Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 20th June 2011
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies

Terry Cartwright, E White, Abigail Thurnell,  Andy Thomas, Ian Clarke, Hilary Wignell, Jean Metcalfe, Jenny Blackwell, Betty Temprell, Richard Haigh.

Attendance was 32 people.


  1.  PCSO Suzanne Fox

Suzanne offered apologies for non-attendance at the previous April meeting as all shift patterns have been changed and this has meant PCSO are not as available in evenings.
Any feed back will come via Allan Bailey.
Crime Figures May 2011
Criminal Damage 4                                   Non Dwelling burglary 3
Dwelling Burglary 2                                  Theft from Motor Vehicle 2
Theft of Motor Vehicle 2
Violence 7

New neighbourhood  priorities- monthly meetings are held  to review priorities put forward by the community- Police welcome any feedback. People are invited to attend and contribute.
Current priorities:
Anti social behaviour on Stumps – Police have put in effort and hi-vis patrols will continue
Skate park has been highlighted as an issue.
Also criminal damage to the structure – recorded on CCTV ( will cost £1.5-£2K to fix)
In Creswell Police have a dispersal order in place for a group and will monitor any transfer of the issues to local areas.
Q. CCTV coverage
A. It is quite good- monitored by Advance - Barlborough
Q. On Chestnut Drive cars are parked at school times and cause safety issues for pedestrians
Boughton Lane and North Road have both been highlighted for possible mobile cameras for speeding.
Cameras are connected to Chesterfield
But in process of moving over to Advance company
Q. Tesco car Park 10 pm evenings issues of  racing vehicles
Traffic Police are aware and will monitor and Tesco will monitor
Q. One possible solution for Cllr Bailey to consider closing Chestnut Drive through footpath
Suggest ask view of all the residents about this idea.
Q. Is the new area in front of Heritage school to be a car park for people to pick up kids
A. No it is to be a playing field.
It was suggested that a pick up and drop off point at school may help.

  1. Heritage Community School

Susie Dench Deputy Head
New School Opened 10 January 2011
29 June is the Official opening event.
The School is available for people to visit.
This is part of the Building Schools for The Future national initiative.
It is a Specialist Mathematics and Computing School
All new lap tops and computers have been put in
ICT at point of need for students is close to 1 to 1 ratio.
This is a Community School – built for the future.
Open to people to use.
The Performance hub includes a humanities and fitness suite.
Communications hub with 2 ICT suites
Discovery block with maths and sciences
Creative Block technology and CAD ( computer aided design) textile art
Central agora open area.
Planets theme with art work and sensory garden
Have raised beds for vegetables and boule petanc courts
32 CCTV coverage cameras
Graphics of images from space to inspire pupils staff and visitors.
There are 2 catering halls accommodating 250 in the main hall.
Retractable seating is installed
29 June Halle Orchestra official event
This is an intergenerational project
There will be footage of the Premiere and of the process of making the film
The school has Film clubs, brass bands, amateur dramatics, local business links
Hi-tech video production events and conferences are available.
Main hall offers break out capacity
Fitness suite has been upgraded
Dance Studio
Local groups could take advantage of computer suites.
The school has environmental control systems with automatic management of windows plus underfloor heating and air conditioning in some spaces.
The Conference room is available for meetings and has Video conferencing equipment.
Communal spaces are designed to be open and welcoming.
Toilets are very open plan and avoid anti-social activity.
Open outside covered areas for lunch or socialising.
In the social areas there are screens for information.
The school want to maintain the quality environment – chewing gum is banned for instance.
Students have volunteered to litter pick.
No smoking on site.
The school is fully carpeted which helps calmness and the  volume of noise, there is natural light and colourful furniture, lighting is automatic and responds to lack of movement.
The Learning Resource Centre has 20 computers - named  The Hive- and including video editing and graphics suite.
The buildings are managed and owned by MITIE.
New school and a new name was chosen.
Students have input to the design of a new logo, new uniform and new name.
“Together we strive to exceed expectations”
Heritage High School.
There is a system of prefects and senior prefects to monitor the school.
It presents an exceptional environment for learning.
Head teacher is Don Spencer who is passionate about the school.
01246 810259

Question. What Cost? And were any compromises made?
A. There were no significant budgeting issues and no major omissions but the design had to be adjusted to meet budget provisions.
Q.6th Form – will it be introduced?
A. At the moment no
Q. Sports?
The school has a large sports field and large tarmac multiuse area laid out with tennis courts. A lot of cricket, football, hockey, rounders and athletics and indoor sports activities.
Q. CCTV – will students being out of school be monitored.
A There is a register am and pm and every lesson electronically
The school have truancy call where the school contact parent to ask why pupils are not present.
Q. Open Day?
A. It is currently by invite only on 29th event
The school can offer an open day in the future
Message through our Association Chairman.
Student Numbers are 946 and average class size is 25-30.
This is a Community School and needs links to be developed.
Eg Well Dressing for instance
Community Education potential
The College has Learning Community courses
Eg Landmarks links and animal care and horticulture.
University links are with Derby under the Aim Higher programme.
Masters programme for staff linked to Sheffield Hallam Univ.
Conference bookings through the main school phone number
They have specific provision for educational special needs with Provision mapping register and learning support.
Suzie was thanked for her presentation and invited to return in future.

  1. Community Radio Station

Paul Davies- Clowne Enterprise
Clowne Enterprise have been supporting small business in Clowne for 7 years now.
They have worked with the school on enterprise programme including enterprise competitions (as part of the Leo project)
The Radio Station proposal  Contact is through David Lilley.
Red Road Radio at Kiveton have given advice.
A number of activities have been done at Heritage School eg 1 hour trial broadcast.
An Open Planning workshop was held on June 15th of interested parties.
Licensing for FM frequencies is not available till 2013 but they can look at “Test Frequency” status before then.
They are looking to broadcast over the internet and internally at heritage High school.
This needs to be a genuine community radio station linked to the school. It would be likely based at the school.
Discussed a Pilot 90 minute broadcast programme to go out in September and there will be promotion at the Clowne Gala in September.
It will feature 3 to 4 new businesses. Then they hope to run broadcasts once a month  - featuring local information and local performers.
Next meeting in mid to late July.
What interests you ?
What do you want to input ? What do you want to hear?
Money raising ideas
Need £10,000
Richard Haigh Tesco Community Champion was suggested as a contact
Local businesses are very interested.
Pledges are given for £300
Eg Wedding Fair are to contribute funds.
An Assoc. member ( Anthony) commented that a 28 days licence can mean that the station is let off the Performance Licence costs.

  1. Community Wind Farm- Paul Davies

Roseland Community Energy Trust

Clowne Enterprise are supporting this proposal as part of a Local Entrerprise organisation from Mansfield, Bolsover and Ashfield with the aim of creating local jobs .
Public consultation is underway.
Opportunity to invest in a community wind farm
Palterton consultation meeting held today.
It is proposed for the Roseland Woods area between Stoney Houghton and Palterton area.
This is Chatsworth Estates owned land and would be leased for 25 years.
6 Turbines are proposed.
This should generate £1 million per annum to invest in the local community.
Funding 40% through Leo ( European project funding) and 60% via CVP to allocate the rest to local projects.
Q How many houses would the wind farm power?
A. Paul will let us know

6. Main Association Meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting of 20 April 2011 were accepted as correct.

7. Chairs Report
St Georges Day Flag
A petition was submitted to the Parish and they are to buy a Flag to fly on St Georges Day on 23rd April.
The War Memorial is looking good – new flower tubs have been bought by the Parish and they hope that the plants will be watered.
History Group
A Cabinet has been put up in the College entrance.
 One will also be at the Doctors Surgery. He group are still looking for artefacts to display – please pass these on to the History group- eg any medical items?
History Group have had a banner donated from Tesco funding.
Remembrance Day
A Woods Estate Agent next to the War memorial have said that for Remembrance Day week end they will make their shop space available for the community to display Forces remembrance pictures. Any photos to display?
They will also be providing Tea and Coffee- 12-13 Nov
Skate Park
Damage has been done to the park costing £1.5- £2,000
The Parish hope to repair this damage and to prosecute those who did it.
Young people said that they would police the park themselves?
Q. Will the park be lit?
A. They are still looking at the option
Suggested placing a notice on site.

8. Clowne in Bloom - Well Dressing
This will be 18-22 July at the Chapel for construction and be put up on site in front of Wilkos on the morning of 23 July- a blessing is to take place. Anyone who wants to help please turn up at Chapel.
Shrubs- anyone who has any cast offs from their garden please let us have them.

9. A Raffle was held for fund raising.

10. Next Meeting

Main meeting 24 August 2011