Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 18th Jan 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies  Elizabeth Clarke, Mrs B Temprell, Bryan and Joyce Betts, Eric Burgess.

Attendance was 29 people.

A Presentation was made

  1. Elastic FM - Clowne Community Radio

Roger Neale and Paul Davies

A brief video was shown. Paul Davies then explained the current position. This is a Heritage High School and Clowne Enterprise joint venture. The Director is David Lilley. A first show has been undertaken and this is supported by local businesses.
It is community owned and community run.
This is a not for profit organisation and they are seeking funds from various sources.
It involves school students in the set up. It is an Internet based station in the first stage.
It has been trialled and a number of pod casts have been issued- 1 hour 1 off practice events.
The aim is to be 24-7 broadcasting information and music by January/early February.
Later an FM frequency is planned but this will be a while.
It covers Clowne, Creswell, Whitwell and Barlborough areas.
They are looking to support local activities.
Their Mission statement was explained as local business support, access to information and a voice for local activities and information.
Plus a platform for school students to help education and communication skills.
It will give broadcasting experience and support local charities and groups.
They have a show schedule to publicise at local events.
Business information, Chart music show, soul music, local sport, school input, folk music, specialist shows.
They would like to have people on air and feature new interest areas.
Board is Shiela Somerset, David Lilley, Roger Neale, Don Spencer, Keith Davis, Paul Davies
(Keith Davis is from Red Road Radio at Kiveton.)
Plus school “Generation Next” items-Susan Dench, Emma Travis, Don Spencer. They have a school student board as a Junior Board.
Based on 2 sites – they have got funding to set up FM in 2 studios. Clowne Enterprise have allocated an office rent free at 2 Station Road. Will be recorded for night time broadcasts. There will be an advertising schedule to raise funds. Need to raise funds for the longer term operation.
Web site has been built –
On Facebook
Launch event held October 2011 at Heritage. Company has been created.
Can be accessed over the internet. Sound Cloud, You Tube , Facebook, Tune in Radio, Twitter. Hope that places of work will access it.
Will do a leaflet drop – 20,000 to promote it.
Formal launch event to be held.



Will have competitions/promotions:
Best local singer
Community Awards
Citizen of the Year
Best New Business
Student of the Year etc
Future plan long term is FM broadcasting – with their own frequency. This is a lengthy and costly process.
OFCOM issue Broadcast Licences- and the next issue is in 2013.
They are collecting evidence of what they have done for this future bid.
Short term 1 week licences cost £9k and act as evidence for a full licence bid.
Any ideas or local interest issues please contact them.
History Association will be doing an article – Allan Bailey speaking.
Question and Answer session followed:
Q. Where did the name come from?
A. It came from one of the school students.
Q. Has Clowne Parish been involved?
A. They have informed them and invited them along but no response yet.
Q. Why FM rather than DAB ?
A. Currently mainly FM broadcasts and receiving and they will need to reconsider DAB in the future. Trials will prove the case DAB is more expensive.
Q. Police items ?
A. Police did an article on Smart Water and PCSO will be involved.
Q. What are the advertising charges ?
A. £75 gets a 30 second ad every hour through the day a month
But will be higher when it is FM based.

Mr Davies and Neale were thanked for their presentation.

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting of 23 November 2011

These were accepted as correct.
No Matters Arising

  1. PCSO

PCSO were to attend tonight but there must be a local issue needing their time- Chair will ask them about this.

Any local issues for Police?
Dog fouling
 Police are patrolling regularly
The Stumps continues to be a problem with the current dark nights.
 Recreation Close playing fields is a problem area still.
Football Clubs need to clear the ground of dog waste before they can play!
Belper apparently operate a fine system where people not carrying a doggy bag when out with their dog are penalised.
Parking Issues continue to be a problem Mill Street has waiting times and responsibility is with Derbyshire CC. People have been prosecuted for illegal parking but issues still continue.

  1. Chairs Report


Wind Turbines
Application made at Barlborough alongside the A619 – 85 metres high.
There is a campaign at Barlborough against it.
Also there is an application at Damsbrook Farm - Mansfield Road, Clowne.
People can see the plans on line and register comments. Planning reference is 11/00635FUL for a 45 metre wind turbine- 67m high blade tip. Advertised 12 Jan and 21 days allowed for comments.
Palterton wind turbine proposals are going to Planning application stage and Paul Davies will come and talk on this again in future.

Next Meetings speakers
Creswell Craggs talk on the remains found and future plans.
Wind Turbine
Air Ambulance
Severn Trent Water

  1. Local Groups update

Clowne History Society (not part of the Assoc.)
History Society next glass display case is to be put in the Clinic entrance and a call for any items of interest is issued.
On 29 September 2012 Derbyshire History Day is to be held at Clowne – at the Salvation Army Hall  9:30 to 4:30.
This covers Clowne, whitwell, Creswell, Worksop and Retford.
On 1st March A Clowne History Event will have Archive footage showing from Boughton Lane Secondary School of school trips covering the years 55-67
The Way We Were £2 a ticket.

CIB and Countryside group- A meeting in March will start off the years events and activities planning.
The  Well Dressing is fixed for 21 July 2012.

Bellway Homes – have been told by Bolsover Council that they should take action to keep the former College site tidy.

No other business

  1.  Next Meetings -  for 2012

Main meetings - Wednesday at 7pm
                                                18 July 2012 
                      21 March 2012                     19 September 2012
                      23 May 2012                         21 November 2012 ( and AGM )


The Raffle raised £28.50 and Donations for drinks raised £10.05- thanks to everyone.