Clowne Community Association

Meeting Notes Date: 1st August 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Methodist Chapel meeting room
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Chair: Allan Bailey Notetaker: Greg Lindley
  1. Apologies  Elizabeth Clarke, Arthur Heap, Paul Blunt, Hilary Wignell.

Attendance was 30 people.
2 Presentations were made

 2. PCSO- Suzanne Sloane
          Crime figures for April 12 are:

Drugs Offences 1 Violence 9
Burglary 1 Shoplifting 0
Other Thefts 6 Theft of Motor 0
Criminal damage  3 Sexual offences 1

TOTAL for the month  21
Current Area Priorities for Clowne are :
The skate park and criminal damage and drinking,
 Anti-Social Behaviour and off road biking.
 This is a 3 months target. They are looking to joint agency working to tackle this.
Next meeting to discuss is at Community Centre on Tuesday 18 September at 6pm.
Also the Police Surgery is held next at Clowne Methodist Hall on 25 August 10am-12.
The police team have been more busy lately. The Ringmaster Derbyshire alert has been well
Incidents of BT phone boxes being targeted at Harlesthorpe/Markland Ave. Apparently well
organised using blow torches to cut the cash boxes and take them away. In the early hours of
the morning . Police are aware of a colour of vehicle and make but no reg no.
Opportunist thieves are taking things from gardens and Police believe a vehicle is involved.
Please report anything unusual on 101 number.
Or on web site e mail or mobile numbers.
The Stumps dog fouling issue has been left in the hands of the Council but Police team are
still aware. It was understood there are cameras monitoring this.
Also a shed has been set alight on Chestnut Ave.
Still will monitor The Stumps area.


          RING 101 with anything that is not right or is a concern.

3. Ben Bailey housing Proposals off Mansfield Road

A presentation was agreed with Mr Karl Oxley but at the last minute he has withdrawn.
So Chair Allan Bailey explained.

On 18 July an open meeting had been held at the Community Centre. Then last week Mr Oxley rang and said that they were not coming as he had been told by District Councillors and Bolsover DC that they should not attend as this was not the right procedure. So Allan went to the Councillors surgery with Anne Whysall and asked . They saw Cllr Jim Smith and asked if the Councillors had told Ben Bailey not to attend the Association meeting. The answer was No. He said that Cllr J Smith and Cllr K Reid met Ben Bailey Homes with the District Planning Authority and at that meeting Ben Bailey said that they were presenting to the Association meeting on 1st August. The reply had been given to Ben Bailey that there is a procedure that should be followed. This was for presentations to go to Bolsover Council first , then to the Parish Council and then the public. So why was there an open public meeting then held on 18 July in the Community Centre that was completely outside this procedure. The Parish Council had hired the hall out to Ben Bailey and 3 District Councillors attended this open meeting. So why now is any argument about following a supposed procedure being used in the case of our Association.
It was said that a mistake had been made in having the open meeting. In September the Parish Council are receiving a presentation from Ben Bailey in a closed meeting. Then they will ask to come to a Sept Community Assoc meeting . They said that there is nothing that can otherwise be done and that the agreed procedure is that these would be done in the priority order.
Allan Bailey rang Cllr Eion Watts, Leader of Bolsover DC, and he has stated that they will investigate. An investigation has been opened as a result. The Planning Dept. have said that they did not tell Ben Bailey not to attend our August 1st meeting.
Allan has expressed concern to Ben Bailey about the road system not being able to cope with more traffic and he will continue to raise the issue.

A Question and answer session followed:
Q. Mr Blackwell- even if this was a closed meeting these still should be minuted and the minutes should be available to parishioners afterwards.
Q. The letter sent to people on Mansfield Road by Ben Bailey implied that a forum would be held.
Q. At the meeting on 18 July Ben Bailey seemed to have no idea of any of the road system issues in Clowne.
Q. Anne Whysall rang Ben Bailey onTuesday and commented that the water run off from High Leys area flows down Mansfied Road already during rains. BB said that they will put in a soak away . They have said they will come to the Association later in September.
Q. Christine Addison said that she finds it impossible to contact Ben Bailey or to get any information. Ben Bailey seem to be land banking and not developing out sites that they already have approval to build on. We need to ask if they have any real intentions of building here even if they do get planning ?
 Q. Pat Thorpe of Sterry Close said that she has borders on two sides of her property with the development site. The plan displayed shows houses right on the joining boundary fence. Ben Bailey said that there is a hedgerow between - but this is not the case. All water will be diverted into a small green area? Already when there is significant rain the 3 existing fields cannot cope with it and have run off so how will a small green area cope?
Q. Ben Bailey propose 3 stages of development phasing. So the public benefit will only be done in bits. They won’t release the Section 106 public contributions until the end of all development.
Q. What about the school and doctors surgery capacity issues. Cllr Reid says that the foundations of school buildings allow for 2 storey development. The waste water treatment services in Clowne are at capacity. An Entec survey says that there is zero capacity for any new housing.
Q. Mr Nissenbaum believes that there is a sewer through the site. They are putting in planning application in August. Local people would prefer to be consulted first . the next Council meeting is 1st Sept.
            There are 350 houses shown on the right hand side with 17 acres for development.
Q. Judy Robinson of Sterry Close said a new road is shown on the development proposals some 6 feet from her house and the main road to the development will pass far too close to her property. There are also mining concerns about this land and they say that the plans are not complete yet.
It was pointed out that the Association may take a view on any future development proposals
when and indeed if Ben Bailey do get allowed to present to our group and then pass that view
 on to Bolsover DC.
However local residents affected may feel that setting up a specific action group may be a
preferred approach to get the strength of their views across to the Planning Authority.
Next Association meeting is 19 September
Why don’t Ben Bailey buy the Bellway former college site. but the land value is inflated there.
Planning Authority are reluctant to come along to our meetings, they have been asked in the
 past and refused the request.

4. Chairman’s  Report

Tony Hall
Mr Hall has apparently been criticising a whole series of people and including the issue of the
 Clowne Parish Notice Board that we have been refused the use of.
Cllr Karl Reid has invited a whole range of organisations along to a meeting to be held on 6th
 August,  including all those who have apparently been criticised /attacked by Mr Hall’s
comments. Our Association Chairman is one of those invited.
The information set out here is second hand however and Allan has had to ask what the
subject of the meeting was/is and why the Association should go along and has not received a
 direct response. The specific e mail to everyone invited actually includes absolutely no
 information on the subject of the meeting nor why all these organisations should be there or
what the outcome sought might be. Allan has had to second guess what this is all about. This
issue was taken to our Association committee and the decision was made that we should not
attend the meeting. The distinct feeling is that the Association is being invited along to be
 criticised itself in some way. Cllr Reid has said in the last Parish meeting that he was upset
that the Community Association were not attending.
Allan Bailey is in any event on holiday on that day.
The Association Committee view is that we are not prepared to go to an open meeting
organised by Cllr Reid where the subject and aim of Councillor Reid and others attending is
 not made obvious to us, nor why the Association should be present. We have made it clear in
 our reply that Mr Hall does not represent the views of the Association in any way.
Mr Burgess attended the last Parish meeting. He asked Karl Reid about his comment and Karl
Reid said that Mr Hall had been abusing people on the telephone etc. So that is apparently
what the meeting is about. This does not explain though why this should require the
Association to attend.

5. Minutes from the previous meeting of 23 May 2012

Accepted as correct
 Matters Arising:
CCTV- there has been some information at Parish level but cannot be reported to us until after   next Parish meeting.

6. Hilary Wignell retirement from Committee

Hilary has submitted a letter to the last Committee meeting giving her resignation from the
Committee as she has other activities taking her time. Our sincere thanks were expressed by
all to Hilary for her efforts over many years for the Association. A gift is to be presented to mark
our thanks.
Anyone who is interested in standing for the Committee should get in touch with Chairman or
any Committee member for the next AGM in November.
Reports from Association Working groups

7. Countryside Access Group

Cliff Hilll to Oxcroft Lane/Stanfree public footpath has ben some new stiles put in place by Derbyshire CC and a new finger post pointing out the route is to be done.

8. Clowne in Bloom

Well Dressing on 21 July and fund raising event was extremely successful. The focus of the display on Jubilee and Olympics was well received. Tea/ coffee and cream teas held at The Methodist Chapel that day raised over £113 and the contributions box outside Wilkinsons store raised £183.61. Our thanks go to everyone who contributed money and to everyone involved in the making of the display. A donation is being made to the Methodist Hall for use of their facilities over the full week of construction.
The planting day in June covered the flower tubs across the village with plants being provided by Duggie Peck this year and thanks are expressed to him.
Next meeting is planned for 15 August.
Any help is very welcome for the Gala fund raising stall on 15 September.
Donations have been received from Clowne Parish (£25) from Wilkinsons store (£15) and the latest from Dobbies of £250 – to be spent in store, plus the possibility of some staff time.

9. Clowne History group (not part of the Association)

Derbyshire History event is on September 29th at the Salvation Army Hall with  a range of other local history societies attending – 10:00 am till 4:30pm. Also that same day the St Johns Church flower event is taking place.

10. Other business

A contribution of £30 donation has been agreed towards the Methodist hall operating costs in thanks for the use of the hall for our meetings.

11. Next Meetings -  for 2012

Main meetings - Wednesday at 7pm
                                  19 September 2012            21 November 2012 ( and AGM )

The Raffle/ Tea Donations raised £25.35 -  thanks to everyone.