Anne Western.
She had a meeting with the Manager for the area based in Barnsley. He didn’t know Bolsover Council had moved to Clowne nor that a major development had taken place at Markham EGZ. Following the Stagecoach and Sheffield City Council model they are to look at all the issues on the buses in N Derbyshire Service 53 runs only every 2 hours and OAP passes are not useable till the 10am bus. Cllr Western will keep us informed and there may be places on the Committee for lay representatives to contribute.

Note the Annual General Meeting was scheduled at this point but is minuted separately for clarity of the minutes.


4. Chairs Report

Community Notice Board
The Community Association have been awarded £100 from Yorkshire Bldg Society towards a Notice Board. Limestone Journeys will have grant funds available next year and have indicated positively. We have asked Bolsover DC Planning about the location on their land in front of Wilkos who said we will need to apply for Advertising approval - but we should obtain Landowners approval first. Roger Owen in the property section has been approached and after consulting Officers and Members has replied that Bolsover DC will not support an application to site a Notice Board on their land at the entrance to Wilkinsons store - on the grounds of anti-social behaviour risk and potential impact on the Well Dressing location!. Both reasons are spurious. Alan has spoken to a Councillor and both Tesco and Wilko generally objected to bench locations and the general feeling is that they don’t want anything on the site.
But Bolsover DC are accusing us of flyposting. It is suggested we should write to the Leader and Chief Exec.- send a formal letter asking about the Wilko frontage. In the meantime we will look for another site elsewhere – possibly Aldi. Suggested that we should contact Dennis Skinner MP as well.
Barlborough have 2 notice boards available.
Suggested that we should ask Heywood Estates about their property frontage on North Road. Mr Metcalfe suggested this and a site follow up to check location.
Remembrance Day Wreath – This was laid by Greg Lindley on behalf of the Association. Members commented that the 2 Minutes silence was some 10 minutes early this year before the 11am time. It was felt that this is due to the change of route of the March which did not go down the main street but simply from the Methodist Chapel direct to the Cenotaph. Allan will follow this up and ask why it was done too early?
Local Plan Strategy
We will follow up with Chris McKinnie BDC for a meeting on the next stages of detailed plan preparation.
Bellway development
Allan has spoken to the Manager and work is ongoing on the Old Miners Technical College building. Bellway say they will come back and speak to the Association.
Speakers Next Year Councillor Murray Carr has said he will come back and speak to us about CCTV and Crime. But, he will need Chief Exec authorisation and Allan will approach Bolsover. The meeting voted for an invitation to be made.
Save a Life Scheme 27 June 2014 Greg reported on an approach from Bolsover DC who are planning to run a Save a Life Training session on Friday 27 June next year and are looking for as many people as possible to join in and make a record. It is felt we should support this.

Raffle and Drinks contributions were made but not recorded in minutes.
         The Chair thanked everyone for their contributions.

4.  Next Meetings -  for 2014

Main meeting Dates to be fixed and circulated but will be generally the third Wednesday of every alternate month.