Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 20th February 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
  1. Apologies  Eric Burgess, Duggie Peck, A Senior, Simon Nissenbaum

Attendance was 38 people.
2 Presentations were made

  1. PCSO-  Suzanne Sloane

          Crime Figures for January 2013 - a total of 30

Criminal Damage: 5 ( 2 arrested & charged) Shop Lifting: 8 ( 6 detected)
Violence: 6 ( 2 charges and 1 restorative justice) Theft of MV: 1
Theft from Motor: 1 House Burglary: 4
Burglary non Dwg: 1 Theft   in a Dwg: 1
Drugs: 1(arrested&charged) Other Theft: 1 purse theft
Other Offences: 1 (charged)  Breach of Order: 1(charged)

White Hart Burglary 2 arrested at the scene
The next meeting of the Police Surgery is this Sat 23 at 11-12 at Methodist Hall.
Next Panel meeting is Mon 4 March at 5:30pm Community Centre.
Police 3 month meeting to set priority for local policing - Seeking peoples feedback.
The current priority is Anti-social behaviour on Mill Street.
Question and Answer followed:-
Q. Anything else on CCTV?
A. Police are still pressing for it- they understand that extra cash is needed and that an agreement has been reached. They hope that in 3 months time it will be back up and running. Police are talking about relocating some cameras where the areas are not covered eg   Creswell Road.
          Allan will respond further later in meeting on CCTV.
          Q. Shoplifting in January was this outsiders to Clowne?
          A. We do get a lot of visitors – the stores are not always supportive of efforts to prevent   shoplifting. ANPR(automatic number plate recognition)~ is still operative and helps with cross border crime and as a crime prevention issue.
          Q. Illegal parking? what are the police doing?
          A. The powers to control parking are now mainly with the County Council and a traffic   warden patrols Clowne centre on occasion and issues notices. The Police powers are only for obstruction and they will issue penalties for this.
          Q. ANPR programme is there any report back on effects?
          A. No - it is an ongoing piece of work as part of police operational activity.
          Q. Theft of number plates was reported previously  – any report back?
          A. Report back should be directly to the people affected- only by chance will the local PCSO get a report on any progress.
          Q. Community Speed Watch – community volunteers on speed cameras- any action?
          A. Simon is dealing with this – the aim is for volunteers to help profile the speed reduction message and help slow down traffic. Anyone interested should leave details with Allan to pass on.
          Plus anyone who wants to be included in the Derbyshire Alert notifications- people will receive a text or e mail alert of local  issues.

          As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.

  1. Bellway Homes          Nick Wilkins (Tech Mngr) and Justin Welham (Archt)

Old College site – now named Scholars Walk
The site has had a chequered history and has been on a financial knife edge for a number of years.  Bellway are based in Leicester and this site is at the top end of their area coverage.
The cost of the site versus the development costs and values of houses to sell make the site border line. Bellway have asked for Government help under the kick start funding initiative but have been turned down. So they have needed to seek to re-negotiate the planning permission, Section 106 Legal Agreement for public benefit. This bound Bellway to the previous values of the site before the property crash.
The monies are still in the 106 Agreement at about £400,000 but will only be paid by Bellway if revenues from house sales are achieved and Bolsover have agreed to this change.
The plan is for 81 properties of 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed houses, apartments and flats. The programme is for Church Street frontage to be done first and then move into the site and Rectory Road last. About 25/26 houses per year is the rate of sales envisaged on average which is their average rate pa. They hope it is priced right and 2-3 years build out is expected.
As part of the renegotiation Highways at Derbyshire CC have worked on the Church Street width and geometry. Bellway are giving up land to allow Church Street widening. In 6 weeks they hope to have agreed a scheme with DCC. In the 6 weeks period after DCC will consult everyone affected. So 4-6 months from now it should be completed.
An association member noted that there is concern over how the planned cul-de-sacs will mean people will cause a parking problem on Church Street.
It is suggested that Bellway need to widen it now, not just make provision for some time in the future, and then pass it on to the Council.
Currently there is dialogue with Derbyshire Council to seek agreement and agree the mechanics of what and how it will be done.
There is also concern over the speed bumps and a clear statement that people on Church Street don’t want them.
The bench on Rectory Road will be relocated and Bellway are talking with the Parish about where to locate it.
3 stone pillars are left on Church Street at the former school entrances- one though is cracked.
The Parish Council will have them and they will be placed in front of the Parish House with a wall- along with the Coop sign from Mill Street.
The Old Miners College building is now watertight. It was planned by Bellway under the present Planning approval to convert it into 5 apartments and that this was to be started by the stage of 35 dwellings. However, Bellway are reviewing options for this building and have asked to extend the period for start to allow this. They are talking with the Enterprise Centre about possible European Funds for business units. All options are being looked at.
The Association Chair stated that the building has been damaged because it was not kept secure by Bellway and the community will be challenging any moves to suggest that demolition is an option. The Association hope that retention of the mine workers technical college history story will be kept through retention of this building with a strong connection of people in the community with this building.
Bellway stated that economically this development will turn the site over – but there is no normal profit in it for Bellway at current prices.
Question and Answer session followed:
Q. A compliment was expressed to Bellway by Mr Crookston on their approach to quality site management and workmanship which is well done. The stone gate posts are marked Senior Boys and Junior Boys as the entry points for separate classes and so should be retained in some way?
A. Nick expressed his thanks and will pass it on to the workmen on site. Any problems then pass them back on to Bellways who will deal with it.
Q. Will the road through the site be unadopted because of the culvert there?
A. The culvert was redirected to run alongside the road and so the internal road will now be adopted. Bellway have renewed and relined the culvert.
Q. Did Bellway pay over the odds for the site?
A. With the property crash yes and Bellway have had to renegotiate the Section 106 Legal Agreement under the Planning approval to make the site viable.
Q. We appreciate the local history represented by the site and particularly the former Miners College building and will seek to keep it.
A. The local interest is noted and options will be public.
Q. What is the price of houses to be ?
A. Prices are not yet released.
Q. Will there be an access road off the Council car park to the west?
A. No a footpath connection will be in place but no vehicle link. Bellway will not be using the road as a construction access either.
Q. Will the site be landscaped as development progresses?
A. Yes an agreed landscaping scheme will be implemented as they go along.
Q. Pavement access crossings on Church Lane?
A. There will be 4 vehicle accesses and no pedestrian link on Church Street.
Q. .Will there be stepped development because of the site levels with some overlooking?
A. Bellway are raising levels in places across the site and forming levels with 3 platforms of development on site and hope to minimise overlooking.
Q. Will there be trees on Church Street to help privacy?
A. Dwellings have been sited further back from the road and the frontages will receive amenity landscaping.

The Chair noted that the Community Association are grateful that the former college site is now being turned around and Bellway are welcome to come back to us in future.  Bellway were thanked for their presentation.
Nick suggested contact with the site manager if there are any issues.

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting of 21st November 2012

Accepted as correct
Matters Arising:
Community Notice Board- There is no conclusion, this is still an ongoing aim to get a community notice board. Currently the Association is fly posting to put up notices advertising our meetings. Allan is asking Aldi, Tesco and Wilkinsons if they have a  site. We may need planning permission if the board is stand alone. Mr Metcalfe may suggest a site.
Q. TV Monitor in the Post Office and Doctors – Can these be used to advertise meetings?
We really need a Notice Board centrally.
Q. Bus Service changes. Allan met Cllr Anne Western and set out a draft petition which will be circulated. Unfortunately Allans computer has crashed and delayed this but will now get the petition out asap.
Q. The state of the roads down to the Coalite was queried with water coming off the tip and freezing on the road at Coalite and the road is rutted.

  1.  Ben Bailey- Mansfield Road Planning Application no:12/ 00259

We have contacted RPS the agent acting for Ben Bailey and they were invited tonight but have sent apologies and promised to attend a future meeting. They have however sent 40 copies of notes and plans and these were handed out to everyone.
These are: a 2 page note of the proposed development of houses off Mansfield Road, Plus a 2 page note covering key questions raised so far together with a Detailed plan of Phase 1 and the full plan for Phases 1, 2 and 3 .
Phase 1 is 125 houses and full planning permission is being sought from Bolsover DC for this. Phase 2 covers 70 houses and Phase 3 covers 100 houses and Outline approval only is sought for these two phases( -submitted 12.11.12.)
Significant objections have been raised by people over the current planning application so far. Contact with Bolsover DC confirms that comments from the Association, even though outside the statutory consultation period, will still be considered and that the application will not be going to Cttee for decision until later.

Accordingly a number of points were raised in the meeting:

  1. Loss of good quality agricultural land
  2. Loss of hedgerows and habitats
  3. Development is outside the existing village framework
  4. Phase 1 is 125 homes and should be seen as the max acceptable area – there is no support for phase 2 or phase 3.
  5. Road safety- 3 new access/egress points along a curving section of Mansfield Road with vehicle conflicts and speed reduction needed.
  6. Skyline exposed and should be protected from development that would impact on the long distance views of the village.
  7. Surface Drainage not regarded as being acceptable- it is not clear that the SUDS scheme shown will work and won’t make the existing flooding /run off problems worse at the rear of properties on Mansfield Road. In fact it aims more on site water run off to this area and any exceedence of the planned system at an extreme storm water event would flow to the rear gardens of properties here. If not then presumably it will flow down Mansfield Road with other safety issues on traffic etc.?
  8.  Are the planned SUDS channels within the development assured? What maintenance regime is planned to maintain them and who is responsible- is there a Ben Bailey guarantee as no SUDS body yet exists?
  9. Sewage capacity is not clear – can the existing drainage network and sewage works capacity cope?
  10.  School capacity is this adequate? Family houses will generate high numbers of children.
  11.  S 106 contribution should be made to off-site works – it is suggested that an entrance way into Clowne from the south should be created that is both a public art work / road side sign and something that would mark the gateway entry to the village and act to slow down traffic with a visual signal/ slowing /narrowing of the entry to ensure 30 mph is the max speed. This together with some landscaping along the existing Mansfield Road verge edge as you come into the village ( in the area where the existing 3 miners sign is placed.)
  12.  No archaeological study of the site has been done and artefacts have been found by local people eg metal detector finds etc.
  13. Traffic impact will be significant with large numbers of extra vehicles that the existing road junctions will not be able to cope with. The majority of this new traffic will travel north through the town towards the motorway in conflict with pedestrians and school routes.


Agreed by the meeting:
 That a letter of Objection should be sent immediately to Bolsover DC along the lines discussed at the meeting. Letter to be finalised between Secretary and Chairman.
It was noted that the History Society may also write to BDC.


  1. Chairs Report:

CCTV Cameras
Mr Hinds asked if there is any progress to report?
Allan noted that the Parish precept has been set for 2013.
There are 8 wireless cameras to be put up in Clowne. The Parish Council say that if they contribute they want a say about where the cameras go eg: they want one in Mill Street. Since the cameras have ceased to operate there have been broken bottles etc. left after Friday nights and no one is noticing who is doing this. The Police want access free of charge to the cameras.
Q. How many other Parishes will have them and how many other Parish Councils will be contributing?
A. Only 2 other villages are contributing to cameras as well as Clowne.
The Clowne Parish precept is going up 5%.
 A suggestion was made that the courts charge people to help pay for the cameras.
An Association member said we were fooled by Cllr Murray Carr into paying for the last lot of cameras- and we saw no evidence of the benefits. Why are we being asked to pay again?
Smartwater is noted as another example where the Parish Council paid £25,000 and this seems to have given no benefit and wasn’t distributed properly across the town.
Hopefully cameras will go back up and Bolsover DC will monitor them through a contract with the firm who will install them.
Terry Cartwright- former Chairman
    The Chairman referred to the sad loss of our former Chairman and how warm and celebratory was the service held at the Salvation Army in November.
    The Association made a donation of £20 towards the Hospital in memory.
    Greg Lindley referred to the memorial notes that have been prepared and were on show and are about to go onto the Association web site together with photos of Terry.

Vice Chairman and Committee Positions
    Under the Association Constitution we need to nominate a Vice Chair and any nominations are sought. In addition we have vacant Committee Member positions available and anyone interested should approach the Chair or any existing Committee member.

The Raffle and Drinks contributions raised £39.
          The Chair thanked everyone for their contributions.

  1.  Next Meetings -  for 2013

Main meeting Dates- March 20, May 22, July 24, September 18, November 20.
          Committee Dates- March 6, May 1, July 3, September 4, November 6.