Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 18th September 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
1. Apologies Brian Betts, Eric Burgess, Mr & Mrs Blackwell, Susan Hursthouse, Ace Williams

Attendance was 35 people.

2.  PCSO were unable to attend tonight but have supplied Allan with crime figures to be read out.

As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.
Crime Figures August 2013
Supplied crime figures

Burglary  1  
Burglary Non Dwelling 1  
Attempted Burglary Non Dwelling 1  
Other theft  2  
Theft  2  
Violence 6 (2 were counter allegations)
Theft of motor vehicle 3 (2 vehicles found and returned to owners)
Shop lifting 3 (2 detected and fixed penalty notices)
Criminal Damage 1 Burglary in a dwelling 
TOTAL  20  

There has been a helicopter active around Clowne recently. This has been a clamp down on illegal motorcycles and 2 have been taken and crushed.
On e-mail circulation Diesel theft has been notified
Plus driving while disqualified.
There are no major actions at present.
As usual please ring 101 and report anything suspicious.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.


3. Alan Charles - Police and Crime Commissioner

Elected last November Alan has held around 15 events similar to this recently.
The message is Your Police Your Views
The elections were controversial after Parliament 2011 and it was a close vote in Parliament.
Decisions can be made quickly, there is no bureaucracy and they can engage with the public directly.
There was not much publicity on the election process- some was done on the web site but publicity was seen as unsatisfactory.
The Derbyshire area covers 1 million people in 11 Parliamentary Constituencies -some 440,000 households.
Alan had delivered 200,000 literature drops
The Election was a low turn-out at 14%- November was a not a good time to hold it.
Nationally 41 Commissioners were elected excluding London.
People were not sure of The Role:

4. To hold the Chief Constable to account- they have a very good relationship in Derbyshire. Protocol is not to interfere in Police matters But it is open to discussion.

From the end of March they have set out a Police and Crime Plan to 2017.
The first budget set for Police Service- this was submitted to the Police and Crime Panel
It was submitted by January 10th – in 6 weeks and was done at the same time as the Plan.
The Crime Panel is politically balanced with 1 majority for Labour.

  1. Talk to communities – get the Policing that people want to see.
  2. Commissioning Services – all grants come through the Police and Crime Commissioner- they have taken the 8 existing Partnership plans as already set out and passported these through but they are reviewing it this year ready for the 2014-15 Plan and budget and there may be some movement. From October 2014 they also get the Victim Support services budgets – excluding major crimes support.

The Police and Crime Plan has 6 main objectives

  1. Put victims at the heart of the plan- including witnesses support. They are holding focus groups with victims to look at the way it is handled.
  2. To develop partnership working- including a plethora of local voluntary groups. There are a large number of domestic violence crimes For women it is statistically the 32nd instance of abuse when it is reported. They can facilitate meetings and joint solutions eg a local service in the south of the District on domestic violence has been helped.
  3. Work to keep the most vulnerable in society safe- Older people have a fear of crime. Violent crime is largely a young people issue. But the elderly are more trusting and less suspicious.

People should keep the door chained and beware of distraction burglaries etc.

  1. Work to support the Derbyshire Police Service- they have undertaken to keep existing staff. But further Govt cuts of £8-10 million are indicated by George Osborne. 85% of the Police budget is staff. It is difficult to manage but the Police Service looked at this early to be ready.
  2. Continual Performance Improvement No target is being set at present by the Commissioner. Continual Performance Improvement is the target. Crime in Derbyshire is reducing on previous years - 16% last year. C Division 5.2% increase this year compared to last year. In Clowne it is increased by 2%- largely shoplifting burglaries- economic based. It is recorded as crime based But not all crime comes into this eg cyber crime
  3. Trying to reduce the Impact of Alcohol related crime. The Assoc of Chief Police Officers-ACPO-had an Awareness week and held the event on this looking at ways they can improve the situation eg licensing control. Eg Health Service A&E share information with the Police ( The Cardiff Model). They have met with Derby and Chesterfield Royal Hospital to get intelligence shared. The Ipswich model is focussing on reducing the strength of alcohol sold. Persuading Off–sale retailers to remove high alcohol content from shelfs above 6.5% :Though the large supermarkets are not very responsive. There has been a 25% drop in calls for service in Ipswich. The Drunk tank idea has been proposed. Local residents in Ipswich are supportive. Planned in Derby first then roll out to other areas.

Pledges in the Manifesto and in the Plan
         Wildlife Crime- a summit is to be held on this
         People involved in this are involved in other crimes as well
It affects tourism eg breeding pairs of goshawks- there were 160 in the Peak and N Derbyshire in 2005 – now there are none. There have been prosecutions but it has never been a Police priority. It tends to focus along with diesel crime and farm crime.
Talk to Communities Have your say events- face to face on the street. They hope to engage with young people and young offenders especially. Reduce re-offending
There is a Commitment Not to Out-source Police and Crime Services
G4S have approached Mr Charles about this. Lincoln have out-sourced all their services. Alan has told them to stop contacting him. HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary met him yesterday and also pressured on this. The reason for being against such a move is that Derbyshire have already addressed the savings question. When the service is contracted out then any savings can only be in Police Staff. If savings can be made then they will re-invest in the Police Service not to benefit Private Shareholders.
The Govt argue that there is no need to cut front line Policing - the bobby on the beat.
Examples of what is questioned as front line Policing:-
         Call Service Centre- first point of contact
         Computer Forensic examiner
         File builder of evidence documentation
         Central referral Unit Risk Assessor eg level of risk on Domestic Violence calls
         Station enquiry Officer
         Forensic Analytical Services Lab Officer
None of these meet the Home office Definition of front line service.
The Govt definition is far too simplistic – the Police Service need the support services to do their job.
The Councils have had a tax freeze on grant this year and next year. But this is now coming to an end. Derbyshire Police will need £5-6 million to stay at the same level as this year with inflation.
They have kept at 2% to maintain staff numbers. This is only 1p a day cost to households.
Crime Prevention Fund
This was set up with £250,000. It is for local actions and open to local bidding.
They have had 2 bidding rounds so far eg SPODA-Supporting Parents of Drug Abusers - Chesterfield. Mixed powders with no content knowledge- called legal highs. But they have had 4 deaths in Derbyshire this year. A Q code ( for mobile phone link) has been put on beer mats to take young people to a web site to give knowledge of what powders have caused problems recently. They hope that giving knowledge will help young people avoid dangerous substances.

A Question and Answer Session followed
Q.  At the last Parish Council meeting the PCSO said that in Derbyshire PCSO’s have the same powers as nationally - or do they have less than nationally?
A. Powers are at the discretion of the Police Chief Constable. They were reviewed last in 2011 eg why can’t PCSO detain suspects. The analogy is with teaching assistants. They are support but are not to replace police.
They can only hold someone for 30 minutes – and then they must have Police constable and they would need extra training in dispute and physical conflict management. PCSO are assigned to local neighbourhood teams-they are well known locally. If a wider police role was planned then they would likely be moved around to suit Police operational purposes not local targeting.
Q. Last October a Creswell meeting on road safety was held focussing especially on child safety for example cycle paths are needed.
2 cycle paths were campaigned for- Clowne to Creswell and Clowne to Barlborough. The school links and Child safety were the issues – but there were objections. Has spoken to Cllr Anne Western several times but no progress is reported. Please can we get a response on this issue?

  1. It is a Council issue. Send a contact to Cllr A Western to get the relevant Cabinet Member to come out and discuss it.

Suggested either e mail or write to her again.

  1. The Police Manifesto has a commitment to road safety. 20 mph zones on housing estates are proposed. Derbyshire County won’t implement them because the Police won’t enforce them. Killed and seriously injured accidents are reducing. Alan wants to discuss Road safety with the Police.

Q.     Alan was congratulated on his efforts over the last year in a new role.
         But CCTV was not mentioned in the presentation. It is hoped that the local Clowne issue on our redundant CCTV system can be highlighted to get it back in businesss to help manage town centre crime?

  1. This is a Derbyshire wide issue. Alan understands that the Clowne system was funded by the Parish Council and was an analogue system and that the monitoring company have gone out of business. In Killamarsh there is a local trust fronting CCTV but the monitoring is a non-Police management role with potential to work with the Safer Neighbourhoods Team /PCSO.

Alan understands that the Clowne CCTV cameras have been updated and are now up and working. The Parish Council have again put money in and said where they want them. Police monitor them and are going to work together on them when there is an incident.
Q.     Citizens Arrest- what powers do the PCSO have?
A.      Alan believes that PCSO can exercise a citizens arrest in the same way as anyone else.
Q.     Speed limits in the town centre? PCSO can act if they know the law has been broken. Would reducing speed make a difference if there is no enforcement?
A.      Most people follow the law but there are always those who ignore signs. Police have to be there to see it to enforce it. Police Priority setting meetings are set through the regular meetings. So Alan suggests to go along to the Priority meetings and make a point of putting speed forward as a priority. They can get speed guns and local people can act as volunteers to raise awareness of speed monitoring. Speeding is only on 16% of Safer Neighbourhood Teams priorities.
Q.     Neighbourhood Watch is an issue with a need for more coming together with Safer Neighbourhood Teams
A.      Invite the SNT along and see if they can focus on local issues and concerns.
Q.     Last year speeding was an issue and they asked for volunteers at our meeting and names were given of volunteers who were interested in getting involved-but there has been no response since names were given?
A.      Send the details through on e-mail to Alan Charles and he will forward it on to Police contact.
Q.     In Derbyshire there is no average speed cameras, in comparison to say Nottingham where they are widely used and seem to have a real restriction on road speeds. Why are there none in Derbyshire?
A.      The CREST partnership support speed vans – but with budget cuts there are no funds for this at the moment.

Alan was thanked for his presentation and the information provided with community members feeling much better informed as a result.
It was agreed for Allan Bailey to write to local papers about Alan Charles presentation expressing our unanimous support for the way he has engaged with us and explained the role of the new Police Commissioners.

5. Susie Dench - Deputy Head Heritage High School

It is important to the new school to be part of the community eg The Well Dressing links and the Clowne Gala just held.
The school want more connections eg the school raised beds focussed on sowing harvesting and eating
Duggie Peck has helped out with this and has transformed the raised beds and the self esteem of the students involved. But the beds are not big enough
Susie has accessed funds for a poly-tunnel and there may be a frame that they can use for this The community allotment has done well and is included in the latest school newsletter.
Next week Personal Health and Social Care students have contact with Greg Lindley who is explaining in a lesson the local environmental issues and Clowne in Bloom project work.
Students want evening things to do
Evening inter-net café has been proposed and a building is sought where students can be involved. Students from last year want to do things – a Year 11 café idea.
Heritage hope for more local links.
More volunteers are welcome
These ideas have also been put forward by the Friends of Clowne Community group ( – although it was noted that membership of this group was unclear.)

5. Chairs Report

Waste Management – A recent Derbyshire Times report on the front page noted the intent to reduce the size of waste bins. NE Derbys and Bolsover Council are thinking of reducing the size of bins to encourage recycling more. Allan to contact Bolsover DC and ask someone to come to our meeting- contact Dennis Kelly.
There is some support from the community for a reduction in bin size but the counter view is that individual cases of families that need a large size bin should keep one. People say that this would lead to more fly tipping- Sheffield was quoted as an example where this has been highlighted. Boughton Lane bridge waste dumping was quoted in the paper on the amount of waste tipped. The Coalite recycling centre is regarded as a very useful resource.
Community Notice Board
The Community association posters advertising meetings have been quoted as flyposting. Allan bailey has spoken to limestone Journeys contact who have funds for such community ideas. The Committee view is that we should submit a planning application for a new Community Notice board available to everyone to be put up. A site is identified on the front of Wilkos. . Allan has spoken to a Bolsover DC Councillor who will support it. All the major stores property issues are dealt with by their respective head offices so no response from the local store contact.
Neighbourhood Plan – It is considered that Clowne Association have a strong interest in a Neighbourhood Plan being prepared for Clowne. A group of local people could prepare their own plan under the guidance. But, it is felt that the Parish Council have the resources and should have the interest to lead on such a plan. Agreed to write to the Parish Council suggesting this.
Local plan Strategy- interpretation of the Association submission from June
Chris McKinnie BDC has written to us with their plan amendments interpretation of our submission to the consultation. These comments are accepted apart from some minor amendment that will be submitted back to them.
Agreed that we should follow up with Chris McKinnie for a meeting on the next stages of detailed plan preparation.
Ben Bailey attendance- Greg Lindley has emailed the agent again asking for attendance at our meeting to explain and discuss the housing development proposed. Apparently 10 recent archaeological trenches have been put in and they have found nothing of significance with little top soil depth present.
Limestone Journeys Grant application- Greg Lindley reported on a Clowne in Bloom submission that has just been made to Limestone Journeys seeking grant for the Community Garden and street planting.
The Next Meeting is the Annual General Meeting – 20 November
Notice is given that anyone who wants to stand for any of the position on the association committee is asked to make their nominations to Allan Bailey or any of the Committee Members.
Cllr Muray Carr – It was agreed that Alan Bailey should approach Bolsover Council through the Executive of the Council to ask for Cllr Murray Carr to attend our meeting and explain the Clowne CCTV position.
Bellway development - Church Street footpath
Allan has contacted them and asked for a presentation to update the position on the development.

6. Any Other Business/ and Group reports

Cameras in Clowne- It was noted that the camera at The Spar Mill St is still not working
Coalite Site- Plans for redevelopment are going to be submitted in Sept with letters sent out to local people and groups.
Clowne in Bloom/ Access group
Bulb planting is to go ahead with anyone welcome to join in.
Any daffodil bulbs or shrubs would be welcomed.
Access Footpath – Guide to a route 19/20 circular walk has been done by Alan Gillway and there are plans to do more of these.

The Raffle and Drinks contributions raised £25 and £17.05.
         The Chair thanked everyone for their contributions.

7.  Next Meetings -  for 2013

Main meeting Dates-  November 20.
         Committee Dates-   November 6.