Clowne Community Association

Minutes of Meeting Date: 15th May 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley Final minutes
Apologies:  none recorded

Attendance was 40 people

  PCSO were to attend but are engaged elsewhere on business but have supplied Allan with crime figures to be read out.  There have been a number of shed burglaries recently and Allan has a number of anti-theft screws for fixing locks on sheds etc. to hand out to Assoc members.

As usual the message is any sightings or worries RING 101 with any concerns.


Limestone Journeys and 22nd June Event - Aly Stoneman Junction Arts and

Therasa Garrod Bolsover DC

The Limestone Journeys Initiative has been running for the last year based at Creswell Crags.
The Magnesian Limestone area that it is based on is a unique and special geological feature that affects the landscape and the communities in the area. The Heritage Lottery fund have supported a scheme office to run a series of events on conservation and activities - also supported by DDC,BDC and Limestone Trust.
Junction Arts are supported by the fund to undertake schools and community activities including film and crafts.
The Meeting Places is one project designed to help community groups to run creative activities. They need to get new people involved and to learn and share.
On 22nd June there is a Celebration Day for Limestone Journeys plus partner stalls and stands including Derbyshire wildlife and food stalls.
This is to be held at The Arc Offices on High Street Clowne from 10 till 4. The Well Dressing Group are being supported for a Have a Go Day drop in during the day. Leaflets are available and details are on the web site-
Come along and talk and join in on the 222nd June.
Limestone Journeys includes hedge laying, walks, sculptures, films, recording peoples experiences etc.
There are 2 and a half years left to go to 2015 on the project. They are closely involved with local schools.
Q. Schools greenhouse initiative at Clowne Junior School Year 5 and a willow weave feature - any help with that would be appreciated.
A. Rachel Carter-artist- is involved on 7 June with our well dressing group and can give advice on weaving. Also schools links may help.

Crime Figures April 2013

PCSO are not able to attend tonight and have supplied the following crime figures

Burglary Non Dwelling  8 Mostly garden sheds (1 attempted)
Criminal Damage  2  
Shop lifting 5 (3 restorative justice £80 fine1 Pending- offender back in Prison)
Burglary in a dwelling 3 (1 attempt)
Theft from a Motor vehicle 6 (2 number plate theft)
Other theft 5 1 arrested 1 Restorative Justice
Violence 4  
Theft of a Motor vehicle 1  
TOTAL 34 (slightly up 2 from March)

Clowne Surgery 25 May at 11am- 12am at Methodist Hall.
Clowne Police Panel next meets 3 June at 5:15pm when the local priorities will be reviewed and chosen.
Due to the increasing number of shed burglaries the police have continuing high visibility patrols and have late night plain clothe patrols operating. They have handed out shed alarms and smartwater kits and tamper proof screws. 1 male was arrested. Police are working with other agencies as well as the media for public to be made more vigilant.
As usual please ring 101 and report anything suspicious.
The community are the eyes and ears for the PCSO and the Police.

Cllr Anne Western and Crime Commissioner

Following success at the recent elections Cllr Anne Western became the new Leader of Derbyshire CC and invited Allan Bailey to an event at County Hall. Whilst there Allan invited Police Crime Commissioner Alan Charles to attend a future meeting of our Association.

Ben Bailey

Following a series of e mails and calls with the agent for Ben Bailey – RPS- they have again sent their apologies for non attendance tonight. This is the 3rd time this has happened and they are using the same excuses as before.
Agreed that we should send a strongly worded letter to Ben Bailey.
Allan has spoken  to Bolsover Council. The archaeological study was asked for but has not yet been received. A geophys report has been on site and they said that the report had to be in by Thursday 2 weeks ago. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust came out on site on Monday. Noted newts in local pond , brown hare , Lapwing, and Gray Partridge. They didn’t think that Ben Bailey would be able to mitigate enough to reflect the wildlife present. Hedgerows on site are still covered with netting.

Wind Turbines

The campaign group  have collected over 1,000 signatures against the turbines. The importance and priority of the limestone ridge is the main issue that the petition is citing. There is around 350 tonnes of concrete for one turbine. They feel that the proliferation of turbines on the skyline would destroy the limestone ridge. National Trust East Midlands and the English Heritage have taken the Planning Inspector to the High Court over a turbine close to their Lyveden New Bield property. Northampton Council turned it down but the Planning Inspector overturned the decision at appeal. Get EH involved in our campaign against the turbines?

Burgundy Recycling Bins

No separation of the inner box items and the main bin is being done .
Apparently Mansfield Rd has separation but other areas don’t. Allan Bailey will get in touch with Derrick Kelly. There may be two different firms doing collection. So there is no proper recycling process. Every week people don’t get their own bins back as the collection service also leave the bins on footpaths blocking it and children wheelchairs etc have to walk in          the road.
Allan has asked for a new inner bin as his was lost by the collectors. The loss of the inner box may mean that you are asked to pay for its replacement.

Bellway development - Church Street footpath

Allan has contacted Cllr Anne Western about Church Street - this has a 2 metres wide footpath now that the wall has been taken down- 6’ 6’’.
This was raised at Parish meeting and noted that people are likely to park on the pavement making people use the narrow road.
Mrs Blackwell noted that the original plan showed a 1m wide pavement and 1m shrubbery for future road widening improvement. But Derbyshire CC Highways have no money for road widening . In February she checked the Bolsover Plng Dept web site and ther was an e amil from Ian Stevenson Strategic Director of Envt from Derbyshire CC  had written to Chris Day DC Manager Bolsover recommending that the entire area should be constructed as footway at this time as an improved footpath to school. This e mail was only on the site 24 hrs then it has been taken off again. It is 2m wide all the way round to Rectory Road. 2m is good as a footpath but what will happen is that people will park on the pavement so any potential improved route to school will be ineffectual.
Allan has approached, and will contact again, Cllr Anne Western and ask someone to attend our Association.
Also concern about the pot holes in Clowne- a cyclist was recently involved in an accident caused by a pot hole.
Brian Betts commented that it may be possible as a shared route for cyclist and pedestrians. A standard width footway is 1.8metres. Vehicle parking on footways is a problem anyway in Clowne and it is one of Alan Charles ( Crime Commissioner) issues.
Road Humps on Ringer Lane should have started on site 13th May. Signs were put out but then taken away. No one knows at DCC what is to be done. Ramps should be 1m slope /1 meter raised /and 1m slope 4 inches high. Bellway said that they would come back to us.
The Church Street brick wall has now been removed.
The Parish Council have now got the stone gate posts that were taken out by Bellway. These are to be re-erected at the Parish House on Mill Street. They also have the former COOP sign and date stone from North road.
There used to be a public notice board outside the old Coop. The Association are not flyposting and Allan has asked for the information in writing from BDC on this. Allan will write and ask and they will reply.

Minutes from the previous meeting of 20 March 2013

Accepted as correct
Matters Arising:
The Rotherham Road wind turbine has been rejected by Planning.
The Hollin Hill Planning application is still pending.

Any Other Business/ and Group reports

Local Plan Strategy
Bolsover DC have a Clowne public consultation event on the Draft Strategy at The Arc Offices on High Street tomorrow 16th at 4pm and people are encouraged to attend and ask questions.
The document is a Strategy document, with the detail to follow at a later stage ( subject to a further consultation.)
What is included as policy direction is uncertain and indefinite . It is not clear why the strategy is any better to cope with planned growth for Clowne of 575 houses etc.
We shouldn’t be developing greenfield land until the infrastructure is right to cope with it ( ie Education capacity, road capacity, sewage capacity). We shouldn’t be developing greenfield land before brownfield and infill sites are explored first.

Cameras in Clowne
There will be work shortly on the cameras and some will be relocated.
Parish Council have agreed a £10,000 contribution and £3,500 pa for 5 years for upkeep.

History Group 5 August 2014- marking 100 yrs since outbreak of WW1
The Arc History Society display- any artefacts would be welcomed either on loan or donation.
The group need more artefacts for the History Display cabinets to put out. Postcards from the front referred to as possibly available.

Clowne Housing Development -Parish Chair comment
There are 11 sites in Clowne where planning is about to be submitted eg Allotments site – which is Parish owned.

Clowne Future
Any ideas for future plans – what is important for Clowne.

Clowne in Bloom/ Access group
12 June next meeting date at Community centre 7pm
Focus on Well Dressing event 22 June and flower tubs planting and the Greenway idea along the disused rail line.
Any daffodil bulbs or shrubs would be welcomed.

The Raffle and Drinks contributions raised £28 and £17.85.
         The Chair thanked everyone for their contributions.

Next Meetings -  for 2013

Main meeting Dates-  July 24, September 18, November 20.
         Committee Dates-   July 3, September 4, November 6.