Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 20th April 2011
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley


  1. Apologies

Arthur Stamper, Richard Haigh, Ian Clarke, Mrs Metcalfe
Attendance was 37 people.

 PCSO unable to attend

  1. New Burgundy Recycling Bins

Paul Gozzard Bolsover DC-Refuse Coordinator
( Paul substituting for Kath Edley – Waste Services Manager - who cannot attend at the last minute)

New bins start on 1 May
Leaflets are going out to all households.
Once the new bins arrive then stop using the old blue bins – either use these yourself for storage or garden or take them to the recycling centre.
Paul read out a list of the items that can be recycled in the new bins:
Newspapers & magazines, telephone directories, catalogues, junkmail, glossy pamphlets, white envelopes.
Card and brown envelopes, food tins and drink cans, plastic bottles, mixed glass bottles and jars, INSIDE IN CARRIER BAGS
- mixed textiles and clothes
- Small household batteries.

Ring the contact number and they will help with any queries – 01246 242424.
There is a large list of items that cannot be dealt with in the new bins -eg  Shredded paper needs to be taken to the recycling point- cannot be put in the new bins.
Plastic bottles can be – but not the coloured tops.
The system is run by a contractor to Bolsover DC
Complaint that refuse men are leaving bins once empty just anywhere not at the address they started at.
Paul advised people to register a complaint as this should not happen and Bolsover will see that this is rectified.
Complaint about Mill Yard and how  bins are not brought back.
Comment made that people with visual issues will not read the sticky labels – needs larger type face.
Q. Will collection of black bin general waste be reduced?
A.  It is being looked at as a possibility but not at the moment.
Allan to ask Bolsover DC if a visit to the recycling plant is possible to view how it works.
Q. What happens if too much paper is put in the internal box and the lid will not close?
A. Paul will check and respond.
Q. How does it pay for itself/help reduce cost?
A. Central Govt are setting the targets for local Councils to achieve and a reduction in waste to landfill is needed- with cost penalty if not achieved.
Q. What happens if people won’t cooperate?
A. Councils will monitor and may refuse in future to empty bins if residents will not recycle.

Q. Recycling point at Church St- will it remain?
A. Believe so - but not certain.

Recycling will be monitored and progress can be reported back to the community.
Currently have recycling engagement officers to encourage recycling - temporary between now and July.
Allan to ask Kath Edley if she will come to a future meeting- the meeting was disappointed that she could not attend tonight.
Information is available on the web site.
And leaflets are coming out to homes.

3. Main Association Meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting of 16 February 2011 were accepted with the note that the meeting venue error was corrected to show the Methodist Hall not Welfare.
Matters arising:
Smartwater- won’t be launched until after the next Council Parish elections as Councillors do not want to be accused of electioneering.
Yet the comment was made that the Labour manifesto states that they have done it!

On the December winter snow response Allan has spoken to Anne Western and Dennis Skinner but no answers yet.
The new large pole on High Street near The Angel pub is a Vodafone transmission pole and Planning approval has been given by Bolsover DC.
The comment was made that it was highly unlikely that such a large street item would be allowed in a similar position in the centre of Bolsover town centre.
Q. Do Bolsover DC get paid for the location of the pole in the street?
Q. Bus Services – can we get information on what new bus route to Bolsover is planned – 53? – and need new leaflets- starts May 9th.
Q.  Why has the bus stop gone on Boughton Lane?

STWA  water mains replacement work - contacted by Allan but no answer yet on what is happening where.

  1. Chairs Report

23rd April St Georges Day – National Day.
Parish flies Union Flag And Parish Flag BUT not St Georges Flag.
Parish say they don’t want to buy one – as argued that they would need to buy a similar flag for other nationalist days.
 In discussion Allan was accused of being racist simply for asking for such a flag!
Allan is to send a letter asking for a flag to be purchased by the Parish Council and will be circulating a petition
Get in touch with Allan on 819173.
Suggested that Allan write to Billy Bragg who is campaigning for St Georges Day recognition.


  1. War Memorial

Name of Gee Pemberton needs amending- it only says Gee at present and it will be rewritten.
Bellway Homes contacted by Allan – they say that they still intend to build when the time is right . 82 houses proposed and Church Street will be amended in the plans.
The culvert of the stream through the site was damaged and it is proposed to put a plateau over it and the drain. Bellway will attend a future meeting.
The Old Technical College block is not being looked after and so will be more at risk.
Blockage at the bottom of Statin Road drain commented on- where the grid is never cleared .It is believed that the tunnel under Biffa site may be blocked.

  1. Mill Green Way Traffic survey outcome ?

Allan has asked Cllr Western- response is that the survey has been completed but that they are still checking the numbers and it will be reported on in future.

  1. Speaker on Archaeology who was previously to attend last December may be at June meeting.

Invites were delivered late for the meeting and need to be out earlier – send 2nd class post.


  1. Raffle was held and raised £24 for funds- people were thanked for their donations.
  1.  Next Meeting

Committee 1st June
Main meeting 22 June 2011