Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 16 February 2011
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley

1. Apologies

Terry Cartwright, Richard Hague(Tesco), Elizabeth Clark, Hilary Wignell,  Andy Thomas, Joyce Betts, Abigail Thurnell
Also from Bjorn Campbell-Lyons (Smartwater) as his daughter is ill- John Hinds will cover this item
Hoped that PCSO will attend – Chair spoke with Insp Lamin who had promised attendance.
Attendance was 30 people.


2. Smartwater

Chair Allan Bailey introduced this item
The aim of the proposal is to cut down on crime and it is supported by the Police. There are 8,000 households in Clowne and the Parish Council have agreed to support the implementation of Smartwater for all homes..
All items in the house will be marked with the Smartwater and if any item is stolen and recovered then the item can be DNA referenced back to an individual property. It also stays on perpetrators clothes and skin and can tie people back to a crime.
It is also used in industry.
You can advertise a house that it is used in and it helps reduce levels of crime. It will be free to householders as the Parish Council are resourcing it to happen this year. Intend to impose this as  requirement through Planning on all future developments at the cost of the developer.
It is Understood that the Church is already using it.
John Hinds Neighbourhood Watch then spoke
A Neighbourhood watch is operating in Church Stret aiming to reduce crime .
The  Smartwater makes stolen items traceable and by signing your property it is less likely that items will be stolen.
The cost is £20-£30 per house normally. It can also cover garage and garden furniture items. Individuals have to supply a name and address to Smartwater who record who is referenced there. John feels it would be better if the Police had the  database of people and properties . It has been operating in other areas about 5 years successfully.
John has security information- Items transferred or sold-on need to be recorded and new property owners need to be told.
Insurance costs should be reduced as a result.
Owners need to keep a copy of registration and pass this on to Insurers. There is no harmful risk to peoples skin. The scanner to search items is ultraviolet light and is portable. Each household will have a different DNA code. John advises also joining or setting up a local Neighbourhood  watch in all areas.

 3. Neighbourhood Watch- Church Street

John Hinds helped set this up in the area 2 years ago.
At a meeting at the Welfare local residents discussed the risks and started to talk on Church street about the  Neigbourhood Watch idea. Awareness of next door neighbour s  and the risks is key. Keep an eye on visitors and the risks and anything unusual happening to hope to be more aware and bring people together. They have now set it up and it is working together in Church Street.
Also have an idea for an 11.11.11 event.
A Calendar has also been produced last year to raise funds and to promote local safety.

4. PC / PCSO update
Chair Allan Bailey said that he had contacted the PCSO/PC team and a PC attendance was promised for tonight. He will contact them tomorrow and find out the reason for non-attendance.
A member of the Association commented that they had tried to access the Police website to check on local crime figures as advertised by Govt. and it said “no figures available”.
Allan to ask about this.

Police contact number        0345 1233333
PC Tanya Morton              0791 7550333

5. CENSUS 2011--- 27 March

Greg Lindley  spoke about the Census which will take place on Sunday 27 March this year.
He is Census Coordinator for the  Clowne Creswell Barlborough and Whitwell areas.
The aim is to achieve 100% coverage of all households so that it records everyone wherever they are on one day. The history of Census in the UK is from 1801 and its current legal basis for this is a 1920 Census Act which makes it compulsory on everyone to complete a questionnaire – with the  risk of a £1,000 fine for those who refuse.
Census information is confidential and is kept confidential and this confidentiality is covered by law. Only the summary numbers are used and for 100 years the personal details supplied are kept secret. The 1911 Census for instance has just been released to the public view.
It is done every 10 years an there has been discussion that this  may be the  last in its current form. It is run by the  Office for National Statistics-ONS who provide the summary details to all Government sources and the summary statistics are also used by business to target their customer base- eg areas where elderly groups are high or young families etc.
It provides the basis for the allocation of Government funding to support local services.
Every 10 years in this country the population has grown by between 1-2 million. Since 10 years ago it may be higher and this Census will tell us.
Publicity starts next week and postal delivery starts in early March.
Standard household  Questionnaires are designed for a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children –and can seem daunting – but for only one or two people then the first few pages are all that are needed.
People should complete the form and post it back in the pre pay envelope provided.
Or people can do it on-line with a reference number supplied on the form delivered.
There will be about 1 2 collectors operating in this area and we will be liaising with the Police /PCSO team on security and risk.
A helpline is available – 0300 0201 101 and help will be available to people to complete the form if they have for instance visual issues . The task ends on 6 May and then there will  be a further follow up team checking on refusals.
People can look on site for advice and information .
The 19111 Census release had about 22 million hits online within 2 days.

Questions followed eg How would  a Visitor on a  campsite respond and everyone will be recorded  with a form at their usual place of residence on 27 March and where they are visitors they will be simply noted there.

Alan Bailey spoke about the use of Census information in genealogy – searches for family history and how tremendously useful the history information is to help in these searches. The local history group have a series of discs with past Census information on. In 1841/51 the Clowne area was registered to Carburton in Nottingham.

6. Main Association Meeting followed

Minutes from the previous meeting of September 2010 were accepted.
No matters arising.

Chairs Report
Dog fouling
One person has been named and shamed in the paper over a fouling incident and one is pending.
It continues to be an issue in Clowne.
Professional dog walkers can be a problem. Everyone in the community needs to report problems and who is seen leaving dog waste. Contact Bolsover DC – especially if there is a regular occurrence.
Chestnut Drive is a problem area especially late at night.
The Stumps is better but still an issue and people visiting Tesco  store with their dogs. Some people are seen to be parking in the Chestnut Drive cul-de-sac.
On the spot fines can be issued.


Next Meeting April 20th?
Presentation on recycling
In May new burgundy colour recycling bins will be issued –a leaflet covering this will be sent beforehand -  See Bolsover website for details.

 Clowne History Group
They have been looking for a permanent building.
But in the meantime they have grant funding to put in place glass display cabinets with local history artefacts on display- to be in The College, Community centre, Council Offices- and possibly doctors /Library.
Any artefacts that people have then the group would be happy to accept them for display - either to Allan Bailey, Arthur Heap or Irvine Robinson.
The group will get public liability insurance for the display cases but contents will be at risk.

Poppy Appeal 90th Anniversary
7. Any Other Business
Help the  Heroes
Brenda Gauntley/Joy Smith
A recent Barlborough Youth Club event prompted the idea of holding an event in Clowne to raise funds. They need a large room for about 120 plus attendance.
College sports hall suggested –or Heritage school any ideas please contact Brenda.

December Weather
And lack of response
The meeting supported the proposal that a letter should go to the County Council asking about how the Clowne area seemed to be poorly supported with snow clearance.
Derbys CC are looking to cut one third of support.
Suggest ask Cllr Jackson what went wrong, why plans didn’t work and what they will do in future.
MP Dennis Skinner is also having difficulty getting a response to these questions.


Traffic Speed
A Traffic survey has been underway in Mill Street and High street- Allan will ask if there is an outcome.
What is it for and to raise the issue of the zebra crossing on Mill Street.
Cars tend not to stop at the pedestrian crossing point- a recent accident involved a pedestrian and  a car.
A 20 MPH speed limit here was suggested.
The One way system proposed previously for Station Road- what is likely to happen?
Also Bellway  Homes development on Church Street ?
– Allan Bailey has contacted Bellway and they have said that they will respond.
And parking outside Lloyds chemist and on Mill Street is still a problem. Traffic wardens are only intermittently seen.
Suggest a letter to Dennis Skinner MP to ask when he will be visiting.
Allan will raise it at the next Parish meeting.

Water Mains Repair- letter received from STWA
Allan to get info from them on what the maps mean that were issued with the letter – what happens in the blue areas was not clear?

8. Group items
Joint meeting Access group and
Clowne in Bloom/Environment Group
16 March meeting 7pm at Community centre

Alan Bailey announced that he is putting his name forward as a candidate for the District Council elections in May and promises to ensure that he does nothing to damage the Community  Association.

The meeting noted his intention- which is separate from the Association business.

Raffle was held and raised £22.50 for funds- people were thanked for their donations.

9 Next Meeting
April 2011